Chapter 80 - 80: Great Buddha Susanoo???

Chapter 80: Great Buddha Susanoo???

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“Mm? 1 protect the Wood Spirit Ancestor?

“Does he, the great old ancestor, really need me to protect him? Are you kidding me?”

[Due to special circumstances, the Wood Spirit Ancestor has fallen into a deep sleep. Player, give it your all!]

“What does ‘give it your all’ mean? The difficulty is...”

Before Mo Xiao could finish his words, a series of faint sounds came from nearby.

Immediately, Mo Xiao felt the ground tremble violently.

Then, the ground split open, and two monsters covered in red light slowly crawled out of the crack.

These two monsters were made of rocks, but these rocks emitted a blazing red light. They were incredibly huge, and the surrounding air twisted due to their high temperature.

“Rock infused with fire?” Looking at the monsters in front of him, Mo Xiao remained calm and directly used his ability to probe.

[Volcanic Fury—Evil Spirit]

Level: LV20

HP: 3,000/3,000

Strength: 200

Agility: 100

Spirit: 250

Endurance: 200

Physique: 250

Flame Breath: Spews raging flames from its mouth, dealing fire damage to a single target.

Magma Outburst: Eruption: Spews scorching magma from its body, dealing high fire damage to a single target and causing it to be afflicted with a burn status.

Volcanic Eruption: Gathers volcanic energy throughout its body and releases it, causing high fire damage to the surrounding targets and inflicting a burn status.

[Scarlet Demon Flame—Clone]

Level: LV25

HP: 3,500/3,500

Strength: 400

Agility: 300

Spirit: 350

Endurance: 400

Physique: 350

Lava Jet: Spews scorching lava from its mouth, dealing fire damage to a single target and causing it to be afflicted with a burn status.

Volcanic Barrage: Shoots burning rock projectiles from its palms, dealing high fire damage to a single target.

Flame Rock Eruption: Gathers fire and earth energy throughout its body and releases it, causing high fire and earth damage to the surrounding targets and inflicting a burn status.

“Scarlet Demon Flame? It seems to be related to the Demon Vine.”

Mo Xiao looked at the Scarlet Demon Flame standing behind him and indeed found something resembling a core on its chest.

After identifying the weak point, Mo Xiao changed his usual attack method and didn’t draw his sword immediately.

“I wonder if these two are elite monsters.” Mo Xiao scratched his chin. “Let’s see if I can get something out of this.”

The next moment, Mo Xiao clapped his hands, and countless tree roots emerged from the ground.

Then, they formed a huge wooden figure about 10 meters tall right under Mo Xiao’s feet.

“Hey hey, witness my Wood Manipulation Technique!”

Just as Mo Xiao was about to attack, he noticed that the wooden figure under his feet seemed to be emitting some smoke, as if it might catch fire at any moment.

“All... It seems this place is not suitable for wooden golems to fight.” Mo Xiao scratched his head. He had finally mastered the power of manipulating wood, authentic Wood Release, so naturally, he wanted to demonstrate some skills from the anime of his previous life.

But it appeared that wood was not suited for battle in this place.

Well then, let’s put on some armor.”

Mo Xiao closed his eyes and gently snapped his fingers.

The previously calm ground shook once again.

Countless rocks and soil rose up like a whirlpool and swiftly wrapped around the wooden figure.

In just a few breaths, a stone armor was equipped on the wooden figure’s body.

“Though it doesn’t look quite like it, it could pass as Susanoo Great Buddha, right?” Mo Xiao grinned. “It’s time for me to take action!”

It didn’t take Mo Xiao long to create the wooden figure and the armor, but why hadn’t the two monsters attacked yet?

Because before they moved, Mo Xiao had already bound them with the power of earth.

Killing them was a piece of cake for Mo Xiao.

Having obtained two new skills and with no one else around, Mo Xiao naturally wanted to indulge himself a bit.

The wooden figure, now wearing armor, stepped forward with heavy steps and quickly approached the Scarlet Demon Flame. Its enormous fist heavily smashed into the demon’s head.

In an instant, flames scattered in all directions, and the Scarlet Demon Flame’s head turned into fragments.


At the same time, a large number appeared directly on the Scarlet Demon Flame’s body, indicating an instant kill.

“Hmm... Not very powerful, but it consumes quite a bit of mana. This skill isn’t suitable for combat...” Mo Xiao commented.

As Mo Xiao spoke, he quickly took out the Flying General’s Bow.

He swiftly shot an arrow.

In an instant, Volcanic Fury turned into a sieve and collapsed into pieces on the ground.

[You have killed Volcanic Fury and gained 3,000 experience points!]

“Huh? Does the Scarlet series of monsters not give experience points? Or maybe they can’t be killed unless the core is destroyed?”

Mo Xiao checked his message panel but found that he still hadn’t gained any experience, and no kill messages appeared.

Just as Mo Xiao was feeling puzzled, a scarlet light instantly flashed in front of him.

At the same time, Demon Flame’s arrogant voice rang out:

“Hahahaha! Foolish human! You clearly know that we rely on specific creatures to transform into monsters, but you still dare to create such a powerful puppet for us! Hahahaha! Thank you so much!”

With the scarlet light shining, the giant under Mo Xiao’s feet was enveloped in a red glow.

“Huh? Why is this body so weak?” As soon as Demon Flame attached itself to the giant, it was dumbfounded.

Contrary to what it had imagined, this body was incredibly weak, lacking even the ability to move, completely different from its previous combat strength.

“If I’m not mistaken, you seem to be related to the fire and rock elements, right?” Mo Xiao asked the giant under his feet.

“What if I am?” Demon Flame replied fiercely.

“Didn’t you notice that the stones on this giant’s body are just an outer layer of armor?” Mo Xiao said with a strange expression.

“Huh? What?”

Before Demon Flame could finish speaking, it found that this new body was suddenly floating in the air.

“Oh- I didn’t expect that 1 could still control it after you attached yourself.” Mo Xiao exclaimed in surprise, and then, with a thought, he directly controlled the stone armor to fly in front of him.

“Let me see what you really are, using my probing ability.”

[Scarlet Demon Flame]

Level: LV50

Attributes: ???

Introduction: A special creature born from the dense evil aura. It can only fight by attaching itself to other creatures.

“Still can’t see anything...”

It seemed that the Scarlet Demon Flame could sense Mo Xiao’s probing ability and panicked, instantly detaching itself from the armor, ready to escape.

“You’re just daydreaming.”

Mo Xiao sneered. With a thought, all the rocks formed a large net, wrapping the Scarlet Demon Flame.

“Let’s catch you first.. We’ll talk about the rest later!”