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The entire Greenwood Town became lively.

From the moment players discovered that the player with the ID Shadow could change his class in Greenwood Town, all the people who were active here were particularly excited.

Even if Shadow failed his class change in the end, it didn’t affect the players’ interest at all.

After all, it was three in the afternoon.

A level 20 showdown between players was about to begin!

To be able to witness such a high-level battle with their own eyes was naturally an extremely rare thing to the other normal players.

All the players were looking forward to it.

There were even some nosy people who turned on the live stream sprite in advance, wanting to announce this situation that was difficult to see in the entire server in front of others!

“These two fellows are quite interesting!”

Somewhere in a forest, Star waved the sword in his hand and killed a giant crocodile.

At the same time, he looked at the very popular duel post on the forum.

The smile on his face seemed to be a little playful.

“It’s just a child’s play!”

Meanwhile, in various places on the Lost Continent.

There were already quite a number of people paying attention to this battle.

When Brown arrived at the arena ten minutes earlier, he realized that the entire arena was already filled with people!

“Shadow is here!”

Someone in the crowd shouted.

The originally impenetrable crowd instantly parted to form a passage.

Under everyone’s gaze, Brown slowly passed through the crowd and arrived in front of Tyrone on the stage!

Tyrone didn’t seem to panic at all.

The expression on his face was filled with confidence.

“Kid, you actually have the guts to come over!”

Looking at Tyrone’s playful eyes, Brown laughed coldly.

“What are you showing off for? Now, other than the number one Star, everyone who can change classes is level 20. There’s no difference between us.”

“Oh? Is that so?”

Tyrone smiled slightly.

“But your strength is trash in my eyes!”

The expression on Tyrone’s face became more and more arrogant!

“I will torture you in front of everyone!”

It was almost three o’clock!

Accompanied by the sound of system notifications!

A luxuriously dressed old man suddenly descended from the sky!

Accompanied by a faint white light, the old man slowly landed on the stage.

He first glanced at Brown and Tyrone, who were standing on the left and right.

Then, he stretched out his hand towards them.

“Please hand over your invitation tickets.”

The moment the invitation ticket was placed in the old man’s hand, ashes floated by.

The invitation tickets had all turned into powder and dissipated in the air.

When a burst of ethereal music sounded, the old man suddenly put his palms together and said to the two people on the stage.

“The competition officially begins!”

The moment he finished speaking, the old man disappeared into thin air.

Only two people were left behind!

Tyrone had long since succeeded in his class change.

His choice of class was no different from his previous life.

It was still Swordsman.

However, the longsword in his hand was no longer the Super Divine weapon that had dominated the entire Lost Continent!

“Trash! Today, I’ll show you just how scary a class is!”

Tyrone basically didn’t have any thoughts of hiding his strength.

His right hand moved slightly.

A golden sword appeared in front of everyone!

“Gold equipment, Thorn Sword!”

When the dazzling golden light shone on the stage, all the players watching the battle widened their eyes!

“Is this the strength of the Holy Dragon Guild’s guild master?”

Not only was he able to be the first to successfully change his class, he even had Gold equipment at the early stages of the game!

This was something that ordinary players would not dare to imagine!

Compared to Tyrone who had luxurious equipment.

At this moment, Brown looked even poorer!

The weapon in his hand was only a Bronze dagger!

If it wasn’t for the fact that he had farmed so many wild monsters before, the weapon in Brown’s hand would still probably be the novice wooden sword!

“It’s over, it’s over. Shadow definitely can’t beat Tyrone!”

“With this equipment gap, even if Tyrone hadn’t reached level 20, he probably wouldn’t stand a chance!”

“One has succeeded in his class change, while the other has failed. One has a luxurious weapon, while the other is as shabby as us. How can the two of them be compared?”

“I don’t know what Shadow is thinking. Losing this competition in front of so many people would be very embarrassing!”

The crowd below the stage began to guess.

Some bored people even started to place bets at this time.

However, the number of people who bet on Shadow to win could be counted on one hand!

The vast majority of people believed that Tyrone would definitely be able to obtain the final victory!

Tyrone was very proud of himself on the stage.

The long sword in his hand even drew a sword flower in the air!

“Now, feel my torture!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Tyrone immediately held his sword with both hands.

“Whirlwind Slash!”

He did not give Brown any time to react.

The basic skill of a Swordsman was immediately used!

Brown remembered these basic skills very clearly.

In his previous life, when he had just started the game.

Normal players who did not have the luck or ability to obtain a skill book, most of them relied on these basic skills to deal with monsters in the wild.

At this stage, a simple Whirlwind Slash could unleash an overwhelming power!

The moment the sword in his hand was brandished, a whirlwind suddenly rose from the ground!

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, it filled the entire arena instantly!

All the players below the stage could not help but gasp!

Even if they knew that the wind would not blow on them, they still retreated a few steps in fear!

“This is too abnormal!”

“No wonder everyone says that class change is a must. With such terrifying power, wouldn’t it be more than enough to deal with those wild monsters?”

With Tyrone’s attack, almost all the players in the server had witnessed the terrifying power of the basic skills of these ordinary classes!

Brown, who was holding a Bronze dagger, slowly retreated to the arena.

The ends of his hair swayed wildly in the wind.

His eyes were fixed on the scene in front of him!

“Hurry up and surrender! You’ve already retreated to the side of the arena!”

The players behind him jeered.

If it were ordinary players, they would probably be at a loss after seeing such a terrifying difference!

But Brown was not like that!

He was familiar with these basic skills and knew what he should do now!

Although Whirlwind Slash was powerful, the area of the entire arena was much larger than the range of this whirlwind!

What he saw now was just a scene that was spreading!

If Brown wanted to avoid the attack range of this Whirlwind Slash, there was only one move!


Brown’s gaze was solemn, and the shoes under his feet had already activated their active skills!

“I don’t care about your profession; you will die under my dagger today!”

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