“Xiao Nian, if you… If you mind having this child, I can get rid of it.”

“Yueying, don’t say such things anymore. I brought you here to rest. If you are worried about raising a child in the future, I can assure you that you don’t need to worry about your and the child’s future.”

Feng Nian stood by the window in the small courtyard. He raised his head and cast a glance in the direction of the main residence. The luxuriously built main mansion appeared pitch black, as if it had merged with the night, lifeless.

A pair of desperate and sad green eyes appeared in his mind.

It was already past twelve o’clock in the morning, and Shen Zhinan was probably already asleep.

When the slum suddenly exploded, he instinctively protected Jiang Yueying, who was pregnant. Apart from the fact that Jiang Yueying was carrying a child, there was probably some guilt that only he had.

It was his first chance in three years to see the white moonlight he once admired. Even though he was reluctant to believe it, Feng Nian had to admit that he no longer had any romantic feelings for Jiang Yueying.

He had changed his heart; he no longer loved Jiang Yueying.

Feng Nian even made an unexpected decision in his heart. He thought he could live a good life with Shen Zhinan.

The Shen family went bankrupt, paying the price they deserved.

Shen Zhinan’s life in the past five years had not been good. It could be considered repaying the mistakes he had made willfully.

He gave priority to protecting Jiang Yueying in the slums. Shen Zhinan seemed deeply saddened by it. He had actually planned to rescue Shen Zhinan as well, but due to some hesitation, Jiang Mengshan rushed out instead.

He could try to be nice to Shen Zhinan and help Shen Zhinan’s father enter the military hospital for treatment.

Jiang Yueying’s sobbing brought Feng Nian’s thoughts back. He looked at the woman he had once loved. She looked at him with tearful eyes filled with sadness.

“Xiao Nian, do you despise me… Is it because I’ve been married before?”

Seeing Jiang Yueying cry did make him feel sad, but not as heartbroken as he had imagined.

In Feng Nian’s mind, images of Shen Zhinan looking at him and Jiang Yueying with eyes full of sadness in the slums kept appearing.

Maybe tomorrow he could pick a white rose, or a bouquet of Shen Zhinan’s favorite flowers, and give them to his nominal omega. In this way, Shen Zhinan might be happier and wouldn’t keep clamoring for a divorce every day.

He didn’t like hearing the word “divorce” from Shen Zhinan’s mouth. He didn’t like it three years ago, and it’s the same now.

He had let Jiang Yueying down, and Shen Zhinan had hurt Jiang Yueying. They deserved to torture each other for the rest of their lives.

“I’m sorry, Yueying. I’m already married.”

Jiang Yueying cried even more sadly, looking at Feng Nian in disbelief: “So you’re rejecting me because of Shen Zhinan? Xiao Nian, have you forgotten that it was because of him that we were forced apart, that he forced me to leave the imperial capital and marry someone I don’t love!”

Jiang Yueying cried so hard that her voice became hoarse. She shouted almost hysterically: “He ruined us! How could you fall in love with him… How could you love him just like them!”

Love? How could he love Shen Zhinan?

Feng Nian was only thinking about how he could fall in love with Shen Zhinan. He ignored what Jiang Yueying meant by “them”.

He shook his head: “I don’t love him. He hasn’t had a good life five years since we got married. The Shen family went bankrupt. His brother’s and sister’s families fell apart, and Shen Zhinan has paid the price for his past actions.”

Jiang Yueying’s mood was not stable. Feng Nian called for doctors and nurses, and left the courtyard by himself.

He wandered in the garden for a while and picked a white rose casually, slowly entering the quiet and pitch-black house.

In the past, when he came back, he would usually spend the night in the guest room or study. However, today Feng Nian accidentally stopped at the master bedroom door.

Shen Zhinan was his omega anyway. If it weren’t for Jiang Yueying suddenly experiencing abdominal pain in the morning, he would have waited for Shen Zhinan to wake up.

With tightly pursed lips, Feng Nian’s throat tightened a little when he pushed open the bedroom door, but in the next moment, he froze.

The bedroom was empty, with only the faint scent of white roses lingering in the air.