Chapter 79 - 79: The Power of Wood and the Power of Earth

Chapter 79: The Power of Wood and the Power of Earth

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Looking at the burning golden flames, the expression of the Wood Spirit Ancestor instantly became joyful.

Seemingly, these flames didn’t cause him any burning sensation.

Instead, they made him feel extremely comfortable.

As the scarlet vines disappeared, the Wood Spirit Ancestor landed back on the ground.

Clearly, he had completely regained his mobility.

“It’s been so many years... I’m finally free.”

The Wood Spirit Ancestor moved excitedly, swaying his branches and looking gently at Mo Xiao.

Upon noticing the Wood Spirit Ancestor’s gaze, Mo Xiao instinctively took a step back, placing his right hand on the Four Symbols Heavy Sword behind him.

“You’re not a boss, are you? Do I have to fight you again to save you?”

The Wood Spirit Ancestor chuckled when he heard that. “Boss? Indeed, in terms of rank and level, I am what you people from the other realm call a ‘boss.’

“However, bosses can be friendly or hostile, can’t they?” The Wood Spirit Ancestor smiled. His ancient incarnation lit up with green light once again, returning to the form of a giant tree.

The next moment, Mo Xiao felt the ground tremble violently.

Looking closely, he saw that the stones under the Wood Spirit Ancestor’s feet had disappeared, replaced by countless thick and sturdy roots deeply embedded in the earth.

“Thank you, child of the other realm, for saving me. Please accept my gift.”

[Ding, mission accomplished! Reward in progress...]

[Congratulations on obtaining 50,000 experience points!]

[Congratulations on obtaining an item: Wood Spirit Seed]

[Wood Spirit Seed: When used, it can resurrect a creature that died within the last hour.]

[The Wood Spirit Ancestor has blessed you! ]

[Congratulations on learning a special skill: Wood Manipulation Power!]

[Wood Manipulation Power: After activation, you can easily control the surrounding plants like a Wood Spirit. The damage is linked to your spiritual power and the multiplier is linked to the strength of your soul. Consumption: 100 points per second.]

“Wood Manipulation Power?”

Looking at the information in front of him, Mo Xiao was taken aback. He vaguely remembered that he seemed to have a skill similar to this one.

“Wood Manipulation Power?”

Mo Xiao muttered to himself and activated the skill with a thought.

The next moment, as Mo Xiao’s mind activated the skill, the vines around him suddenly came to life, swirling around according to his intentions.

“Is this the kind of skill this world should have?” Mo Xiao mumbled. With a sudden thought, countless vines instantly entwined around a nearby rock next to him.


With a cracking sound, the huge rock instantly cracked.

Mo Xiao’s magic power decreased by about one-tenth in that instant.

Clearly, the power of this skill was proportional to the consumption. The greater the power, the greater the consumption.

“How about it? The Power of Wood Spirit of our Wood Spirit clan.”

At this moment, the Wood Spirit Ancestor had also returned to his human form and walked slowly to Mo Xiao’s side.

“It’s powerful. I...” Mo Xiao didn’t finish his sentence before he noticed that the Wood Spirit Ancestor looked completely different from before.

Before, he was an old man on the verge of dying, but now he had turned into an extremely handsome young man.

This level of handsomeness was almost on par with his own!

“You are the Wood Spirit Ancestor?” Looking at the man in front of him, Mo Xiao was stunned for a while before he reacted.

“Hmm? Is there a problem?” The Wood Spirit Ancestor smiled slightly and said, “We Wood Spirit clan members are spirits born from trees. We have no upper limit on lifespan. As long as we don’t encounter natural disasters or man-made calamities, we can live forever and maintain our appearance easily.”

Hearing this, Mo Xiao opened his mouth, but in the end, he didn’t say anything.

“Alright, it’s time for us to go back. The Wood Spirit clan has been completely dominated by evil spirits. Can you help me take back the Wood Spirit village?”

[Mission issued!]

[The Wood Spirit clan has been dominated by evil spirits, and even the secret realm of the wood is in danger. Oh, warriors of the human race! Oh, chosen hero of the divine beast! Please help the Wood Spirit Ancestor expel the evil spirits!]

H 11

Seeing the system’s prompt, Mo Xiao fell silent.

“A system of this size, why is it so cheesy...” Mo Xiao rolled his eyes and said, “Fine, I accept. What should I do?”

The Wood Spirit Ancestor was satisfied with Mo Xiao’s response and smiled, “The first thing we need to do is leave this place.”

As he spoke, the Wood Spirit Ancestor’s gaze fell on Mo Xiao.

It seemed that he wanted Mo Xiao to take him out.

“You are such an old ancestor, can’t you use some kind of spatial teleportation or something?” Mo Xiao asked with a strange expression.

“Hmm? I am the Wood Spirit Ancestor, a wood-type being. How could I possess spatial abilities? Alright, from now on, 1 will slumber in you. Please take me out,” the Wood Spirit Ancestor said.

Regardless of whether Mo Xiao agreed or not, the Wood Spirit Ancestor directly turned into a green leaf and landed on his head.

[Wood Spirit Ancestor’s Leaf: The incarnation of the Wood Spirit Ancestor. When worn, it can withstand three fatal attacks! ]


“Such a powerful ancestor, and it can only withstand fatal attacks. At least give me an experience bonus!” Mo Xiao complained.

Unfortunately, the Wood Spirit Ancestor didn’t give Mo Xiao any face and continued to stay motionless on Mo Xiao’s head.

Mo Xiao looked around and did not find any special treasures here.

“There’s really nothing.”

Mo Xiao reluctantly gave up lingering and turned around to leave the huge cave, heading towards the exit.

Not long after he walked outside, Mo Xiao seemed to remember something and suddenly opened his panel.

[Power of Earth Control: After activation, you can easily control the surrounding plants like an Earth Spirit. The damage is linked to your spiritual power and the multiplier is linked to the strength of your soul. Consumption: 100 points per second.]

“It’s actually the same type of skill... I almost forgot about it.”

Speaking of this, Mo Xiao suddenly had an idea.

“Earth Control Power!”

Mo Xiao murmured, and in the next moment, the rocks and soil around him began to tremble,

Under Mo Xiao’s control, the winding and twisting cave in front of him soon turned into a straight passage.

“Impressive! I can actually alter the map!”

Excitement surged within Mo Xiao as he looked at the system map that had changed due to his skill.

Not only did this mean he could leave this place faster, but it also meant that if he encountered any maps with caves in the future, he could just create a direct path!

Looking at the passage in front of him, Mo Xiao didn’t say anything else. He activated the Shadowless and sped forward.

In just over 10 minutes, Mo Xiao rushed out of the cave with the Wood Spirit Ancestor.

[Mission updated!]

The moment Mo Xiao stepped out of the cave, the system prompt sounded again.

[Your departure with the Wood Spirit Ancestor has attracted the attention of the evil spirits. Please be extremely careful! Return to the Wood Spirit Village under the premise of protecting the Wood Spirit Ancestor..]