Brother Li followed closely behind him, his body contorted and stiff. His face was covered in blood. He bared his blackened gums as he lunged towards the nearest person.

A surge of terrified screams reverberated across the passageway. Several burly men rushed over to restrain Xiao Li. They quickly gagged him and bound his limbs with ropes before pushing him back into his room.

During their attempt to subdue him, several people were bitten and injured.

The most severe injury was suffered by the person Brother Li had tacked. His lower jaw had been bitten off, exposing the entire gumline and blood vessels, presenting a horrifying sight.

The doctor hurriedly came over and treated their injuries. The people in the passageway were still in shock. They sat there paralyzed, gasping for breath.

“Something really strange happened to Xiao Li.”

Fu Anan peeked through the door crack and asked, “Master Zhu, are you alright? What happened to Brother Li.”

Master Zhu, who was holding his bleeding arm, shook his pale face and said, “Xiao Li has gone crazy. He bit people he saw. Go back and rest, we will handle this.”

“Oh, okay. Please hurry and let the doctor examine you.”

Fu Anan once again glanced at the wound on Master Zhu’s hand, and reminded him before closing the door.

The moment she closed the door, a chill ran down her spine—just twenty minutes ago, she had delivered dinner to Brother Li.

Thinking about the bite wounds on Master Zhu and the others, Fu Anan felt a growing unease. She peered through the peephole on the door and saw that the people outside were gradually returning to their rooms.

The storm on the sea was still raging.

The whole night was accompanied by flashes lightning and deafening thunder.


On the fifth day of sailing at sea, seven o’clock in the morning.

Fu Anan went to the kitchen to pick up the meals, while the other cleaners were mopping up the bloodstains on the floor. The coagulated blood flowed down the drain with the water, leaving only the scent of disinfectant in the passageway.

Brother Li had been locked up. In order to prevent him from biting people, a small hole was left on the door, and tools were used to deliver food to him.

Inside the cabin, people were filled with anxiety. Several individuals were blocking the entrance to the medical room, seemingly engaged in a heated argument.

As Fu Anan approached with the food cart, she heard a young man with a crew cut shouting, “We can’t let them out. Who knows if Xiao Li has rabies? What if they got infected after being bitten? What if they turn into something like Xiao Li and start going crazy biting people?”

“Yes, Captain. Brother Li[1] has a point.”

Another woman also nodded her head, “We’re just being careful. Keeping them inside will also facilitate their recovery.”

Evidently, the Captain couldn’t argue with these persistent people, so he nodded his head in compromise.

“Alright. Let’s seal off this area for now. Only the doctors and the food delivery personnel are allowed to go in, no one else.”

After speaking, the several people turned their gaze towards Fu Anan as she passed by.

“Xiao Fu, right? In that case, we’ll be troubling you and Dr. Song.” The captain patted Fu Anan’s shoulder in encouragement.

Fu Anan blinked her eyes, and looked at the captain, “Captain, I’m scared.”

If you don’t want to go, you have to bravely speak up.

“It’s just a bite, what is there to be afraid of? Sailing requires developing a brave spirit. There will be many situations that you will encounter in the future.” The captain encouraged Fu Anan, “Female sailors are rare, and I have high expectations for you.”

A stiff smile hung on Fu Anan's face——

……There’s really no need to.


On the seventh day of Nautical Survival, noontime.

Apart from the doctor, Fu Anan was the only one who had the most contact with the crew members who had been bitten by Brother Li.

She also witnessed the dramatic changes they underwent with every meal.