“Feiyan is right. The most difficult period in the Doomsday Game is the last ten days.” Li Gao said as he wiped the gun in his hand.

“Finding other players and obtaining the spatial item should be our top priority.”

“Ah Yong, have you discovered anything” Li Gao turned to the big guy next to him, “Among the forty-plus number of people, are there any other players?”

“Yes, there are two newcomers.” Ah Yong nodded his head.

“They are too stupid. They kept asking around about other players. They don’t realize that NPCs can’t hear any game-related information. However, we also learned from them that they are unaware of the existence of special items.”

“The rules of the game are not clear. Everything needs to be discovered through our own efforts. That’s what I enjoy about the game.” Gao Feiyan said with a faint smirk appearing on her lips, “Otherwise, we wouldn’t have so many people stepping on landmines for us.”

Li Gao couldn’t deny it and reiterated, “Pay attention and make sure to find the player with the spatial item.”


Fu Anan returned to her room and said down, feeling a bit exhausted.

She recalled the events that transpired in the past few days and thought of Brother Li, Master Zhu, and Dr. Song. She had always been closest to them each time.

She belatedly realized that it felt like she had passed through the gates of hell.

From now on, she didn’t dare to deliver meals to them anymore.

Not only that, it was better for her not to pass by their rooms anymore.

As a result, when her Big Uncle Fu was angrily scolding and demanding for her to go and deliver lunch to the sailors on the deck, Fu Anan began to play dead, pretending not to hear him.

Delivering meals felt like a death sentence for her. It would be disastrous for her to go through it again.

“You little brat, you’re just as useless as your father! You’re scared of every little thing that happens. Next time, even if your father kneels down and begs me, I won’t take you out to sea!” Big Uncle Fu angrily berated Fu Anan at her door.

“You brat! Son of a b*tch! If you don’t deliver the meals, I’ll make you clean the ship and do nothing else. Be careful, I’ll have the captain throw you out.”

Cleaning the ship was better than delivering meals.


Day 8 of the Nautical Survival, 6:30 in the morning.

Fu Anan returned to her original duties.

However, it seemed that Uncle Fu didn’t want Fu Anan to have a comfortable time. He intentionally assigned her to clean the passageway outside Brother li’s room and the passageway outside the medical room.


Whenever there was a sound outside these rooms, there would be banging sounds from inside the rooms.

Fu Anan stood at the door. Standing on tiptoes, she looked inside through the small window for food delivery.

All she could hear were roars, followed by the sound of teeth scraping against the iron door with great force.

It sent chills down her spine.

Fu Anan stepped back a few steps. Looking at the tightly closed door, she had a feeling the Brother would break out.

“You useless coward! So timid.” Uncle Fu, who happened to pass by, glanced at Fu Anan and kicked over the nearby water bucket with his foot, “No breakfast until it’s cleaned up.”

The water from the bucket flowed towards the drain, and formed a whirlpool.

The cleaner nearby was sympathizing with Fu Anan. ‘How could there be such an Uncle?’ Meanwhile, Fu Anan looked at the small whirlpool at the drain intently.

“Aunt Li, may I ask where this water goes?”

“Of course, it goes directly into the ocean through the drainage system.” Aunt Li, who was cleaning alongside her, replied, “You don’t think we recycle it, do you? That’s not possible. We have a specialized water filtration equipment that converts seawater into usable water. It’s clean.”

Hearing this, Fu Anan nodded and said, “That puts my mind at ease.”

“You sure think quite a lot for a young girl.” Aunt Li smiled, “Today’s breakfast is fish porridge, made with the fresh catch that the sailors fished.”

Upon hearing this, Fu Anan paused. Her gaze fell on Uncle Fu, who was coming out of the dining hall while carrying a bowl of fish porridge.