“Shen Zhinan, Yueying and I are innocent friends. Don’t make baseless speculations and tarnish her reputation.” Feng Nian frowned.

Shen Zhinan was anxious: “Do you believe what you’re saying? She just lost her husband and you can’t wait to bring her home.”

Shen Zhinan also had his own temper. He wanted to question Feng Nian, asking if he had considered his dignity when bringing someone home.

But asking that question was also self-humiliation.

Feng Nian certainly did not consider it because the person Feng Nian cared about was never him, but Jiang Yueying.

Feng Nian felt a little irritable. His tone was even colder: “Yueying’s parents died, and she has no one to rely on in the capital. As her childhood friend, can’t I help her?”

“Jiang Yueying is from the Jiang family. Even if she has no parents and other relatives, can’t Jiang Mengshan, with his status and influence, still take care of a distant relative? Is it necessary for you to take care of her?”

“Yueying is pregnant. In order to provide her with convenient care, I’m just letting her stay temporarily at the General’s Mansion. Shen Zhinan, Can you stop thinking about it?” It’s rare for Feng Nian to explain to Shen Zhinan, but this explanation made him very uncomfortable.

When hearing the word “child”, Shen Zhinan’s hands hidden under the quilt trembled uncontrollably due to intensely suppressed emotions.

Who exactly was the child in Jiang Yueying’s belly? Who knew?

Shen Zhinan had also fantasized about having a husband who loved him and a child of their own.

But Feng Nian didn’t love him and didn’t touch him.

If they didn’t divorce, he would never be able to have a child of his own in this lifetime.

“Feng Nian, don’t make me look down on you. Since you took Jiang Yueying home, you should openly admit your thoughts. I was the one who forced you to get married, and it was my fault. But now everything can still be salvaged. Once we divorce, you and Miss Jiang can be together openly and legitimately.”

These were Shen Zhinan’s heartfelt words, but every word he spoke caused his heart was to bleed.

“Shen Zhinan, I’ve told you there is nothing between me and Yueying! She is pregnant. Have you ever thought about the harm your baseless rumors could cause her? Why are you still so willful and ignorant? If it weren’t for you, Yueying wouldn’t have been forced to leave her hometown three years ago. Can’t you feel even a bit guilty towards her?”

Feng Nian’s reprimand made Shen Zhinan feel amused and helpless.

Feng Nian never believed that Shen Zhinan had no knowledge of the orchestrated marriage proposal five years ago. He also blamed Shen Zhinan for Jiang Yueying’s distant marriage three years ago.

No matter how many times Shen Zhinan explained that he really knew nothing, Feng Nian insisted that Shen Zhinan was lying.

Shen Zhinan turned his head to the side, not wanting to see the disgust in Feng Nian’s eyes. Although he had already decided not to love this person, it still hurt.

Shen Zhinan retorted: “If you have done something, don’t be afraid of what others will tell you. If you are afraid of what others will tell you, don’t do it. Instead of worrying about Miss Jiang’s reputation, why don’t you let Jiang Mengshan take Jiang Yueying back? They share a surname and a family. They have more reasons than you to take her home and take care of her.”

Feng Nian was concerned about Jiang Yueying getting hurt, but what about him?

Isn’t he a person too?

When Feng Nian took Jiang Yueying home, did he ever consider him, Shen Zhinan?

No, because he didn’t love him and didn’t care.

He was deeply jealous of Jiang Yueying. She had someone who loved her, but he didn’t.

“Jiang Mengshan! Jiang Mengshan! Are you eager to divorce me because you have a crush on Jiang Mengshan? Shen Zhinan, I’ve told you, it is impossible for you to divorce in this life!”

With a bang, Feng Nian slammed the door and stormed out of the room.

Rarely did they meet face-to-face, and once again, they parted without joy.

Shen Zhinan lay down on the bed weakly. The empty room seemed extraordinarily quiet after an intense argument.

He obviously didn’t want to argue with Feng Nian. He had already planned to find a way to get Feng Nian to save his father. So why couldn’t he control himself?

Wiping away his tears secretly, Shen Zhinan raised his communication bracelet, and asked Feng Nian to help his father transfer to another hospital.

But thinking of Feng Nian’s attitude towards him and the Shen family, he felt hopeless.

It’s useless to think about it now. Shen Zhinan sent a voice message to Feng Nian again: “Feng Nian, give me an answer before twelve o’clock tonight.”

Sitting from noon until midnight, Shen Zhinan neither ate nor drank. He just looked out the window in silence.

The housekeeper came in several times to persuade Shen Zhinan to eat something, but Shen Zhinan had no appetite due to his troubled mind. Instead, he learned from the housekeeper that Feng Nian had taken Jiang Yueying to the small courtyard behind the main house and hadn’t come out since.

Shen Zhinan glanced at the time. Midnight had arrived, but Feng Nian still hadn’t replied.

He lifted his hand to touch his cheek, wet and cold.

Tears of not being loved were utterly worthless.

It’s quite funny, crying for what? Even if he cried, no one felt sorry for him.

Feng Nian and Jiang Yueying were childhood sweethearts. They were destined for each other and were deeply in love.

But why did Feng Nian forget? It was him who first encountered Feng Nian when he was a child, and it was Feng Nian who swore to marry him when he grew up and treat him well for a lifetime.

“Liar.” Shen Zhinan repeated to himself in his heart that liars were not worthy of love.

“Feng Nian, you big liar, dead scumbag, woo—”