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Brown wasn’t the only one.

Almost all the players in Greenwood Town were paying close attention to Brown’s class change.

He was a famous existence in the entire Greenwood Town.

All the players were naturally curious.

What kind of career would Brown choose?

Brown had already chosen Thief.

Some of the players who were already interested in Thieves were even more excited.

However, in the next second, the red light that filled the sky made everyone extremely surprised!

“Is there a possibility of being rejected by the system?”

No one could understand such a situation.

Only Tyrone suddenly burst out laughing!

“I knew this guy was trash! So what if he could change classes? Didn’t he still get rejected by the NPC?”

Tyrone, who had just been slapped in the face, finally found the chance to regain his reputation.

Naturally, he would not let it go so easily!

Class advancement was something every player in Reincarnation had to do.

The so-called application was just a formality.

Even if the players had carefully studied all the official announcements released in advance, they couldn’t find the reason for rejection!

Brown was also confused.

The Thief class that he was most familiar with could not be applied for!

This caused his mood to suffer a huge blow!

“If I can’t become a Thief, then my previous attribute points will be wasted!”

For the Thief class, Brown increased his speed attribute by a large proportion.

However, such an ending still made him feel a little discouraged.

Unwilling to give up, Brown decided to try other classes.

However, whether it was a Swordsman, a Priest, or whichever profession it was, almost all of Brown’s class change applications lit up with red light!

He opened his personal interface.

The game system didn’t explain the reasons for the rejection.

It was simply summarized in one sentence.

“Due to unknown reason.”

Such a reason made Brown’s mind explode!

All the players who had been paying attention to the progress of Brown’s class change were also very surprised.

“What’s wrong with the Class Advancement System?”

“That’s not right. I saw that Star and the others had a very smooth transition in the main city. Even the transition mission was very simple!”

“Could it be that this player named Shadow has a bad relationship with the NPCs in our town?”

Everyone began to guess the reason behind this.

Only Tyrone’s expression became more and more relaxed.

“If you ask me, this kid doesn’t have the qualifications to change classes at all! However, he only thought of some other method and deliberately went in!”

Facing Tyrone’s ridicule, the players in the other towns had no reason to refute.

As for Brown, who was unable to change his class, he could only walk out of the Class Change Hall with a dejected face.

He couldn’t understand.

What was the reason for basic class change rejections?

Even if it was combined with the memories of his previous life.

He had never heard of anyone failing their first class change in Reincarnation!

“Could it be that my fate has changed after my rebirth?”

Brown was starting to doubt himself.

But seeing Tyrone not far away at the door showing off at him, his heart gradually calmed down!

Whether it was the Holy Dragon Guild or the Hank family, his goal after his rebirth was very clear.


So what if the class change was unsuccessful?

He didn’t believe that there was a stage in Reincarnation that he couldn’t clear!

Brown’s eyes gradually became more and more determined!

“Even if the class change doesn’t go smoothly, I still have other ways to make myself stronger!”

He wanted all those who hurt him to pay the price!

Brown seems to have completely shaken off the haze of his failed class change application at this moment.

Looking at Brown, who was walking out with his head held high, Tyrone, who had been waiting here for a long time, said in a strange tone.

“Isn’t this the Shadow that created history?”

He looked at him smugly.

“Let me take a look and see which class our Shadow has changed to.”

Tyrone, who already knew the outcome, put on an even more pretentious act.

“Oh my, what did you do? How come I can’t even see your class after you changed classes? This is really strange!”

He laughed coldly.

“Could it be that the class change application failed?”

Seeing the boss of the Holy Dragon Guild publicly mock Brown, the players who were about to leave suddenly stopped in their tracks.

“Will they fight?”

“Who knows? In any case, we can’t afford to offend any of them. It’s better to hide far away!”

Brown didn’t care about what the passersby said.

His eyes were filled with killing intent when he looked at Tyrone, who had been mocking him all along!

At this moment, Tyrone smiled slightly.

The smile on his face suddenly became extremely strange at this moment!

He turned around and shouted at the players who had yet to disperse.

“Since Shadow has made a name for himself in Greenwood Town today, as the first person in Red Leaf City to successfully change classes, I will challenge him to a duel outside the city in front of everyone. I wonder if Shadow will accept this?”

He said such words in front of everyone.

He had completely set Brown on fire!

In the system settings of Reincarnation, a duel could not be held within the town.

As long as one could get an invitation ticket to the arena from the Grand Justice, one would be able to have a public duel in the arena beside the town!

It was just that this kind of duel would lock 1 HP.

So no matter how much damage was dealt, the player would still have 1 HP left despite the depletion.

Therefore, it was regarded as the best place for friendly competitions.

Now Tyrone said this in front of everyone.

As long as Brown didn’t agree, he would completely bear the infamy of being a coward!

Tyrone originally wanted to use this trick to completely embarrass Brown.

However, he had never expected Brown to agree decisively!

“Since Guild Master Tyrone has kindly invited me, how can I refuse?”

Brown accepted the invitation ticket so decisively.

Tyrone’s gaze also became extremely vicious at this moment!

He looked at Brown and smiled.

He whispered in his ear.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. I’ll only humiliate you over and over again!”

After saying this, Tyrone laughed loudly at the other players.

“This afternoon at 3:30, the arena outside Greenwood Town. Everyone is welcome to come and watch!”

He watched Tyrone leave with his subordinates extremely arrogantly.

Brown’s mood seemed to be quite complicated at this moment!

On this day, he had experienced great ups and downs.

He thought that he could successfully change his class.

However, he never expected that an unexpected unknown reason would actually ruin all his plans!

But the following battle with Tyrone was also the battle that would make his name known in Reincarnation!

He looked out of Greenwood Town.

Brown’s eyes became sharper!

Meanwhile, outside Greenwood Town, a few sneaky guys suddenly appeared beside the arena.

“Do your work quickly. The guild master has instructed me to arrange the hidden weapons properly!”

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