Chapter 432 - High Class Lab Rat

Johanna was currently eating the yogurt that her brother bought. Somehow, Gray delivered it safely and he was frustrated. He was pacing back and forth while the doctors were checking her arm like they were preparing for a massive laboratory test. 

"What are they testing?" He asked her. 

"Blood." She said, "Anyway, how're the kids?" 

"No one is hurt." Gray exhaled slowly and crossed his arms. "Why?" He asked her. "Why are you doing this?" 

Johanna didn't stop eating. She looked at him casually. 

"I have a contract with the old Charles. Contract of minds." She said and continued eating. "How's my brother?" 

"He was taken." Gray almost scolded her. "But I guess, he's safe." 

"Hmm, good." She finished the yogurt and gave it to him as she lay down on the hospital bed. "Damn, I feel like I'm going to~~" She held her tummy. 

"Why wouldn't you? You eat a big bowl of yogurt and sweets?" 

"It was delicious." She frowned at him. 

"Hannah, whatever your plan is. This needs to stop." 

"Then," She smirked as she sat up. "Can you kill them?" 

It was sinister. Although there are times that she smiled that way, this one was different. It gives him creeps. However, no matter how sinister she looks or acts, she's still attractive to him. She lay flat down again and closed her eyes. He moved closer to her and kissed her cheeks. 

"Tell me what to do." He whispered. "I will take you away." 

She giggled flirtatiously and patted him. 

"Kill them." 

"I can't do that?" 

"Why not?" She asked as she closed her eyes. "Then, you can't take me away." She smirked. 

Gray felt like a useless man. Indeed, she's right. He can't take her away unless he killed 

"Don't worry about me. I don't want you to save me. I am not worthy of your attention so go and find someone to fuck." 

Gray gritted his teeth as he watched them draw blood from her arm. She was relaxed like it was nothing. She might have already thought about how her brother became their tool for experiments and now, they are trying it on her. No matter what, Gray will save her. 


Harvey stood up when the little boy woke up and quickly called for Victor. He approached the little boy and patted his head. He still looked anxious as he grasped the comforter. 

"You are safe." He said. "Your ear might hurt but you are safe." 

"Vi-Victor? Where's Victor?" 

"He's currently in operation." 

"What?" His eyes dilated, frightened. 

"Because of the nanomites. His body was used to having it inside his bloodstream to control his veins. After those left his body, it started collapsing so we have to save him. I am sure that it will be over anytime now." 

A knock on the door interrupted them. Then, it opened as Leon entered in his lab coat. 

"Hey, Cole." Leon smiled and he went to the sofa and slouched. "Victor is doing fine now. He's stable and we haven't tried the nanobots that will repair his cells. It was critical and Violet is with him." He sighed. "I still can't see my wife?" he pouted as he pulled out his phone. "Dang!" 

"What?" Harvey asked as he took a bottle of water and gave it to the boy. 

"My wife is hot as hell." 

"Hey, there's a kid in here." 

"He's a man." Leon winked at Cole who sipped on his bottle. "I mean, surely your mother's company is great that they make my pregnant wife a pregnancy album." He was grinning while scrolling through his wife's photo. 

Harvey shook his head as he looked at the boy. 

"What do you want to eat?" He asked the boy. 

"We need to eat soup to start. He can't eat a lot yet." Leon stood and approached the boy as he patted him. "Don't worry. You can eat anything you want as soon as you get out of here." 

The boy looked down at the bottle as he looked up at Leon. 

"Am I~~Am I going back to the facility?" 

"No." Leon shook his head. 

"Then, to the orphanage?" 

"No. Not at all." Leon shrugged. "I guess Victor and his wife will adopt you. Or I can adopt you." 

"R-really… but…" He thought about how the adoption goes. "But I will have to kill?" 

Leon and Harvey looked at each other. 

"No. You won't." Harvey told him. "I own this facility. You will not do things you don't want to do. We won't force you on anything at all."

"Okay," He looked down at his bottle. "Then, can I play?" 

"Of course," Leon chuckled. "What toys do you want to have?" 

"Cars. I like cars. Hannah Grace ordered a lot of mini cars for me. It was back in the facility." 

"We can do that," Harvey said and smiled to cheer up the boy. "By the way, you will like Victor's son." 

"He—He has a son?" 

"Yes," Harvey nodded at him. "You can be playmates. But first, a pediatrician needs to check on you. Also a psychologist. Is that alright?" 

"Gray is a doctor too. Psychiatrist." 

They are surprised that he can speak well for a five years old boy. 

"He's in love with Hannah." He giggled as he covered his mouth. 

The two titled their heads and looked at each other. 

"No way. Tsk." Leon shook his head. The boy looked confused. 

"Gray was always following her around." He said. 

"Anyway, you will have your food." 

Leon left the room as he got too curious about the little boy. But he can't tell Connor about the guy named Gray or else, he will go berserk. He shook his head. He sometimes thinks that there's a missing piece in his head. It was probably because of the hemorrhage and the nanomites that repair his injuries. He scratched his head and head back to Victor's room. Currently, Violet is attending to her unconscious husband. 

"Vi, you can take a break if you want," Leon said. "I'm going to stay here for a bit." 

"Are you sure? You have to pick up, Alicia." 

"Yup. I just need to relax my hands before I drive." 

"It's late," Violet said. 

He checked the time. 

"She's staying in the apartment for a while. I already checked on her." He lifted his phone. "Have you seen her photos?" He asked as he slouched on the sofa. Viola didn't have any idea on whatever Leon was babbling. 

"No." Viola set up the clothes for her husband and everything that they need for their stay. "You should probably go." 

"What? Don't you want to bathe first? I will watch over him." 

"I already set up a camera facing him. You don't have to worry that much." 


Leon stood as he stopped and looked at her with those sad eyes. 

"I'm sorry. But they have already started experimenting with her." 

Violet stopped from preparing her husband's pajamas. 

"I am aware of that." She said softly. "I will try hard to get her back. But we need to focus mainly on Victor until he can lift our son. It will only take a few months." 

"Okay." He walked to the door. "Take care. You need to rest and eat. By the way, Cole is doing well in the other room. Harvey is taking care of him." 


Leon finally drove to the apartment using his big bike. It only takes thirty minutes to get there. He went up to their apartment and pressed the codes and his fingerprint. Then, he opened it but it was locked with the chain inside. He waited and his beautiful wife walked toward the door and removed the chains. 

"Hey!" He grinned as he removed his coat. She took his coat and hung it. He bent down and kissed her lips. "I'll prepare for dinner." He said as he removed his shoes. 

"I already made dinner. You just need to rest. I know that it's tough to work." 

"Thank you." 

He removed his shirt and then his pants, leaving his boxer shorts. He put it on the laundry basket nearby that she always prepares. Then, he walked her to the kitchen. He washed his hands and smiled at her. He then went to the table and pulled a chair for her. She carefully sat down and made sure that her big round tummy wouldn't bump on the table. 

He knelt beside her and kissed her tummy behind the silk dress that she was wearing. 

"Hmm," he gave more kisses on her tummy. "Baby, daddy brought you something." 

"Really?" She asked. "You didn't bring anything from me." 

"Oh," he grinned and looked up at her. "I forgot that I will bring you the gift." He chuckled and kissed her tummy more. "I know that you are hungry," he stood and pulled the chair just on the corner next to her. They started eating the delicious dish that his wife prepared for hours just for him. 

"So, do you have him?" She asked. 

"Yes," He nodded his head. "He's safe but Hannah was still in the facility." 

She stopped eating. 

"You mean, Jo?" 

"Yes," He pressed his lips. "Don't worry. We will get her back." 

He suddenly stopped. 

"Since when did you learn about my job?" He asked her and looked at her. "Did I forget something again?" 

"A lot." She reached his face. "The most important thing is that you are safe and with me." 

No matter what, he still feels uneasy.