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The next morning.

Su Xing got out of bed. The robe that Teacher He Li had customized for him yesterday was already being made.

Due to the fact that he was only at the early-stage Tier 3, the robe was only at the Tier 3 level.

Regarding the process of making the robe and the time to receive it, Su Xing could directly check it through the badge.

In fact, the badge was equivalent to a very precise electronic device, similar to a cell phone that Su Xing used in his previous life.

“There’s still some time before I can receive it. I’ll buy a wand today!” Su Xing muttered in his mind.

Su Xing discovered that there were ten bottles of cultivation potions and five bottles of energy potions in his badge’s storage space.

These were all potions issued by the research institute.

Su Xing was immediately overjoyed.

After all, only by completing the four things that Teacher He Li had instructed could he complete the admission procedures.

When he arrived at the department store building he had encountered yesterday, Su Xing went straight to the area where the wands were sold.

The higher the quality of the wand, the more expensive it was. Moreover, there was a rule—the higher the level of the wand, the more powerful the wand produced.

Su Xing came to the area where the wand was sold and carefully chose it for a while.

“The quality of these wands is not bad, but the price is a little expensive!”

Su Xing touched the surface of the wand and thought to himself.

The wand was also classified from Tier 1 to 9. The mage level corresponded to the level of the wand that could be used.

For example, a Tier 3 Mage could only use a Tier 1-3 wand and could not use a wand above Tier 3.

In other words, a Tier 9 Mage could use all tiers of wands. A Tier 1 Mage could only use a Tier 1 wand.

Su Xing had seen this basic knowledge in the “admission guide” given by Teacher He Li.

“360,000 Huaxia coins.”

He looked up at the counter and his expression immediately darkened.

These wands were all very good, but the price was very expensive.

“Fortunately, the Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute will reimburse this fee.” Su Xing smiled and continued to read.

“Let’s try one first?” Su Xing saw the counter selling Tier 3 wands and immediately walked over.

This was a sweet and cute female salesperson.

Seeing that there were guests, her face lit up.

When she saw that it was only a Tier 3 Mage, a trace of disappointment flashed through her eyes.

However, she still smiled and said, “Sir, may I ask what type of wand you need? It’s an attack-type, defensive-type, or support-type.”

“This is not the wand I want.”

Su Xing shook his head.


The female salesperson looked up in surprise.

“I want a fire-element wand,” Su Xing said.

The female salesperson handed the wand to Su Xing. “Sir, look. This wand is of the fire attribute. It’s very suitable for you to use.”

Su Xing took the wand.

The wand was light green.

The material was the leaves of a certain plant, but they were covered in patterns as if they contained a mysterious power.

As soon as he touched it, Su Xing’s eyes lit up. This wand looked very hard, but its texture was actually extremely soft.

It was as if he was touching cotton.

“Hmm! It suits me very well.” Su Xing was secretly happy.

“Ding-dong. Detected that the host has found a fire-element wand. The affinity is extremely high!” A mechanical voice suddenly sounded from the system.

“It seems that the system has already approved of this wand!” Su Xing nodded and bought it from the female salesperson.

After checking his badge, Su Xing saw that the fee was 780,000 Huaxia coins!

“It’s so expensive!” Su Xing’s heart could not help but ache.

However, this was the entrance reward given by the research institute, so this money was provided by the research institute.

“Host, please name the wand.”

“A fire-attribute wand…”

Su Xing thought for a moment and said, “Then let’s call it ‘Fiery’! I hope it can accompany me in improving in the future!”

“Ding-dong. Congratulations to the host for successfully naming it.”

[Su Xing]

[Level: Early-stage Tier 3]

[Wand: Tier 3 ‘Fiery’]

[Elemental Affinity: Fire (99%), Wind (80%)]

[Magic Points: 0]

[Spell: Meditation Technique (Tier 0, Proficient), Fire Ring Technique (Tier 1, Mastery), Wind Technique (Tier 1, Proficient), Fire Dragon Technique (Tier 2, Proficient), Flame Explosion (Tier 1, Proficient)]

[Contract Magic Pet: None]

“Congratulations to the host for obtaining [Fiery]. May I ask if the host wants to use it now?”

“Of course!” Su Xing nodded.

Immediately, a faint flame appeared on his palm.

This layer of flames emitted a hot aura, causing the few salesmen beside him to involuntarily size it up.

“This flame… It seems that this kid is really talented. He can actually control such a pure fire elemental power!” The female salesperson revealed a surprised expression.

The temperature of the fire element was extremely high and it was not easy to control such a high temperature.

Moreover, Su Xing could even restrain the power of the fire element outside his body to form a protective circle.

This was even rarer.

“Ding-dong. The host’s Fiery has already fused into your body.”

“Congratulations to the host for obtaining the [Burning] skill. Do you want to comprehend it immediately?”

“Of course!” Su Xing was slightly stunned and hurriedly replied.

He did not expect that the power of the fire element could also be attached to a skill, and it was even [Burning].

This burning effect was definitely not bad.


A warm current surged out of his core and instantly gathered in his right hand before gathering on the wand, Fiery.


As Su Xing thought, the wand, Fiery, suddenly ignited with raging flames.

Immediately after, Su Xing waved his wand, Fiery, and threw this ball of flames.

Immediately, a red light shot out and landed on the distant wall, instantly piercing a bowl-sized hole.


“What a terrifying power!”

“Too powerful!”

“This can simply be called destructive damage!”

Su Xing’s strike shocked the surrounding people.

They all heard the extremely destructive roar.

This was only the aftershock when Su Xing waved his wand.

It was no wonder that the surrounding people were shocked. This was because most of the students at the Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute were ordinary people, and they were at most magic disciples.

Su Xing’s strike was equivalent to the full-strength strike of a mage.

The eyes of the female salesperson beside Su Xing lit up.

“This is Burning? It’s too powerful!” Su Xing clenched his fists excitedly.

Even a Tier 3 Mage would probably be at a disadvantage if they encountered such combat strength!

This was only the power of Fiery.

What if he combined it with other spells, curses, or elements?

Su Xing even suspected that he could instantly kill an ordinary Tier 3 Mage!