Before dying, Shi Xing didn’t want to leave any regrets.

In fact, in the past few years, his and Lu Lu’s relation had many rifts, and everything had long been irreversible. Shi Qing knew about this.

But… but…

Until the last moment, Shi Xing couldn’t completely believe it if he didn’t see it with his own eyes or hear it with his own ears.

The choice that he believed in at the beginning, the friendship of nearly ten years, even if others ridiculed him, he never cared.

How could he be so embarrassed because of his only belief?

The snow-covered Central Park was pure white, the sunlight dazzled on the white snow so that Shi Qing couldn’t open their eyes.

Under dazzling light, various scenes in the Prince’s Mansion once again came one after another in Shi Qing’s mind.

The last trace of belief was also destroyed, crushing Shi Xing.

Just as he told his acquaintances, once he confirmed it himself, he would have no choice but to give up.



“Don’t move.”

Suddenly, several high-level spiritual forces exploded at the same time. Hearing the roar, Shi Xing was shocked. 

And when he raised his eyes, he realized that at some point there was a group of soldiers waiting in front of him, and he was suddenly blocked by several high-level spiritual forces at the same time. 

Those high-level spiritual forces swept across his body and he seemed to instantly lose control of his body.

Shi Xing couldn’t help but slump towards the person sitting in the middle.

As soon as he got close, he felt a most terrifying spiritual force.


Feeling terrified, just when Shi Xing thought that he would be knocked out by this force, the sense of inescapable oppression suddenly faded away like a tide.

Before falling down, Shi Xing caught a glimpse of the opponent who seemed to raise his hand behind him…

The impact instantly made him dizzy,  Shi Xing could neither hear nor see.

When he regained consciousness, his body was coughing uncontrollably, and the scene in front of him was distorted…

His health was too poor.

He… was dying.

When the cough subsided a bit, Shi Xing realized that the other party let him throw himself on him. 

The man sitting in the wheelchair even stretched out a hand to hold his right arm, so that he would not completely fall down, and at the same time, he could maintain a last bit of polite distance.

The man patted his back twice, and a deep male voice hesitated, “Are you okay?”

Covering his mouth while trying to control his cough, Shi Xing replied in a hoarse voice, “It’s okay.”

There was silence in response.

Shi Xing thought that his words were not convincing.

Fortunately, the other party was not entangled for long, “Can you get up?”

Shi Xing raised his head and bumped into a pair of smoky gray eyes.

Very special eyes.

The man had deep facial features with an outstanding temperament. When he quietly looked at people, he looked noble and majestic.

Obviously, it was his eyes that were staring at Shi Xing, but Shi Xing somehow felt that he was being looked down upon by this gaze.

Thinking of that powerful mental force, Shi Xing’s heart tightened, guessing that he might have bumped into some important person from the empire.

Thinking this, his back stiffened, and he hurriedly got up without hesitation.

The man gave him another hand.

The outstretched hand had distinct joints, and there was a small red mole on the outside of the little finger.

When Shi Xing stood upright and stood among a group of well-ordered soldiers, the silent deterrence brought by their strict discipline became more intense.

Seeing this, Shi Xing also increasingly felt the power of the other party’s status.

“I’m sorry to bump into you, I didn’t mean to.” Shi Xing quickly apologized.

“Blue star?” The man lightly tapped on the armrest with his long fingers, “Did you quarrel with the guardian?”

Realizing that the other party mistakenly believed that he was still in the mature phase, Shi Xing was speechless for a moment.

Not knowing how to answer, Shi Xing immediately turned to ask the way to leave.

The man remained silent, and the soldier beside him pointed Shi Xing in the direction.

Knowing the direction, Shi Qing thanked again and said goodbye.

Seeing that Shi Xing didn’t want to answer his question, the man sitting in the wheelchair didn’t ask anymore and nodded his chin politely as a farewell.

Those extraordinary movements, made by him, looked quite high-ranking as if they should be.

When Shi Xing walked a distance, he was caught up by one of the soldiers and stuffed a crystal into his hands.

“Your Highness asked me to give this to you. No matter what, he hopes you will return to your guardian as soon as possible.”

The Blue Star people were precious to the empire, and it was difficult for them to grow up. The soldiers have an extremely friendly attitude toward them.