From the side of the bed, Shen Zhinan got up. His white robe fell on the chilly floor. He walked slowly towards the window step by step. Looking down through the window, he could see the small courtyard behind the residence.

The small courtyard was brightly lit, but the light in Shen Zhinan’s eyes gradually dimmed.

A person’s marital room was too empty. From the first day he moved to the general’s residence, Shen Zhinan never felt a trace of warmth. After constructing a small courtyard behind the residence, Shen Zhinan mostly stayed there when Feng Nian was not at home. He thought this small sanctuary belonged to him, his safe haven, until the arrival of Jiang Yueying broke his self-deceptive fantasy.

Jiang Yueying easily received Feng Nian’s meticulous care. She entered the general’s mansion openly, and occupied his small courtyard grandly.

How could there be a place for him in the general’s residence?

He never belonged to the general’s residence; it was never his home.

Promises are subject to change, and so are people’s hearts.

Love can degrade and degenerate over time, and even the most beautiful face will slowly fade.

His eyes, once lifeless and dim, gradually became bright like fire.

As if he had made up his mind, Shen Zhinan tore off a page, picked up a pen and quickly wrote a line on the letter paper:

[Your Majesty, does your promise from five years ago still hold true? 】

Shen Zhinan summoned his spirit beast. A white dove spread its white wings in the night and landed gently on Shen Zhinan’s finger.

“Go to His Majesty, the Emperor.” He raised his finger out of the window, and the white dove flapped its wings and flew in the direction of the imperial palace.

Apart from beta, both alpha and omega have a certain possibility of awakening their spirit beasts. As their own levels improve, their spirit beasts can even evolve into a more powerful second form. An alpha or omega with an evolved form spirit beast can even possess supernatural powers associated with his spirit beast after undergoing partial transformation.

Feng Nian’s second form of his spirit beast was a majestic unicorn. When partially transformed, Feng Nian grew a pair of antlers and his body was covered with a layer of indestructible scales.

Shen Zhinan had never seen Feng Nian’s spirit beast with his own eyes. How could a person who hated him summon a spirit beast in front of him? Just like in the slums, even if Feng Nian didn’t personally rescue him, he could have summoned his spirit beast to protect him.

But Feng Nian didn’t.

Shen Zhinan’s understanding of Feng Nian’s spirit beast came solely from battle scenes and news from the front line.

Just like what he knew about Emperor Hua Qianshuang’s spirit beast, it was also based on video materials and news.

Hua Qianshuang’s second spirit beast form was a black dragon. As the founding Emperor of the Galactic Empire, this powerful Alpha had not personally gone to war for many years. Shen Zhinan had only seen the partially transformed Hua Qianshuang in the data.

The snake tail covered in black scales was thick and long, powerful yet weird. Besides the snake tail, Hua Qianshuang also had a pair of dragon horns on top of his head.

Sadly, no one knew what animals their spirit beasts were in their first form, whether it’s Feng Nian or Hua Qianshuang.

Shen Zhinan was very lucky to awaken his spirit beast at a very young age, and his spirit beast was a white dove.

The white dove trapped in the tall tower should have been freed.

The white rose that should have bloomed in the wind was crushed in the dust.

Leaving the room, Shen Zhinan absentmindedly stepped down the stairs and walked out of the luxurious and empty main residence of the general’s mansion.

He stood in a garden filled with white roses, and once naively thought that they were white roses planted by Feng Nian for him. It was only later that he learned that white roses were Jiang Yueying’s favorite flowers.

Behind him stood a pitch-black mansion, like a beastly abyss. In the distance, there was a small illuminated courtyard, but it had never belonged to him.

A faint fragrance of roses wafted in the wind, carrying the response bound to the white dove.