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As the Frost Elves dungeon became more and more popular, almost all the players were talking about dungeons at the moment.

Everyone began to guess.

Who could be the first player in the entire server to clear the dungeon?

There were even people who had placed bets based on the rankings on the Level Rankings.

Star was the first person to take the lead.

His odds were so low that it was terrifying!

Almost all the players agreed that the team he joined had the best chance!

Almost all the guilds that were interested in clearing the dungeon contacted him immediately!

“The odds are quite right.”

Brown flipped through the posts on the Internet page by page, and the smile on his lips became even more obvious.

According to his previous life experience, it was indeed this fellow who successfully completed this magnificent feat in the end!

“But now? That might not be the case!”

A smile appeared on Brown’s face.

“Since that’s the case, let’s let the name ‘Shadow’ resound throughout the entire Lost Continent for the first time!”

He had already made all his plans.

However, due to the fact that he did not have a reliable teammate by his side, he was temporarily unable to qualify to enter the dungeon.

He simply packed up his equipment.

Brown returned to Greenwood Town.

After finding a safe place, he chose to go offline.

He had been working hard in Reincarnation for a long time.

The discomfort he felt at the beginning gradually dissipated at this moment.

He turned off the game equipment.

Brown looked at the night sky outside the window and subconsciously stretched. His stomach suddenly rumbled!

It was already midnight.

Other than the 24-hour convenience stores, there seemed to be no other places to eat.

Brown counted his current savings and then planned to go to the nearby convenience store to buy something and take a break.

It was about time to find a team to clear the dungeon.

Brown did not want to waste too much time offline.

Taking advantage of the time now, Brown planned to quickly prepare the corresponding living supplies and work in the game until he cleared the entire dungeon!

There was only one 24-hour convenience store nearby.

He took about ten minutes to walk downstairs.

Brown finally walked into the shop.

There weren’t many customers in the convenience store at midnight.

A few young people who were not too old bought some drinks and left.

Brown found a discounted lunchbox and walked to the cashier.

“Can you help me heat it up?”

The cashier on duty tonight looked very sweet.

With her baby fat cheeks paired with dimples, and when she smiled, it was even more tempting!

However, what surprised Brown was not the appearance of the young lady but a strange feeling!

Brown stared at the girl for a long time.

He felt like he had seen her before.

However, she could not recall where he had seen her before.

“Could it be a friend from my previous life?”

Brown narrowed his eyes and stared at it for a while.

His mind began to frantically search for his past memories.

However, no matter what, he could not obtain any information about this girl from the memories of his previous life.

“Are you eating here?”

The young lady asked several times.

When she saw Brown staring at her, she felt a little disgusted.

Since she loved her job, she forced a smile.

“Sir, are you eating here?”

Brown finally understood.

He smiled in embarrassment.

He knew that he had indeed lost his composure just now.

He scratched his head awkwardly and nodded with a smile.

“I’m eating here. It’s been hard on you.”

The girl didn’t say anything more and just turned around to heat up the lunchbox.

He sat in front of the window with a hot lunchbox in his hand.

Brown looked at the familiar woman again.

However, he still could not find any answers.

“Forget it, forget it. I’m probably just confused.”

Brown did not want to dwell on this matter.

He just wanted to finish his food quickly and go back to rest.

When he finished eating, Brown was about to get up and leave.

However, he realized that the cashier lady had already changed shifts with the other shop assistants and left the convenience store one step ahead of him.

Brown did not take it to heart.

When he was on his way home, he was planning to go back through the alley in front of him.

But suddenly, he heard a familiar voice.

“No, let go of me. If you continue like this, I’ll call the police!”

Wasn’t this the cashier just now?

Brown’s eyes instantly widened.

He immediately followed the direction of the sound and quietly walked over.

In a narrow alley not far from him, a girl carrying a small bag and preparing to get off work was surrounded by a few hooligans who were obviously drunk!

The few hooligans had bright yellow hair.

Under the streetlights, it looked a little dazzling!

The expression on the leader’s face looked especially arrogant.

He had a very lewd smile under the escort of a few underlings behind him.

The alcohol made him unable to stand steadily, and he swayed his body.

Even so, he still walked towards the girl.

“Little girl, come play with us tonight. We’ll show you something good. How about it?”

The girl looked like an honest person.

Of course, she wouldn’t mingle with these local ruffians.

She just wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

But how could this group of hooligans let her get what she wanted?

The girl wanted to escape.

The few of them quickly moved forward.

In an instant, the girl had nowhere to go!

“Yo, you still want to run in front of me? Little girl, don’t hide anymore. Isn’t it better to enjoy life with me?”

He patted his chest and said seriously.

“I’m so awesome. I’ll definitely make you feel so happy that you feel like dying later!”

The girl’s face turned red from these dirty words.

She used all her strength to push away the hooligan who was trying to control her.

How could a weak girl be a match for these hooligans?

Before she could do anything, the blonde leader reached out his hand toward her chest!

“I didn’t know it could be this big on such a thin figure!”

The man chuckled.

“Let me pamper you well!”

The girl seemed to have been forced into a corner.

A slap landed on the blonde guy’s face!

In an instant, this guy immediately sobered up a lot!

The blonde guy covered his face.

His eyes widened in disbelief!

“How dare you hit me!”

He seemed to feel that he was embarrassed in front of his underlings.

The blonde guy was instantly flustered and exasperated!

“Brothers, we have to deal with this woman today! She dared to fight back. I won’t let her escape tonight!”

His underlings seemed to have been prepared long ago!

However, just as they were about to make their move.

A man’s voice suddenly sounded from behind!


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