The crystal was a high-grade crystal full of energy. Holding it, Shi Xing felt the long-lost kindness.

From a distance that was not too far away, he could see the man sitting in the wheelchair had straight shoulders but he couldn’t see his expression clearly.

Regardless of whether the other party could hear it or not, Shi Xing whispered, “Thank you.”

When Shi Xing’s figure disappeared, a military officer said to the man, “Your Highness, the wedding has been postponed.”

“There is something wrong with Lieutenant General Lu Lu. It seems that he is looking for someone in the Prince’s Mansion.” 

“And, Dean Xue has sent several messages saying that the snowfall is too heavy today, and he strongly urges you to go back to the aircraft to rest. “

Before leaving, if Shi Xing could carefully pay attention, he would find that the man’s complexion was not much better than his.

He had the same lifeless energy around him.

That day, Shi Xing returned to Ancheng but did not make it home.

Falling into the snow, before his pupils dilated, Shi Xing saw a crystal snowflake slowly falling into his eyes in a daze.

He seemed to be floating up along with the snowflakes all over the sky.

In a trance, the surrounding scene quickly retreated from the place where he fell back to the imperial capital, and then back to Central Park.

Shi Xing saw that after he left, the man sitting there coughed a few times covering his mouth with his hand. After letting go of his hand, his palm was stained with a bright red color.

Seeing the blood, the man was calm, but the people around him instantly knelt down, begging him to go back into the aircraft.

Is the other party also not in good health?

The idea just came up, and the time flow kept going. Shi Xing saw that a group of black fighter aircraft lined up to escort the luxurious aircraft with the royal logo in Central Park.

The cabin door opened, and the man in the wheelchair was pushed down by the entourage. 

The moment Shi Xing’s eyes met the other party’s smoky eyes, Shi Xing felt that the other party seemed to see him. But in the next moment, the other party went straight through him.

Shi Xing, who lost his ability, once again felt a majestic and chaotic mental power. 

Even when he was a healer, he had never seen such a powerful spiritual power. At the same time, he had never seen such a broken, riddled spiritual sea.

If an ordinary person had such a severe disorder he would have long gone.

He didn’t have time to think deeply, the snowflakes wrapped Shi Xing and continued to travel.

As soon as he left the Prince’s Mansion, the servant found Lu Lu and returned the box. 

The stunned look on Lu Lu’s face after receiving the box caused Shi Xing to turn his head away.

Further on, there was another scene where Lu Lu and Bi Shu have an intimate conversation.

Moving backward, the doctors and nurses in charge of taking care of Shi Xing couldn’t bear it, so two days ago they informed Shi Xing about the wedding.

Going backward… 

Going backward…

The countercurrent of time pushed Shi Xing, and he couldn’t resist going back.

He was lying on the bed feeling weak, but his spirit became better, and he was able to get up and walk gradually.

The frequency of Lu Lu’s contacting him gradually increased as time reversed.

Going back to the battle three years ago, he felt that the lost ability slowly filled his body again…

He struggled to follow Lu Lu to study in the military academy, and the particularity of his race made him suffer a lot of physical pain.

Watching the snowflakes whizzing by, he didn’t know how long it had passed. 

Shi Xing saw that he was in the tree nest, signing the matching form without any hesitation, while the administrator was looking worried.

Seeing this scene, Shi Xing felt exhausted for a while.

Going backward, the special maturity period of being a blue star was approaching. 

Before the matching dinner, the starry sky in Ancheng was looking particularly bright one night, and Shi Xing suddenly didn’t want to go back anymore.

The moment this idea came into his mind, the snowflakes around him stopped still, and he reunited with his past self. 

After admiring the starry sky, he returned to his room in the tree nest where he was born and grew up covered by the gentle spiritual power of the mother tree.

Enough is enough, Shi Xing didn’t want to relive his short life anymore.

Enough is enough, here, he was very satisfied.

Starlight entered through the window, and Shi Xing fell asleep with his past self.