Chapter 430 - Levina

Maxine was on bed rest with her baby. Terrence did everything. Opening the balcony, windows, curtains to give them very nice sunlight and then, feeding his wife. She never feels so happy. She was grinning from ear to ear whenever her husband was being too fast and busy with whatever she wanted. Currently, their baby is in the crib having her light sunbath. 

"Hmm, this is good." She said as she sipped more on the soup. "Can I have the same later?" 

"Of course," He fed her more. 

"I will feed myself. You can watch over our baby." 

"I will." He grinned as he kissed her and he sat beside the crib as he gently spoke to Levina. 

Levina has black eyes. It was rare but she took it after her mother. Her hair was black too. Her skin is pale but it will be beautiful as she grows. She will grow up. 

"Hello, baby love." He whispered. He nearly cried when Levina looked up at her with those wide eyes and o-shape lips. "You are just adorable." He leaned over the crib and continued admiring his beautiful baby girl.

He never thought that his future would turn out like this. A wife, a baby… a happy family. This is one thing that he never thought of having. It turned out that it was a beautiful blessing as he already thought of doing everything just for Maxine and their baby. 

"She's beautiful." He said softly and looked at his wife. "She looks like you." 

Maxine's cheeks flushed as she admired her husband who looked at her and their daughter full of love. 

"Let's have another in two years," Maxine said in a very straightforward way. She sipped on her soup while her husband was gaping at her. 

"Two years?" 

"What?" She giggled. "We have to enjoy two years of honeymoon, babe." 

"You are right." He winked as he looked down at Levina. "My little one. I think you have to stick to playing with Kal and others. Siblings will wait," he pointed to her beautiful slender pointed nose. Levina cooed and yawned. 

Suddenly, Levina gets startled when there's a cry just outside the garden. Since the door is open, they could hear Kal's dramatic cry and Levina yawned. Kal rushed inside as he hugged Terrence and started telling him about what Quinn did to him. It was inaudible but he understood half of it. 

"Alright, why won't you ask your mom for more food? Quinn is probably hungry." 

"No~~ Kin-Kin… foodie." He was pouting. Then, he tried to lower the crib as Terrence stopped her. "I~~wan~~Vivi." 

"No." Terrence frowned at him as 

"Ay!" Kal frowned back. "I want!" He shouted. 

Terrence sighed as Violet knocked and entered. She came to check on Levina. 

"Done with feeding?" She asked as she gently scooped the infant. 

"Yes, she just drank a lot of milk" 

"Little one." Violet admired Levina, then Kal sought attention by pulling his mom's dress. 

"I~wan~~Levi." He said. "Levi, mommy." 

"Darling, you can't want her whenever you like. Okay? She's a baby, not a food." 



Harvey sipped on his coffee sideways to make sure that his baby won't get spilled by any hot coffee. He put away his coffee and looked at his baby who was currently making bubbles with her mouth. 

"So adorable." Connor admires Dione while Quinn is in his arms sucking broccoli from the teether. 

"Yeah," Harvey agreed. 

"But my Quinn is too adorable." Connor flaunts.

"Let's not compare our daughters." Harvey rolled his eyes and relaxed. "I have never slept so well for the past few days." He mumbled. 

"Hmm," Connor zipped his mouth although he knew something. Since he's loyal to his friend MJ, he kept his mouth shut. 

"What?" Harvey stared at him. "You are trying to say something." 

"Nothing." He turned back from him and took out the teether from Quinn and gave her water. 

"Babe," MJ approached them. "You can have your breakfast, I'll take care of our baby." 


MJ picked up Dione and gave her a lot of kisses. Harvey stood and kissed her lips. 

"You smell good." 

"I take this chance to bathe too." 

"Hmm," He kissed her temple and left. 

"You can leave Quinn in the crib," MJ said as she sat down on the lounging chair. 

"Mitch, when are you going to tell him?" Connor asked as he wiped Quinn's face. 

"Not right now." She said as she lifted her shirt to feed her baby. 

"Tsk," Connor sighed. "I think you should tell him right away." 

"Nope. He might kill her if I tell her. But he will be very busy and will fly to Paradis. She won't see him again not for like another month."

"Hmm, you are savage." He shook her head. 

"My baby is growing fast. I chose the right time." 

Connor was still in deep thought. 

"Right," He shook his head again. "Anyway, whatever your plan is, I hope you, Dione, and your baby are safe." 

"Of course, we will be safe." She admired her daughter who was busy feeding from her. 

Connor kissed her daughter's forehead as he placed her on the crib. 

"Are you okay if Quinn stays here?" 

"Of course," She said. "Go and get your food." 

"Thanks." He quickly left. 

MJ continued checking on her surrogate who was currently sleeping in her bedroom after eating her breakfast. She put it away and smiled at Quinn who was busy playing with her toys. Shortly, Connor and Harvey came with Alessandro and their big breakfast. Keira joined them and looked at Kal who was crying dramatically and telling her mother about the baby. Most of it was inaudible, but he wanted to carry Levi who had just come out of this world. 

"Not now, Kal." Violet was trying hard to tell him that he can't hold Levina. "Why won't you play with your cousin? I think it is better that way than interrupting her." 

"No!" he shook his head and crossed his arms, then he frowned. 

"That's adorable but quite annoying," Leon said who joined them for breakfast. 

"I~~I wanna Vivi! Hold~~hooollddd." He tried to explain hard to her mother. 

Violet sighed and placed her hand over Kal's head. 

"Didn't I tell you that you can't hold her yet? Not yet. Do you understand?" 

"Ay!" he continued pouting. 

"Go to your cousin, now." She commanded him. He stomped his feet and just walked to Quinn's crib. Leon pulled him and gave him a piece of the ham. The baby chewed it and then, he removed Kal's shoes and picked him up to be with Quinn on the crib. He sat down as he started puzzled. Quinn got angry that she grabbed it and screamed at him. 

"This is bad." Ace also arrived with Alicia who had trays on their hands. 

"What happened?" Keira who came with Alice and Ace put the tray down as she reached Quinn who started crying.

Kal was confused as he looked up at Keira with a puzzled look. 

"They are so dramatic." Ace covered his mouth as he snickered. 

"She's adorable when she's crying," Connor mumbled as he continued eating while Quinn was crying her eyes out, and being dramatic. 

"Shower Kin-Kin." Kal hugged her and kissed her head. But Quinn tried to push him and got irritated. Kal pulled away and crossed his arms. She stopped crying as nothing happened and she took the puzzle that Kal took from her and continued with her business. 

They all laughed. Connor nearly choked and he rushed away as he tried to remove a small piece of food that went into his nose. Violet also couldn't help but laugh at what she witnessed. There's not a day that they don't laugh at the weird things that the kids are doing. They love every part of it and every day it was a comedy. 

Connor finished his food and picked up Quinn. He smelled her and cringed. 

"Okay, you need a bath." 

The breakfast in the garden was one of those important get-togethers with the family even though they weren't Del Carlo's blood. 

Alessandro and Keira walked into the garden after breakfast. The two were holding hands together while the dogs were running around. 

"So," She looked at him. "Are you sure about the plan?" 

"Yeah," He nodded his head. "I think I have to head back after you give birth." 

"Is our work from home over?" She pouted and sighed. 

"Yup," He grinned at her. "Don't worry. It will be fun. You will be able to go shopping." He patted her head. 

"Right," She sighed. "But how are we going to release Louise Madison's death?" 

"Well, let's have Bonnie say it." Alessandro smiled. "The girl will do the job." 

"Well, her life won't be normal." She shrugged. "Let's see, Levina. I want to hold her." 

Alessandro scooped her up and kissed their lips passionately. Her arms snaked around his neck and kissed him back. He carried her around the garden to Maxine and Terrence's room. He carefully put her down. They knocked on the sliding door as Terrence opened it. 

"Come in. Come in." He gestured to where the crib was. The baby was awake and quiet. Keira's heart fluttered when she saw the adorable baby with big black eyes. 

"She's beautiful."