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Su Xing targeted the magic pet egg that he wanted to buy the most.

He investigated them one by one and discovered that most of the magic pet eggs he wanted to find were taken.

Apart from that, there were also some who were ownerless, but there were very few of them. Basically, people had beaten him to it.

“Hmm? That is?”

Suddenly, Su Xing’s eyes lit up.

He saw two magic pet eggs.

One of the magic pet eggs actually emitted an intense fluctuation. It was the magic pet that Su Xing needed.

This was actually a Tier 4 magic pet egg.


Su Xing widened his eyes.

“Tier 4 magic pet egg?”

A Tier 4 magic pet egg!

This value was impossible to measure.

This was because the treasures needed for a Tier 4 magic pet egg were ridiculously valuable.

“It’s indeed good stuff, but I can’t afford it. Moreover, under the special conditions of the research institute, I can only buy Tier 3 magic pet eggs…”

“What a pity. I wonder which guy will benefit.”

Su Xing sighed. Even if he had such a powerful system, he could not do many things without money.

The value of a Tier 4 magic pet egg was already comparable to 30 million Huaxia coins.

However, this magic pet egg looked very tattered and the price did not look high. This was also because the shopkeeper had lowered the price to 4 million Huaxia coins.

The price decrease was so sharp but Su Xing still could not afford it.

However, then, he was attracted by another magic pet egg.

Magical Beast Name: Fire Phoenix

Level: Early-stage Tier 3

Threat: Threatening

Quality: High

“Fire Phoenix. This name is not bad. Moreover, it’s a high-quality Tier 3. I want this!” Su Xing muttered in his mind.

Although this egg cost as much as 2 million Huaxia coins, it was already free under the special condition.

Just as Su Xing wanted to buy this egg, an uncomfortable voice sounded from afar.


“Don’t tell me you want to buy this magic pet egg?” Lin Ya frowned.

Su Xing turned around and discovered that it was the flirtatious woman he had just encountered at the door.

“Of course!” “Who said that I can’t buy it?” Su Xing replied matter-of-factly.


Hearing this, Lin Ya could not help but laugh.

Her companions sneered.

“Kid, stop joking.”

“Don’t you know that there’s a limit to a magic pet like the Fire Phoenix? You can’t even take out a million Huaxia coins, so how can you buy this magic pet egg?”

“Moreover, look. This magic pet egg is at the early-stage Tier 2. It’s worth 2 million Huaxia coins. How are you going to buy it?”

“Could it be that you’re bragging? Or are you selling yourself to us? Hahaha~”

Hearing these words, Su Xing calmly flipped through his phone.

Then, he took out the student card from his storage space and handed it to the staff at the counter beside him. “Please help me buy this magic pet egg!”

So generous?!

The surrounding people were stunned.


“Did you hear that? This kid actually said that he would spend 2 million to buy this magic pet egg?”

“It’s simply too funny!”

“Do you really think you’re rich?”

The surrounding people laughed.

“Little brother, you can’t act on impulse!” The shopkeeper advised.

“I’m not acting on impulse!”

Su Xing shook his head and said, “I must obtain this magic pet egg!”


Su Xing urged, “Please hurry!”


The counter staff took the card.

In the academy, which was the research institute, the student card used was the badge.

There were also various functions. Not only could he earn money, but he could also buy various things.

When the staff verified the authenticity of this student card, they were immediately frightened when they saw the level of authority displayed.

“Strategic… level!”

It was different from the previous one. The pattern on it was even more complicated, indicating that its level was higher and more precious.

The expression of the staff at the counter changed slightly.

When everyone heard the staff member’s involuntary words, they were immediately dumbfounded, especially Lin Ya. Her eyes were about to pop out.

“How is that possible? This kid is only a new student. How can he be at the Strategic-level?!” As soon as Lin Ya said this, she was slapped in the face.

This was because, under the staff’s transaction operation, the purchase information was successfully confirmed!

In other words, the level of authority was real!

“Ding dong! Congratulations to the host for successfully purchasing it!”

Suddenly, a pleasant voice sounded.

A smile appeared on Su Xing’s face. As he had expected, he had obtained a new magic pet egg.

A red light appeared on this magic pet egg. One could vaguely see the phantom of the Fire Phoenix.

“Congratulations to the host for obtaining a Tier 3 magic pet—Fire Phoenix!”

“Ding-dong! The Fire Phoenix is incubating. It’s estimated to be hatched in half a minute.”

“Ding-dong! Identifying the attributes of the Fire Phoenix…”

A series of system notifications sounded, and Su Xing was overjoyed.

The Fire Phoenix was definitely a powerful Tier 3 magic pet.

It was even stronger than ordinary Tier 4 magic pets.

He knew that he had successfully picked up a bargain this time.

It turned out that each magic pet could only be hatched after five years of incubation.

However, every time it hatched, it would be a huge expenditure.

After all, if they wanted the magic pet egg to hatch, it was not as simple as raising chickens and ducks. They needed to invest a large number of resources.

For example, the incubation of the magic pet egg required a large number of Fire Stones.

They also needed a professional refiner to help temper the fire and make the eggshell firm and unharmed to maintain the efficiency of the incubation.

Moreover, the growth of a magic pet was related to the compatibility of the soul.

The stronger the magic pet egg, the stronger the magic pet nurtured.

The strength of the magic pet egg depended on the owner.

The stronger the master, the higher the potential of the magic pet!

Up until now, Su Xing was only a Tier 3 Mage.

As for the Fire Phoenix, it had potential that was not inferior to a Tier 3 Mage. The two were on completely different levels.

As Su Xing’s mind raced, an idea suddenly appeared in his mind. “System, when can I hatch the egg of the Fire Phoenix?”

“Ding-dong. According to the host’s affinity with the fire element, the incubation time is only 10 minutes. I suggest that you come to an empty place and incubate!”

“This is because, once the magic pet egg hatches, it will release a large amount of magical energy and require incubation training.”

“I understand,” Su Xing replied in his mind.

Then, Su Xing left under everyone’s shock.

He had just received a message reminding him that he needed to participate in an entrance ceremony an hour later.