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Liu Feixue’s mind raced as she continuously secretly observed Su Xing, her eyes filled with admiration and curiosity.

“Why is he completely different from before?”

“Could it be that… he’s from a large faction?”

“He’s only 14 years old. How can he be so special?”

“However, his personality is indeed quite popular.”

Su Xing’s appearance appeared in Liu Feixue’s mind and she could not help but purse her lips and laugh secretly.

On the way, the two of them chatted about some interesting things about the academy.

Su Xing discovered that Liu Feixue was very familiar with the academy as if she was at home. As they walked, she introduced the place to him.

Soon, the two of them arrived in front of a classical and imposing building.

“This is the admissions office!”

Su Xing saw the thick copper door.

Dong! Dong! Dong…

Su Xing stretched out his hand and knocked on the door three times.

A moment later, the door of the room slowly opened.

A middle-aged man appeared in front of Su Xing and Liu Feixue. He was wearing a black robe and a black hat, looking quite strange.

However, Su Xing felt that something was wrong.

“Hello! Who are you looking for?” the middle-aged man asked politely.

“I’m looking for Teacher He Li!” Su Xing replied.

“Oh, I see.” The middle-aged man nodded. After saying that, he made an inviting gesture.

Su Xing turned to look at Liu Feixue and asked, “What about you? Are you also looking for this teacher?”

Liu Feixue shook her head. “I’ve long settled the admission procedures. I’ll go elsewhere to shop first and find you later!”

Su Xing nodded. After exchanging contact details, they separated.

He walked into the room.

The decorations here were very luxurious.

“Little Su, it’s you!” The older sister suddenly stood up. When she saw Su Xing, her face revealed a trace of excitement.

Su Xing nodded. “Teacher, I’m here to report.”

“Alright!” Teacher He Li looked very happy. She pulled Su Xing’s hand and walked in, “Follow me! I’ll tell you what you need to do with the admission procedures.”

He Li was a high-level mage and the deputy president of the student union. Apart from being in charge of recruitment, she also taught the students to cultivate magic.

“Sit!” He Li pointed to the side and gestured for Su Xing to sit on the chair.

Then, she brought the document to the table and said, “Take out your identification! I’ll help you settle the admission procedures.”

Su Xing nodded slightly and took out the mage badge with identification.


Identity Information Registry.

“Identity information has been checked.”

Name: Su Xing

ID Number: XXX

Occupation: None

Level: 0

Credit: 0

Authority: Unknown

When he saw the latest information, Su Xing could not help but be stunned.

Identity information check was completed?

What was going on?

“Teacher, I haven’t reported yet,” Su Xing said in confusion.

“Hahaha…” He Li covered her mouth and chuckled, “You don’t have to worry. After the identity information is checked, new information will be sent to you.”

“You only need to wait for the news!”

Su Xing was enlightened. The identity information he had just now must have been provided by the academy.

He nodded and sat in the chair, waiting quietly.

Time flew.

About half an hour later, suddenly, Su Xing received a communication message.

“Congratulations on joining the Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute.”

“The Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute is one of the four great intermediate research institutes in Huaxia. It’s the cradle of the high-level mage talent reserve in Huaxia. Its background is deep and its foundation is strong. It’s a precious institute.”

This sentence simply described the basic content of the Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute.

Then, the information on the mage badge was updated.

Name: Su Xing

ID Number: XXX

Occupation: None

Level: 0

Credit: 0

Authority: Strategic-level

Su Xing noticed that his authority had actually been updated to the Strategic-level.

Then, he learned from He Li that the resources were divided according to levels, and the Strategic-level was the highest.

“You’re the first student with such high authority in our research institute!” He Li was clearly a little surprised. One had to know that her authority was only at the Destruction-level, ranked second.

“Congratulations. According to what I know, you have Strategic-level authority and can use most of the resources of the research institute, as well as 100,000 Huaxia coins a month for cultivation resources.”

“In other words, you can basically use the resources of the entire research institute! This is because your authority is as high as a terrifying Strategic-level!”

When Su Xing heard He Li say this, he could not help but feel a little surprised.

He did not expect himself to be so valued by the Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute.

“However, while you enjoy the rights of a high priority, at the same time, you have to fulfill some obligations. When a major disaster happens, as a Strategic-level, you have to rush to the scene to provide support immediately!” He Li added.

Su Xing nodded. This was not a problem for him.

Not only that, but the Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute also had a unique power system—Holy Light Baptism.

It was said that every student accepted by the Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute would obtain a Holy Light Baptism.

It could allow the flesh, bones, and soul of a mage to be purified and become purer and more exquisite.

This Holy Light Baptism was very helpful in increasing his cultivation level. It could even modify his bloodline and make his talent better.

However, everyone could only obtain one use.

Moreover, it only had a month of validity.

Once he left the research institute, it would lose its effect.

Therefore, many outstanding geniuses would choose to enter the Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute.

The Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute would also pay a huge price to rope in the various geniuses.

For example, Liu Feixue was a student at the Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute because of this.

Su Xing did not reject. Although his current cultivation was very low, as long as he worked hard, he would be able to rise sooner or later.

Moreover, he did not doubt the effect of the Holy Light Baptism.

“Su Xing, congratulations!”

At this moment, He Li walked in from outside the house. When she saw Su Xing, she revealed a smile, “In the future, I’ll be your teacher.”

“Hello, Teacher!”

Su Xing stood up and shouted respectfully.

His impression of He Li was not bad.

This was because she was a true teacher.

Moreover, he could vaguely sense that He Li’s cultivation was extremely extraordinary, probably far exceeding ordinary Tier 5 Mages.

He Li waved her hand and said, “You don’t have to call me teacher. Just call me by my name.”

“Teacher He Li.” Su Xing still insisted.

He Li smiled and said, “Since you’re unwilling, I won’t force you. In any case, you’re about to enter the Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute. At that time, you can naturally interact with those brats and slowly integrate into their circle.”

“There are still four things to complete for the admission procedures. The first step is to buy a custom-made robe and collect the potions. Then, you can buy a wand and contract a magic pet.”

After saying that, He Li handed a guide to Su Xing and left.

“This teacher is not bad!” Su Xing thought to himself.

He was also very interested in entering the Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute.

According to the entrance guide, Su Xing found the route and swiped his badge to enter the dormitory.

The Jiangnan Intermediate Research Institute was grand. To Strategic-level people, all their resources were the best.

Even the dormitory had an independent small floor with everything.

Su Xing did not think too much about it. He turned around and walked into his room to rest.

In the past two days, he had been rushing and had not rested well. He was a little tired now.