Chapter 81 - 81: Scarlet Leaf Spirit? Why Can’t I Kill Her?

Chapter 81: Scarlet Leaf Spirit? Why Can’t I Kill Her?

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As he spoke, Mo Xiao directly controlled the surrounding gravel and completely enveloped the Scarlet Demon Flame.

Immediately, this scarlet ball the size of a basketball.

There was no movement at all, as if it had turned into a real stone.

Just as Mo Xiao was about to put this thing into his backpack, countless scarlet vines appeared out of thin air and rushed towards Mo Xiao from all directions.

Mo Xiao was also shocked when he saw this. He hurriedly drew out the Four Symbols Heavy Sword.

As he prepared to defend himself, these vines suddenly changed directions.

They bypassed him, instantly wrapping around the stone in his hand.

Then, like slingshots, they forcefully flung the stone into the volcano behind him.

After throwing the stone, the vines lost their vitality and fell to the ground.

“What... What’s going on?”

Mo Xiao was dumbfounded.

Those scarlet vines seemed to be the technique of the Scarlet Demon Vine.

Not only was the damage high, but the speed was also extremely fast.

That was why Mo Xiao instinctively tried to block them.

Who would have thought that these things would just run away after sending the Scarlet Demon Flame off?

Looking at the withered scarlet vines on the ground, Mo Xiao was filled with doubts.

But he could not be bothered to investigate further.

Who cared what it was?

To Mo Xiao, as long as it didn’t stop him from leveling up, everything else had nothing to do with him.

“The Wood Spirit Ancestor hasn’t woken up, and the mission hasn’t been updated. Looks like it’s just a small episode.”

Mo Xiao touched the leaves on his head.

Seeing that the Wood Spirit Ancestor didn’t react, he didn’t say anything else and continued on his original path towards the Wood Spirit Village.

Unlike when he came, Jiang He, this burden, was no longer around.

Mo Xiao also moved much faster.

In just a few minutes, they returned to the forest.

As soon as he entered the forest, Mo Xiao frowned because the surrounding environment had changed greatly.

A dense evil aura constantly emitted from the forest.

“What’s going on?”

Mo Xiao was feeling puzzled...

Accompanied by a heavy thud, a huge leaf spirit fell from the sky and landed heavily in front of Mo Xiao.

Compared to the leaf spirits he had encountered before, this one was completely different.

It was several times larger in size and covered with eerie scarlet markings.

“Is this a Leaf Spirit?”

[Scarlet Leaf Spirit]

Level: LV30

HP: 8,000/8,000

Strength: 200

Agility: 150

Spirit: 350

Endurance: 300

Physique: 400

Super Regeneration: Under the sunlight, its vitality will recover at a crazy speed of 10% per second!

Plague Poison Mist: Releases a fatal poison mist that causes a large amount of poison attribute damage to surrounding creatures and has a certain chance of poisoning the target.

Evil Curse: Releases dark power and curses the target, reducing all their attributes.

Nature’s Fury: Summons Nature’s Fury, increasing one’s attack and speed while dealing large amounts of elemental damage to surrounding enemies.

Parasitic Power: The damage it causes will be 100% converted into health points to feed back to itself.

Mutant Power: Under the protection of the scarlet power, when its health points exceed 1%, it will not be instantly killed.

“You can’t be instantly killed if your HP exceeds 1%?” Seeing this skill, Mo Xiao couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

Seeing this message, Mo Xiao pulled out his Four Symbols Heavy Sword without thinking, “It seems that this guy can be a little challenging.”


At this moment, a deafening roar suddenly sounded.

At the next moment, a dark purple mist instantly spewed out of Leaf Spirit’s mouth.

In an instant, it covered the forest in front of him.

The surrounding trees seemed to be corroded and sizzled in the poisonous fog.

The pungent smell made Mo Xiao frown.

“Sacred Radiance!”

Following Mo Xiao’s low shout, the holy light appeared again.

Wherever the light enveloped, the dark purple poisonous fog instantly disappeared, unable to approach at all.

However, the surrounding poisonous fog was still dense and had completely blocked Mo Xiao’s vision, making it impossible to see the target’s location.

“Blocking my vision?” His expression did not change. In the next moment, he directly raised the Four Symbols Heavy Sword. “Sea of Fire!”

With the appearance of the first flame, the surrounding poisonous fog seemed to have been ignited, instantly turning into raging flames that were burned clean in an instant.

Hidden in the poisonous fog, Leaf Spirit was also covered in flames at this time, roaring in extreme pain.

“Since it’s impossible to kill you in one blow, then let’s do it in two.”

Mo Xiao said calmly and walked slowly to Leaf Spirit.

“Flame Entanglement!”

With the activation of the skill, countless ropes made of flames appeared in an instant and tightly bound Leaf Spirit.

Although the flames were small, it was very difficult for Leaf Spirit, a wood-element monster, to endure. However, being imprisoned, it had no other way except to constantly recover its health.

“Soul Extinguishing Black Flame!”

The next moment, a black flame instantly converged on Mo Xiao’s palm, and under Mo Xiao’s control, it flew to the front of Leaf Spirit.

However, it didn’t launch directly, but floated quietly in front of Leaf Spirit.

“Go on.”

With a soft cry from Mo Xiao, the black flame was launched in an instant and hit Leaf Spirit fiercely.


Suddenly, a huge damage number appeared directly above Leaf Spirit’s head, instantly emptying Leaf Spirit’s health points, leaving only the last drop of blood.

At this moment, Mo Xiao stabbed it with his sword.


Another terrifying damage appeared.

This kind of attack power was obviously enough to kill Leaf Spirit twice.

However, at this moment, Mo Xiao’s brows directly furrowed.

Because before Leaf Spirit was cut by him, her HP seemed to have risen by a lot, restoring her HP to more than 1%, although this was enough for Leaf Spirit to die several times.

However, because of this strange skill, it still survived.

“What the hell... The two attacks should have been stuck within a second.”

Mo Xiao frowned, a faint sense of unease in his heart.

He looked around but did not find anything wrong.


Just as Mo Xiao was feeling puzzled, a sound similar to a rope snapping suddenly sounded.

The fiery rope on Leaf Spirit suddenly disappeared.

At this moment, its huge body ruthlessly pressed down on Mo Xiao, who was at its feet.

Seeing this, Mo Xiao’s two Four Symbols Heavy Swords appeared at the same time, one in front and one behind, and slashed fiercely at Leaf Spirit’s body.



Two more high damages flashed on Leaf Spirit’s body, one after another.

However, it still had some health points left.

At this moment, on a tree not far away, a young girl holding a scarlet longbow was looking smugly at Mo Xiao, who was frowning.

“This healing arrow is quite useful-“