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Even though no one knew what the hidden quest Brown had received was.

Even Brown himself did not know what the final quest reward would be.

However, just the word “hidden” was enough to make all the players excited!

After all, in Reincarnation, only through these hidden quests could one obtain more EXP, equipment, and skills.

After the system announced a few times in a row, the Nameless Old Man slowly squatted down and gently rotated his right hand. The broken bowl that Brown had thrown on the ground returned to its original state.

However, the gap on the bowl was still there.

Even the gold coins that the spectating players had placed in the old man’s bowl returned to the old man with a tinkling sound!

“Thank you, everyone!”

The Nameless Old Man laughed heartily.

Shaking his body, he left this place and went to another place.

Only the players who had yet to come to their senses looked at their empty backpacks.

Their expressions were extremely dull!

The Nameless Old Man’s Entrustment quest was a growth-type mission.

The entire quest was divided into three parts.

The first step was to go to the Youlan Snow Mountain in the northeast of the Ogath Dukedom!

Brown knew this place.

The average level of the monsters on the snowy mountain was at least level 50!

Without the support of certain equipment, it was very difficult for players to climb the snowy mountain with their own strength.

Brown knew that it would be difficult for him to complete the first phase of the mission.

He was no longer in a hurry. He placed it at the bottom of the quest bar together with the letter-sending quest from the boatman in the novice village. He continued to hum a tune and began his journey to level up!

In the first and middle stages of Reincarnation, leveling up was a top priority for players.

Brown didn’t plan to leave Greenwood Town.

According to the calculations of time, in about a week, Reincarnation was about to announce a piece of news that would make thousands of players excited!

During this week, Brown had almost killed all the wild monsters around Greenwood Town!

It was only because the monster’s level was not too high.

After a week of hard work, Brown’s current level was only level 23.

And Star, who was ranked first on the Level Rankings, was far ahead during this period of time!

Looking at such a jaw-dropping level, Brown couldn’t figure out what kind of method this guy had used.

“It seems like there are some freaks in this game!”

Back when Brown entered the game, Star had already become a top-notch expert known to all players.

However, now that he began to understand his growth journey from the beginning, Brown felt even more terrified!

One night a week later, the long-awaited official surprise was finally announced!

Three days ago, Reincarnation released a short promotional video.

Although there were no words, this made all the players look forward to it.

The moment the official announcement was made, almost the entire forum exploded!

“The first dungeon in the entire server has been activated!”

When Frost City, as the center of the three countries, appeared in front of the players in the form of a new dungeon, almost everyone became especially excited!

“It’s finally here!”

Brown took a look at the official information. It was exactly the same as the Frost City in his previous life.

He suddenly felt a little restless in his heart!

In the official introduction, Frost City was an extremely special place.

As a city that lived in the middle of three countries, it relied on its unique snowy mountain environment to keep the enemies of the three major countries out!

And this time, Frost City’s City Lord Ovi had even invited brave warriors with strength and courage from all over the Lost Continent to help them solve the problem of the Frost Elves that had plagued them for a long time!

Frost Elves.

A level 35 boss.

He lived in a forest near Frost City all year round.

All of the Frost Elves’ skills and attacks came with speed reduction and imprisonment effects.

There was even a high chance that players would contract the cold poison during the battle!

Brown remembered very clearly.

Back then, someone on the forum had described the process of clearing this dungeon for the first time.

From the moment the official announcement was made, countless players formed teams and began to clear the level.

Not to mention coming into contact with the Frost Elves, many players could not even deal with their underlings!

All the guilds in the server, big and small, fought for nearly a month.

Finally, under the lead of the number one player on the Level Rankings, the fully equipped team of ten people fought for seventeen hours before they finally cleared the dungeon!

Some of the studios had to pay the price of all their players losing ten levels because they didn’t want to give up!

The reason why so many players wanted to join Frost City’s dungeon was that, other than the gimmick of the first dungeon, it could bring a lot of attention and exposure.

The most important thing was the quest reward after the dungeon ended!

As long as the Frost Elf was killed, the entire party would be able to obtain at least ten pieces of equipment as a reward!

Among them, there would definitely be at least three pieces of Gold equipment. The most terrifying thing was that there was a 50% chance of dropping Platinum equipment!

Seeing the official announcement that made people’s blood boil, almost all the players were excited!

One had to know that in the early stages of the game.

Even Tyrone, the guild master of the Holy Dragon Guild, was one of the top ten players who had completed their job change.

The equipment in his hand was only a Gold-grade longsword.

Platinum-grade equipment was even more powerful!

Such a generous reward had almost aroused the desire of all the players!

Apart from that, the leaders of the first three player teams that successfully cleared the dungeon would be able to enter the Celebrity Rankings!

The Celebrity Rankings was also a new ranking that the game officials had specially announced when the dungeon refreshed!

The evaluation of the Celebrity Rankings came from many factors.

Other than the most important level attribute.

The skills, equipment, and even the profession that the player had changed to would have a grading standard.

The system would then make a comprehensive ranking based on these scores.

However, the benefit of the Celebrity Rankings was only fame.

The standard for measuring combat power was not too rigorous.

But for those teams or studios that wanted to make a name for themselves, this was obviously an excellent opportunity!

Brown originally wanted to find an opportunity to challenge himself.

However, the requirements for this dungeon were extremely strict.

The number of players in a team could not exceed ten, but it had to be at least two.

Brown didn’t have any friends in the game.

After seeing this request, he could only shake his head helplessly.

But to the others, the entire game was in an uproar for a moment!

All the players were discussing the rewards and respawn of this dungeon.

“Platinum equipment! How exaggerated would that be!”

“Come on, only the first party to clear the dungeon will have the chance to get Platinum equipment. With our strength, we might not even be able to clear the dungeon!”

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