Even though the doctor strived hard to treat them, their condition showed no improvement whatsoever.

Their wounds continued to bleed and refused to heal, exuding pus and dark blood. What’s worse was that some people began to exhibit symptoms similar to Brother Li’s condition——Photophobia, and excessive salivation.

This disease was indeed contagious!

Later on, their mental state began to deteriorate. Their pupils started to shrink, their bodies began to stiffen, and anyone could hear their joints creaking when they moved. The bitten crew members also started to enjoy eating raw meat. The more raw they were, the better.

When Fu Anan was delivering their meals, the crew members stared at her as if she was a piece of raw meat. That look in their eyes were creepy.

Fu Anan’s heart raced. Her sixth sense urged her to quickly leave.

She moved outside the door and looked at the doctor on the side. “Dr. Song, I think it’s better for us not to stay here. Do you want to go out with me?”

“You go ahead.” Dr. Song shook his head, “After you deliver enough food for three days, don’t come back again. If we haven’t recovered after three days, you can take care of us the same way you’ve been taking care of Brother Li.”

Fu Anan was taken aback by his words, “Dr. Song, you……”

“I’ve been bitten, too.” Dr. Song rolled up his sleeves, revealing a bandage soaked in dark blood on his arm. “I’m feeling very uncomfortable. All the ship’s medicine is here. If we still can’t find a way to treat this condition, then there’s really nothing we can do. We can only hope that we’ll be able to hold on until the day the ship, and then go to the hospital.”

As Dr. Song spoke, a trace of helplessness appeared on his face.

Fu Anan fell silent for a moment, “Dr. Song, what do you specifically want to eat?”

“Anything will do, as long as it fills the stomach,” Dr. Song replied. He wasn’t someone who prioritized indulging in culinary desires.

“Okay.” Fu Anan agreed and turned to leave, but she was stopped by Dr. Song.

He stared at Fu Anan for a full two seconds, his eyes slightly bloodshot. He visibly swallowed, “Bring us some meat, a medium-rare steak.”

Again, that same gaze!

Fu Anan nervously swallowed her saliva. She forced tried to pretend as if nothing had happened, and pushed three carts of medium-rare steaks over.

As the last cart of steaks was delivered into the medical room, there was a loud thud, then the room was locked.

The lights in the medical room were instantly turned off.

Fu Anan stood at the door and listened to the frantic chewing of meat inside. It was accompanied by strange growls emanating from their throats that they had been suppressing for a long time

The people standing in the passageway looked at the door with weird gazes. Even Dr. Song got infected, and they all became something that were neither human nor ghost. This situation created a sense of panic among the people in the ship cabin.

Ignoring the stares from the passageway, Fu Anan didn’t look back and hurriedly ran towards the Bridge, where the Captain control the ship’s course.

“Captain, we need to completely isolate Brother Li and the people in the medical room. This disease is really contagious!” Fu Anan stated, “Their appearance after being infected is terrifying, just like the zombies in the movies.”

Several crew members who followed Fu Anan also heard her words.

They exchanged glances with each other, then quietly returned to their rooms.

“So, this game is about zombies, apparently?”

“Very likely.” The short-haired man, known as Li Gao, nodded his head, “If that’s the case, there are only a little over forty people on this cargo ship. If a zombie outbreak happens here, it might be the luckiest thing for us.”

The four of them were all players. They had started cooperating with each other early on in the game.

Three men and one woman, they were all seasoned players of this Doomsday Game.

“Don’t get too excited. Based on the nature of this Doomsday game, it won’t let us clear the mission so easily. “Gao Feiyan, the only female player among them, stated, “Who knows, it might introduce an unexpected twist halfway through.”