Chapter 16

An Yu was utterly stunned. He didn’t move forward, and instead, he took shaky steps backward, staring in disbelief at the unfolding scene, Gu Fei actually took the initiative to strike up a conversation with someone!

This is more spectacular than an old pig climbing up a tree.1I really cannot imagine!

Lin Qingyan was also a little stunned, because he heard the man’s voice, which was gentle, low and magnetic, and combined with the voice in his memory.  If there was any difference, it was that the voice now sounded somewhat younger.

Although his hearing had been deteriorating when the man came to see him in his previous life,  he could still hear some vague voices, which could only be heard if he spoke close to his ear.

Back then, he rarely heard the man speak. Occasionally, the man would lean down and whisper a word or two in his ear.

Lin Qingyan still remembered the feeling at that time. The man’s breath was warm as he spoke, making his ear tingle and grow warm. A faint, cool scent of cedar and snow seemed to linger in his nostrils, the familiar scent that always surrounded the man.

Lost in thought again?

The young man in front of him was staring in his direction, still holding the dirty bun he had picked up from the ground. Gu Fei waved his other hand in front of the young man’s eyes and said, “You are in a daze.” 

Lin Qingyan snapped back to reality, and met the man’s deep and beautiful eyes, which were covered with calmness and indifference, and also carried a trace of unpredictable emotion that was hard to discern.

He was a little embarrassed about being caught staring at a stranger, a faint blush crept onto his fair ears. He fumbled, 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear what you said just now.”

Gu Fei’s gaze subtly shifted away from the young man’s slightly flushed ears. He lifted the bun in his hand and said in a flat tone: “This one is dirty.”

Lin Qingyan said: “Then… should I not eat it?”


Gu Fei turned around and threw the steamed bun into the trash can nearby, and sat down next to Lin Qingyan. The bench was big enough for two people, with a distance of ten centimeters between them.

An Yu, who was standing by the side, raised his hand to close his shocked jaw, and then quietly approached them. It was the first time for the famous “Young Master Gu” to strike up a conversation with someone with that cold face, and he wanted to observe.

However, before he could take even half a step closer, Gu Fei suddenly turned his gaze in his direction, with murderous intent hidden in his cold eyes, An Yu immediately stopped in fear, and gave him a harmless grin.

You continue, you continue, I’ll just watch without disturbing you!

Isn’t this more entertaining than watching a pig climbing a tree?

Glancing sideways, Lin Qingyan took a quick look. The man’s profile was just as handsome as his full face, with superior lines that resembled a carefully crafted painting, each inch incredibly perfect.

But there was something missing.

He couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

Looking closer, he felt a sense of familiarity.

Has he seen this person before? Or was he just unable to figure it out?2yes, there is more drama! oops spoilers


Suddenly realizing that he was staring at the person again, he quickly looked away, not knowing why this person suddenly approached him.

It wasn’t exactly like striking up a conversation, given that no one in their right mind would approach someone with such an expressionless and calm face, unless there is something wrong with their brain.

But he didn’t feel disgusted, maybe because the voice of this person was very similar to the voice in his memory, and hoped the person would come a bit closer so he could catch a familiar scent.

Lin Qingyan was full of thoughts, and when he was hesitating how to speak, the familiar voice sounded again, “You don’t have a place to live?”

Though it was an interrogative sentence,it seemed more like a statement.

The deep, magnetic voice remained as steady as an unchanging electrocardiogram, without any ups and downs.

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