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Su Xing put away his wand and left the department store.

The next step was to buy a contractual magic pet.

To him, this was the truly useful thing.

The bloodline talent of a magical beast was completely different from ordinary beasts.

Every talent of theirs was very precious and had their own special abilities.

For example, wolves, tigers, leopards, griffins, and so on!

Su Xing’s talent was an extremely powerful elemental affinity.

The strength of his body had already reached an extremely shocking level.

This also meant that he could absorb the energy contained in the magical beast bloodline.

As long as he had enough bloodline power, he could quickly increase his strength!

This was because the effect of contracting a magic pet was not only to increase his strength but also to help summon his magic pet to fight!

“Summoning Spell?”

This term flashed through Su Xing’s mind.

“System, how can I use the Summoning Spell?” Su Xing hurriedly asked.

“The foundation of a Summoner is to summon a magic pet,” the system explained. “If you want to summon a magic pet, you have to have a contracted magic pet.”

“I see.” Su Xing nodded thoughtfully.

Of course, he knew that summoning a magic pet required a huge amount of mental strength and soul. Otherwise, it was impossible to master the power of a magical beast.

However, the problem was…

Even the lowest-level Summoner had powerful mental strength!

The [Meditation Technique] he cultivated was actually the best way to increase his mental strength.

Moreover, Su Xing’s current mental strength was no longer restricted to the level of a Tier 3 Mage.

In other words, it was not impossible to contract a Tier 4 magic pet.

“No matter what, I’ll go take a look first.” Su Xing decided to go see if there were any suitable magic pets.

Then, he headed to the largest auction house nearby, the “Magic Auction House”.

As the name suggested, the Magic Auction House was formed by a Great Mage from the research institute. It gathered the best potions, medicinal herbs, and even various materials like the magic pet egg!

The Magic Auction House was divided into three levels.

The first floor specialized in selling magic items, including armor, decorations, scrolls, and so on.

The second floor specialized in selling magic materials, such as potions and weapons.

On the third floor was the place to hold the trade fair.

When Su Xing arrived at the Magic Auction House, he immediately felt that it was grand.

The appearance of the auction house was similar to an ancient castle that occupied a wide area of thousands of meters.

The end could not be seen at a glance. It was extremely magnificent!

Su Xing walked towards the auction house.

“Welcome! What do you need?”

At the entrance of the auction house, a few beautiful female attendants stood and asked with a smile.

Su Xing glanced at them and his gaze stopped on the female attendant in the lead.

She was wearing a tight purple uniform, revealing her slender and soft waist and round buttocks. Her chest was quite full, outlining a perfect arc.

That face was white and tender, and her facial features were exquisite and delicate. Her skin was bright and translucent, and it was as delicate as a baby’s. She was beautiful and moving.

In particular, her body was exquisite and graceful, and her curves were tempting.

Her name was Lin Ya and she was responsible for entertaining the guests.

Of course, she was also a beautiful woman with the strength of a peak Tier 2 expert.

Although Su Xing was only at the early-stage Tier 3 level, he was a monstrous genius after all.

His talent could be said to be heaven-defying. Even among Tier 3 experts, it could be considered a top-notch talent.

Lin Ya’s gaze landed on Su Xing and her heart beat faster.

It was very difficult for her to imagine how handsome this young man was to be able to be extraordinarily handsome and have an extraordinary temperament.

The change in Lin Ya’s gaze naturally could not be hidden from Su Xing.

However, he did not mind. He glanced at Lin Ya indifferently and said bluntly, “Although your appearance is not bad, you lack charm.”

“I…” Lin Ya was stunned. Her beautiful face blushed as she looked at Su Xing in disbelief.

Su Xing ignored her and walked straight into the auction house.


Lin Ya stomped her feet in anger.

She was a Mage at the peak of Tier 2, but she was actually despised by others for being too ugly. This was simply a great humiliation!

“I don’t believe I can’t deal with you!”

Lin Ya gritted her teeth and followed Su Xing.

She made up her mind that once she found an opportunity, she would definitely take revenge.

“Eh? This brat is actually a Tier 3 Mage.”

“No wonder he dares to be so arrogant and despotic!”

Lin Ya had been secretly watching Su Xing, so she naturally knew his background.

“So what if you’re a Tier 3 Mage? Hmph! It’s easy for me to kill you in the Magic Auction House!” Lin Ya said fiercely in her mind.

Soon, Su Xing arrived at the auction house.

Tens of thousands of jade platforms were placed in the huge auction hall.

On every jade platform, there was a dazzling array of items, including many medicines, secret manuals, cultivation methods, and so on.

However, these treasures were all sealed by powerful array pattern chains and could not be taken out for the time being.

There were many people in the auction house.

However, Su Xing’s goal today was not the auction. He directly found the place selling the magic pet egg.

“I didn’t expect the magic pet egg to be so expensive.” Su Xing was immediately speechless when he saw the price.

Even the cheapest Tier 1 magic pet egg required an astronomical price of 500,000!

If he wanted to buy an appropriate magic pet egg, which was also a Tier 3 magic pet egg, he needed an astonishing amount of more than 2 million!

“If it was any other time, I definitely wouldn’t be able to afford it, but the special recruitment conditions included giving me a low-level magic pet egg for free. This is too good!” Su Xing smiled. A Tier 3 magic pet egg was naturally considered a low-level magic pet.

Su Xing also noticed that not only were magic pet eggs sold here but there were also magic pets that had already hatched.

Clearly, the price of a hatched magic pet had directly increased several times.

Low-level magic pets could be chosen freely, but high-level magic pets could only be hatched from eggs. The randomness was higher.

Therefore, it was also possible to spend a large sum of money to buy a Tier 3 magic pet egg and hatch a Tier 1 magic pet.

However, Su Xing did not panic at all.

After all, he was a man with a system!

Wherever he looked, all the information about the magic pet immediately appeared!

Magical Beast Name: Spotted Chicken Stew

Level: Early-Stage Tier 1

Threat: No Threat

Quality: Ordinary

Magical Beast Name: Flying Sky Boat Bird

Level: Late-stage Tier 2

Threat: Low Threat

Quality: Good

“So, the level of a magical beast doesn’t represent its strength.”

“The strength of a magic pet is more reflected in the quality of the magic pet egg.”

“I checked it carefully just now. The quality of the magic pet egg is roughly divided into four levels: ordinary, good, high-quality, and top-notch. Every increase in level will increase the threat by 10%.”

“Early-stage Tier 1 is not a threat to me at all.”

“However, the early-stage Tier 3 can pose a threat to me.”

Su Xing thought to himself.