Feeling the sunlight on his eyelids, Shi Xing frowned, and his first reaction was– which hospital had such a bright room?

Opening his eyes, the bright hospital ward that he had imagined was not there, he saw… his room in the tree nest.

Was he still awake? He…

Bang Bang, the door was loudly slammed.

“Shi Xing, are you in there? The administrator asked me, why didn’t you sign in? Are you feeling unwell before entering maturity??” 

Hearing the familiar voice, Shi Xing was taken aback. 

A moment later, he didn’t care about anything and hurriedly rushed to open the door.

The voice was none other than Shi Xing’s only friend in the tree nest, Shi Ran, who had died without leaving a bone in a beast tide many years ago.

Seeing his dead friend standing in front of him again with a young face, Shi Xing’s pupils trembled, and his throat tightened.

Just when he was afraid that the dream would end if he uttered a word, Shi Ran pressed his hand against his forehead, wondering, “What’s the matter, are you feeling uncomfortable?” 

The hand pressed against his head was hot. 

Feeling the temperature, Shi Xing blankly stared at the opponent’s hand, unbelievable—

He felt the subtle flow of spiritual power again.

This was not a dream.

Shi Xing spent the morning digesting the fact that he had returned to the pre-maturity period.

The emotional ups and downs were too great, and he didn’t calm down until he left to meet the administrator.

The administrator was the person in charge of the tree nest, and all the blue stars people living in the tree nest.

Unsurprisingly, the administrator specifically asked about his physical condition.

Probably the price of having unique abilities was that the Blue Stars people were inherently weak and difficult to raise. 

They were a group of people who were in urgent need of matching, and they might enter the maturity stage soon, so they needed to pay extra attention.

Shi Xing casually made up an excuse, but the administrator asked a lot of questions in detail.

Looking at the familiar scene in front of him, Shi Xing felt as if he had forgotten something but he couldn’t remember it for a while.

“By the way, the Prince’s Mansion officially submitted Young Master Lu’s matching application to the tree nest today.”

After asking about Shi Xing’s situation, the administrator suddenly said, “You know, the youngest son of the Prince’s Mansion, Lu Lu’s spiritual sea was accidentally injured when he was a child.”

“To prevent his condition from worsening, the Prince’s Mansion sends him to the tree nest for at least a week every month to receive spiritual comfort from the mother tree.” 

Shi Xing naturally knew about this, because when Lu Lu was in the tree nest, he took classes with the Blue Stars people and the imperial capital students.

Strictly speaking, to some extent, Shi Xing and Lu Lu grew up together.

Bi Shu was the same too, the only difference was that Shi Xing was Lu Lu’s classmate in the tree nest, and the other party was Lu Lu’s classmate in the imperial capital.

“However, to completely restore the spiritual sea, Lu Lu needs a healer, and the council has specially approved his matching qualifications.” 

“I have heard that you have a good relationship with him.” Shi Xing probably knew what the administrator was going to say.

“Matching is a two-way choice. Once it’s finalized, the other party will not only be the first person responsible to ensure that you safely pass through the maturity period, but also for the crystals, and high-level beast cores that your body will need before your ability is completely stabilized.”

The administrator looked at Shi Xing, and finally got to the point, “You have always been excellent, and if you can safely pass the maturity stage, you will become a powerful healer.” 

“If you choose Lu Lu, I don’t doubt the ability of the Prince’s Mansion to support you, but the more powerful the Blue Star person is, the more vulnerable they will be at maturity, and there will be more emergencies…”

“From my experience, you need a mature and stable partner, who could make quick decisions in difficult times, not a teenager whose age is the same as you.”

“Lu Lu’s mental power will not be low in the future.” Suddenly, an answer popped into his mind.

It was the answer, Shi Xing gave to the administrator back then.

This time, Shi Xing lowered his eyelashes, and directly asked, “Are you ordering me not to choose Lu Lu?”

The administrator, “You have the final say, and the empire will fully defend the rights of the Blue Star people.”

“This is just a suggestion. I have watched you grow up, and I sincerely hope that all Blue Stars people can safely pass through their maturity period.”