There were only two people on board the aircraft flying towards the palace.

Sitting in the pilot’s seat, Jiang Mengshan observed the spaceship’s autopilot, while Shen Zhinan sat in the co-pilot seat, lost in thought.

At the 18-year-old coming-of-age ceremony five years ago, it was Jiang Mengshan who walked ahead, leading him to secretly meet the emperor of the Galaxy Empire.

Today, five years later, it was still Jiang Mengshan who had been ordered to escort him from the General’s Mansion to the Imperial Palace.

The imperial palace of the empire was directly above the imperial capital, which was not a place where ordinary people could set foot. Even though Shen Zhinan’s father was once the richest man in the imperial capital, he had never been granted the honor of entering the imperial palace and meeting His Majesty the Emperor.

Feng Nian, as a rising star of the empire with great military exploits, had been invited to several banquets in the palace. But Feng Nian never took Shen Zhinan with him.

The palace suspended in the sky looked like a moon when viewed from the ground.

As the aircraft approached the palace, the blurry outline of the palace gradually became clearer. The reason why the palace resembled a bright moon from a distance was that it was enveloped in a layer of halo, resembling a defensive shield with protective functions.

Although he was ready to dedicate himself to the emperor, Shen Zhinan still felt a little nervous and fearful in his heart.

“Minister Jiang, what kind of person is His Majesty?”

Shen Zhinan looked up at the imperial palace which was getting closer and closer. From a distance, he didn’t think it was too big. However, as they got closer, he realized it was much larger than he had imagined.

Rather than a palace, it resembled more of a city.

He and Jiang Mengshan had met a total of three times.

The first time was at the bar mitzvah five years ago, the second time was at the slums in the morning, and now is the third time.

They had no familiarity with each other. Shen Zhinan didn’t expect Jiang Mengshan to answer him. After all, the person they were about to discuss was none other than the ruler of this empire, the Bi family.

The transparent glass of the spaceship reflected Jiang Mengshan’s cold and meticulous face. His voice was as emotionless as his appearance: “A man.”

Shen Zhinan was stunned for a moment. He almost thought he had misheard: “I thought you just looked like an iceberg, but I didn’t expect you to tell cold jokes as well.”

Jiang Mengshan still maintained his meticulous expression, like a petrified humanoid sculpture: “He is the god of the Galactic Empire, and a man with flesh, blood and desires.”

An indescribable sense of shame engulfed Shen Zhinan almost instantly like a tsunami.

It turned out it wasn’t a cold joke.

Both he and Jiang Mengshan knew very well why he was heading to the imperial palace to meet the Emperor of the Galaxy.

Shen Zhinan finally realized why Jiang Mengshan referred to His Majesty the Emperor as a man.

Tearing off the layers of mythical labels wrapped around the Emperor of the Empire, Hua Qianshuang is a man with flesh, blood, and desires. A normal Alpha, physically strong and fond of beautiful omegas.

The topic just now was too embarrassing. Shen Zhinan was not thick-skinned enough to discuss his “selling oneself” sentiments with strangers.

As the aircraft slowly passed through a shiny protective shield, it stopped outside the door of the palace in silence.

Jiang Mengshan opened the aircraft door, but he didn’t get off. When he spoke, he sounded like an emotionless robot.

“His Majesty is behind the door.”

It meant he could go down now.

Shen Zhinan sat quietly for a while before standing up. He felt as if he was split in two. His body automatically walked to the aircraft hatch, while his soul floated in the air.

A moment before getting off the aircraft, Shen Zhinan regained his senses briefly. He turned around and forced a pale smile at Jiang Mengshan, saying: “Thank you, Minister Jiang.”

A barely visible wave flashed across Jiang Mengshan’s dark and sombre eyes.