The black Maybach was still driving on the street, and the cabin was very quiet, except for the sound of rustling snacks.

An Yu searched through the compartment and found two small cakes, tearing open the packaging and devouring them one by one.

Two small cakes were not enough to satisfy his craving, so An Yu continued to look through them, and finally looked at the two old-fashioned plum candies in his hand, and he let out a gasp in surprise. 

“Fei-ge, I didn’t expect you to like to eat this kind of candy. Nostalgic, huh? I couldn’t tell at all!”

Saying that jokingly, he played with the two candies between his fingertips and casually peeled one open, stuffing it into his mouth. His cheeks puffed out slightly as he chewed. “These are surprisingly tasty. They remind me of the good old days in elementary school when I used to pull the braids of the girl sitting in front of me.”

Gu Fei glanced at him from the corner of his eye but didn’t say anything.

An Yu had always been restless and talkative since he was young. He used to dislike staying with Gu Fei the most, who was like a  taciturn person, acting deep and profound at such a young age. trying to appear profound at such a young age. If An Yu got one response for every ten sentences he spoke, he considered it a great favor from Master Gu.

People who didn’t know might have thought he was mute.

Feeling quite frustrated.

Just like now, after a minute of silence, An Yu couldn’t resist moving closer to Gu Fei and spoke with a smile, “Fei-ge, do you know how people outside talk about you?”

“They all are saying that you are cold-hearted, you can’t do that.” While speaking, An Yu glanced at a certain part of Gu Fei inexplicably, “Brother Fei, we’ve known each other for so many years. Why be so reserved? Tell your bro, it makes me happy.”

This wasn’t just something An Yu made up. This guy next to him was perfect in every way – good family background, handsome appearance, great physique – but he lacked facial expressions. There was hardly any exaggerated expression on his face, and Even laughter is rare, commonly known as facial paralysis.

Oh… right, he was also mute.1

Apart from being expressionless and being mute, he didn’t seem to have any other flaws. However, despite being such a perfect man, he had been single for over 20years and never had a partner by his side.

When An Yu had his first love in middle school, Gu Fei was single.

When An Yu broke up with his first love, Gu Fei was still single.

When An Yu was cheated on by his nth partner, Gu Fei was still single.

When An Yu loved passionately and eventually saw through the world’s illusions, understanding the true meaning of love, Gu Fei was still single.

Cough, well… that’s quite impressive, sticking to one’s original intention all the way.

An Yu silently gave him a thumbs up.

Gu Fei’s indifferent face, which had remained unchanged for thousands of years, finally cracked, he pursed his lips, his hands holding the steering wheel tightened, and he suddenly parked the car on the side of the road.

He said coldly, “Get out of the car.”

“Come on, bro, I was just joking. Look, you took it seriously. I’m just looking out for you, you know. If you’re sick, you have to be treated, you can’t avoid seeing a doctor…”

An Yu’s voice went on and on, Gu Fei didn’t listen to a word. His gaze remained fixed on a certain spot ahead on the street, and in his deep, calm, and indifferent eyes, a hint of unusual emotion flickered, as if a pebble had dropped into a thousand-year-old well, causing ripples to spread.

There was a bench by the roadside for pedestrians to rest, next to a street lamp. A young man was sitting there, dressed in a simple round-neck T-shirt and jeans, with a slim and slender figure and there was a suitcase in front of him.

His upper body was slightly leaning forward, with his arms resting on the handle of the suitcase, holding a white steamed bun in his hand. He ate it in small bites while watching the passing vehicles and pedestrians on the street.

From Gu Fei’s perspective, the warm yellow light from the street lamp enveloped the young man. His features were somewhat hazy, but that small figure appeared extremely lonely, like a homeless stray cat2, which was lovable.