Chapter 15

Lin Qingyan didn’t even have enough money in his pocket to find a small hotel to stay in. After wandering around the streets, he couldn’t find a suitable job. Instead, he hadn’t eaten all day and was so hungry that he lost his temper.

Looking at the few tens of dollars left in his pocket, he was not willing to buy anything delicious, so he bought two steamed buns that didn’t even have fillings, and sat on the bench by the roadside and began to eat.

It only cost two bucks.

So miserable.

Lin Qingyan hadn’t lived such a difficult life for several years. Although Platinum Entertainment was a black-hearted company that cheated and swindled, the manager was not a good person. But he had still managed to debut, even if he is a sloppy 18th line, the money he earned would have lasted a lifetime, if not for the events that followed.

Now it can be said that… he had returned to a time before liberation.

But Lin Qingyan’s heart has never been more relaxed. Even though he had nothing now—left with just a handful of yuan, no place to call home, and stranded on the streets

He sat on the street and looked at the bustling city at night, but his thoughts drifted to the sky. While eating dry steamed buns, he thought about what happened in his previous life.

He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn’t even blink his eyes. His eyes unconsciously showed a little pain and loneliness. With a steamed bun in his mouth, he didn’t move for a long time, like a rabbit lost in thought.

Thus, when someone approached him, he didn’t notice it.

When he got closer, Gu Fei could finally see the young man’s appearance clearly. He was a very handsome boy, fair and clean,much like Gu Fei had anticipated, but at this time his delicate eyebrows were slightly furrowed, and his round, clear eyes seemed somewhat vacant.

The child was in a daze, probably thinking of something unpleasant, his mouth was slightly open, and the appearance of biting a steamed bun was a little funny.

The corner of the man’s lips curved slightly, revealing a subtle arc that seemed like a smile, but that very shallow smile disappeared without a trace after An Yu’s voice sounded.

“Brother Fei, didn’t you want me to leave? Why did you get out of the car by yourself? Hey? Why are you staring at the kid like a pervert?”

An Yu walked up, hooking his hand around Gu Fei’s shoulder and following his gaze forward.

The hand that landed on his shoulder was quickly shrugged off.

Gu Fei has always disliked physical contact with people.

An Yu’s loud voice woke up Lin Qingyan who was in deep thought, he looked over to find two tall and well-dressed men standing about three steps away from him. Those two pairs of eyes were looking in his direction. .

One pair of eyes was full of doubts and scrutiny, while the other pair of eyes was as calm as water.

Six eyes met.


Lin Qingyan blinked in confusion, his beautiful mouth opened slightly, and most of the steamed bun he was biting fell to the ground and rolled around twice.

Great, his only dinner was now lost.

Lin Qingyan looked at the dirty steamed buns on the ground in annoyance, and his already slightly furrowed brow tightened further, showing a painful expression, as if what fell was not steamed buns, but expensive delicacies from mountains and seas.

An Yu was rather gloating, “Brother Fei, I told you to not stare at people, and now you scared the poor kid into dropping his bāozi” after he said this, and he forgot that he was also staring at him too.

Also, that was not bāozi, it was a steamed bun.

Gu Fei ignored him, and took two steps forward, only one step away from the young man, he bent his knees and squatted down.

The well-fitted shirt and pants outlining his muscular and well-proportioned body. With his knees bent, he gracefully picked up steamed buns that had fallen to the ground.

“Dirty, can’t eat this.”

Its been a very long week ~~