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The sudden announcement in the channel made Brown instantly excited.

In just a week, he had actually been on the hot search list on the forum several times!

By now, the name Shadow had probably been heard by many players!

He remembered that he was just a nobody in the past.

No matter where he went, he was completely looked down upon by others.

Brown suddenly felt relieved.

He happily packed his things and prepared to go back.

Although the reward for the mayor’s mission and the surprise he had just received were not worth mentioning, he still had to respect the system.

On the way back to Greenwood Town from the nest, Brown had indeed met many other players.

Some people who recognized the ID Shadow waved at him excitedly.

“Shadow, you’re too awesome! When are you going to bring me along to fight the boss?”

“That’s right, that’s right. I’ll wait for the day you become number one on the Level Rankings!”

Brown nodded excitedly when he heard that.

After all, in the current environment of Reincarnation.

For a common player like Brown, who had no power or influence to be able to have such a series of results was naturally quite exciting.

Just as he was about to return to Greenwood Town, an old man in ragged clothes appeared just beside the main road at some point.

There were already many players surrounding him.

It seemed that everyone was quite concerned about this old man.

“There weren’t any NPCs here before?”

Brown was confused.

He squeezed into the crowd with all his might, wanting to see if this NPC who had suddenly appeared had any special missions.

However, the moment he saw the nameless old man, his eyes instantly narrowed into a line as he smiled!

“It’s this guy!”

He immediately laughed heartily.

The old man did not have his own name.

The name displayed by the system was only Nameless Old Man.

The old man’s clothes looked ragged.

His face was full of dirt and his hair was messy. He looked like he had been wandering in different places for several years!

The tramp’s appearance was already heartbreaking.

If he got closer, there was an indescribable sour smell on the old man’s body.

It was unknown how long it had been since this guy had taken a shower.

Above his head, only level 1 was displayed.

He really looked like an ordinary mortal!

Such a sloppy and nameless old man.

No bright spots could be found on his body.

However, the more ordinary it was, the more players would be able to sense the extraordinary aspects!

How could he be an ordinary person since he was able to suddenly appear near the town?

In order to obtain more hidden quests, the surrounding players tried their best.

They all threw gold coins into the chipped bowl in front of the old man.

The players who didn’t have much money also wanted to try their luck.

After hesitating for a long time, they threw a gold coin in.

The sound of gold coins clinking in the bowl sounded very pleasant.

As for those who were slightly richer, they even threw a few strings of coins into the bowl domineeringly!

The old man did not refuse.

He took the initiative to raise the bowl and accept everyone’s kindness.

Not long after, there were at least dozens of gold coins in the originally empty bowl!

But even so, many players who donated money received a word of thanks from the old man.

And they gained nothing.

Even though the players had been watching for a long time, the old man still did not have any reaction.

“Is this old fellow really just a beggar?”

They waited for almost half an hour.

Some players had already started to give up.

Seeing that everyone already had the intention to leave, Brown smiled and walked through the crowd to the old man.

“Look, look, another fool has taken the bait. Does he really think that this old fellow can drop some good clues?”

“No, he seems to be Shadow, the commoner player who has been especially popular in Greenwood Town recently!”

When Brown appeared in front of the old man with Shadow’s name on his head, almost everyone became excited!

However, most people still wanted to see him make a fool of himself.

However, Brown’s next move was beyond everyone’s expectations!

He did not throw money into the old man’s bowl like the others.

Instead, he snatched the broken bowl in front of the old man.

He smashed it fiercely onto the ground!

The broken bowl shattered on the ground.

The gold coins in the bowl were scattered everywhere.

The surrounding players didn’t even bother to pick up the money themselves.

Everyone looked at Brown’s actions as if they had seen an idiot!

“What is Shadow doing?”

“Everyone else is donating money, but he smashed the old man’s bowl. Isn’t that ruining his livelihood?”

“I think there’s something really wrong with this kid’s brain! Did he think that he’s a maverick just because he gained a little reputation?”

The players beside him pointed and commented.

They felt that Brown’s behavior was even more ridiculous!

The Nameless Old Man also cursed at this moment.

“You piece of trash, you actually smashed my bowl! Do you not want to continue living in Greenwood Town?”

The Nameless Old Man’s expression became even uglier.

“I’ll tell the mayor right now and ask him to stand up for me. You can forget about entering any main city in your lifetime!”

Listening to the Nameless Old Man’s words, everyone could not help but gasp!

However, if he really provoked the system’s NPCs, and once the punishment was decided, Shadow’s gaming career would probably end here!

Reincarnation had a high degree of freedom.

However, if the players wanted to obtain a lasting gaming experience, they still had to go to the various major urban areas to complete certain quests at certain times.

It was absolutely impossible if he didn’t want to rely on these system quests to increase his strength!

“I told you there was something wrong with Shadow’s brain!”

“He’s really done for. Why do you think he provoked an old beggar?”

The other players mocked him.

However, Brown was not affected at all.

He walked up to the furious old man.

He reached out and patted his shoulder.

Then, he whispered into the old man’s ear.

“I am confident that I can help you fulfill your dream.”

Just a simple sentence made the Nameless Old Man’s anger disappear instantly!

Looking at the old man calming down immediately when he was still furious just now, even the way they looked at Brown changed!

The players were even more confused.

At this moment, all the players around the old man received the system notification.

“Congratulations to player Shadow for successfully obtaining the favor of the Nameless Old Man!”

“Congratulations to player Shadow for successfully accepting the hidden quest ‘Nameless Old Man’s Entrustment’.”

Two pieces of news came in a row.

Almost all the players were dumbfounded!

Especially those who had mocked Brown found it even more unbelievable!

“Don’t tell me that we just need to smash his bowl?”

No one knew what Brown said to the old man.

However, the hidden quest appeared.

It also made some of the players in the crowd turn green with envy!

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