Chapter 431 - Escape

Four Months Later

It's been months. Johanna went through a lot of physical tests. The last thing that they couldn't do is drawing blood from her. But before she agreed to it, they need to stop experimenting on Victor's body. The old Charles even visit her many times. They stopped experimenting with Victor and there were only a few amounts of nanomites in his blood. Also, they have a party in the facility when Kennedy and Danica got married. 

"Are you sure about this?" Victor asked. 

"Yes, I have to make sure that there are no destructive nanomites in your blood. No one should control you now." 

"You make the doctors crazy from the suspense." Victor smiled at her. 

"I know." 

Johanna noticed that almost all of the nanomites were removed from his body like toxins, he gets paler, lethargic and he always sleeps. They needed more time until all of it was removed from his body. That's when Violet and Leon would take action and put him in rehabilitation. That's their main plan. She might stay with them longer or might not be able to come back to her family but she will try hard to get back to Connor and Quinn.

"Why won't you go and take the kids to the mall?" She suggested it to him. 

"What?" He asked and looked at his leg. One was missing. 

"Come on. Buy that yogurt. They aren't selling it online. I want it." 

"Are you pregnant or something?" He asked. "Did you fuck, Gray?" 

"Hey, I am not fucking anyone here!" Johanna rolled her eyes. "I want it. So get it to me." She pulled out a list and gave it to him. "Buy me these. Okay?" 

"Are we even allowed to take the kids?" 

"I get permission." Johanna slouched on her couch. "I told the old Charles that they can check on my blood if they let the kids out just once a month. You are too pale as you need some good sunlight. Not here." She rolled her eyes. "Buy me these." She even gave her card. 

"Right," He looked at the long list. "Fine." He rolled his eyes. He controlled his wheelchair. She quickly stood and took out a small string bag from the drawer. "Wear this." 

He looked at it and shrugged. 

"I will get back as soon as possible after I get all of this stuff." 

"Thank you. Don't forget the yogurt and let Gray hold all of it." 


The old Charles was currently waiting in the room where they are going to draw blood from Johanna. He was waiting and eager to wait. He was also aware of the plan that Johanna had in mind. Johanna made it obvious but none of them say on each side. The old Charles knew well that Johanna is planning to sneak out Victor and use the kids as an excuse. But they have a deal. He is going to produce a perfect killing machine through her blood. 


Victor was still in deep thought until they reached the mall. The kids looked happy and Gray was trying to make a conversation with him. He kept asking questions on what Hannah Grace would love. But he ignored him as his mind was still all about his sister who seemed to be pushing him away. She already planned something. He looked around and Charles Empire bodyguards were everywhere. They bought everything that they needed and wanted. He lastly bought his sister's yogurt. 

"I will give this to her. Okay?" Gray suggested to him. 


"They headed to the parking area and suddenly a van pulled out and the agents with them quickly rushed to take the kids and him. Since he's using a crane, it's hard for them to drag him. 

They pointed guns at them and shot the guards. It was a bloody gun loaded with real bullets but pins. He was dragged inside the van leaving his crane. He tried to fight but he got distracted by the scent. 

"Victor." The little boy ran to him and Victor grabbed him when one of the guards was pointing a gun at the boy. 

Alexa quickly twisted the man's arm and hit him in the groin. 

"Go!" The little girl shouted as she tried to fight Charles's bodyguard. Gray on the other hand was confused while he was holding all of the things that Johanna suggested. 

The van left as the other kids tried hard to restrain the guards. And when they pointed a gun at Alexa's head, they all froze. 

"Are you fucking kidding me!" Gray shouted at them and used his free hand to pull Alexa to his back. "She's a kid!" 

Victor looked around as a man with bright brown eyes smiled at him and patted him. 

"Welcome back, brother," Harvey said. Then, the woman removed her mask and hugged him tightly. 

"Viola," he mumbled as he swallowed hard and hugged her back. He pressed his lips to her forehead as he sniffed her. He suddenly felt at home and the little boy with him moved closer to him. He looked scared. 

"Hey, little guy." 

The man with ash brown hair gave the little boy a drink. 

"Don't worry. We are the good guys. We are Victor's family." Leon said.

"O-kay." The timid boy reached the bottle but he didn't drink. He looked forward as few were after them. The driver was an expert as he went through the traffic without scratching the car.

It takes at least an hour until they go to a warehouse and switch cars. Violet checked on the little boy and made him remove all of his clothes and gave him something to wear. They even scanned if he had a tracker. When they found out that he had it somewhere on his ear, Leon took out a device and he pressed the device to disarm the bug. The boy screamed in pain as he tried to hold his ear but Leon held his hand. 

"I'm sorry." Leon patted his head. "It's disarmed now, they can't follow us but we need to leave." He picked up the boy and patted him as the boy hugged his neck. 

They get into another car and they abandon the other. They drove off as far as possible and Violet was currently checking Cole's ear. He was tearing in pain as Violet kissed his forehead. 

"I'm sorry," Violet whispered. She has everything in and they just need to remove that device. They injected him with a small amount of anesthesia while Leon helped Violet with the IV and others. He stopped crying and let Violet operate his ear. 

The car was driving fast yet Violet's hands were steady and so was Leon. They operated on him successfully. They gave a boy some sweets after they patch things up and covered his ear with gauze. He then cuddled with Victor since he felt very much safe in his arms. 

"It will be a long drive to the facility," Violet said as she cleaned up everything from the backseat. 

The little boy fell asleep in Victor's arm until they reached the facility. They were directly sent to the hospital and they gave a special room to Cole while Violet and Leon took Victor to a different room to run tests on him. They needed to make sure that everything was flushed out. And if they try to enable the existing destructive nanomites, he will be in critical condition. 

The team quickly moved around. Victor was anxious as he lay down but Violet kissed his lips. 

"You will be fine." She whispered. "You will be able to see our baby." 

Victor trusts her with his life. So he relaxed and let them slide needles on his veins. 

"Love," he called her. She stopped and turned to him. "Cole. The little boy. Help him." 

She smiled and caressed his face. 

"I will. We will." 

"Hannah, I need to get well so I can take her back." 

Violet hesitated but she pressed her lips and nodded her head. 

"We will get her back." She whispered. 

They gave him oxygen. Leon started commanding them on what kind of medicine they should inject into Victor as he checked his blood pressure, his eyes, and his heartbeat. 

"Victor," He called. 

"Hmm?" Victor's eyes started getting blurry and his head isn't functioning well. 

"Vi," Leon called. "I think Victor has a kidney problem. We need to check on it ASAP. Prepare the MRI and CT-Scan!"

"What?" Violet asked. 

"I just recall the symptoms that Johanna sent me," Leon said. 

They are all prepared for the possible things that will happen. Violet squeezed her husband's hand one last time before they took him to the operating room. 

Back in the room of the boy, Harvey stayed with him just in case he woke up. The boy looked thin and there were a lot of bruises on his arm from taking tests from him a lot. And they have to test him too to make sure that he will be cured. He slouches on the sofa as he starts doing his work. He received a notification that Victor is in critical condition.. He closed his eyes hard hoping that Victor will get well or else Hannah Grace might kill him.