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Facing the extremely powerful Whirlwind Slash in front of him, Brown knew how to counter it!

This was because of the bonus attribute points.

Brown’s speed was more than half of a player of the same level!

Even though he failed to apply for the class change to Thief, and in addition to the pair of boots under his feet, his speed was at least twice as fast as Tyrone’s!

The players below the arena were still waiting to watch a good show.

The underlings of the Holy Dragon Guild were even more excited as they shouted at their boss!

“Boss, you can do it. This kid is a good-for-nothing!”

“I don’t think he can even dodge the Whirlwind Slash. He’s still hoping to defeat our boss. How is that possible?”

Those people were even jeering from below when they saw that Brown had not shown any signs of moving!

“Hey, kid, can you do it or not? If you can’t do it, quickly admit defeat. Don’t waste everyone’s time!”

“It seems like they are both at level 20. Why is the difference so huge?”

“Our Shadow didn’t even pass the class change application! Who knows how this kid got to level 20? Maybe he cheated!”

Faced with everyone’s mockery, Brown ignored them.

His eyes were fixed on the whirlwind in front of him.

The moment a gap appeared between the edge of the whirlwind and the boundary of the arena, Brown frowned and muttered.

“The time has come!”

At this moment, Brown immediately increased his speed!

His speed was as fast as lightning, and he even left an afterimage in the air!

A second ago, Brown was mocked for being frightened by Tyrone’s move.

However, when Brown’s speed was witnessed in the next second, the entire place was instantly silent!

No one could have imagined such a situation!

“Is this speed something that players of our level can display?”

“Wait, did a shadow fly in front of us just now?”

Brown’s speed completely stunned these guys!

And Tyrone in front of him was the same!

He had thought that his Swordsman skills would be able to torture Brown!

However, he had never expected this.

Brown actually disappeared from the other side of the arena!

“Where did this kid go?”

Tyrone stood on the spot, somewhat puzzled.

However, looking at the Whirlwind Slash in front of him, his heart seemed to have calmed down a lot.

“How can that guy who hasn’t even succeeded in changing his class compare to the basic skills of a class change?”

However, just as he was feeling smug.

Suddenly, he heard his underling shout!

“Guild Master, Guild Master, look to your right!”

Tyrone who didn’t understand immediately looked to his right.

However, it was this unintentional glance that Tyrone was scared out of his wits in an instant!

“Where did this guy come from?”

Brown disappeared from the other side of the arena.

He actually brought along his own afterimage and shockingly appeared beside Tyrone!

This speed was too fast!

No one could figure out how Brown had managed to get through the range of Whirlwind Slash.

However, just looking at the afterimage in front, the players who were mocking him just now instantly knew that they were inferior!

Not to mention Brown’s terrifying speed!

Even if it was half that fast, how could they do it?

The players below the stage were still shocked.

But Tyrone on the stage had already lost his soul!

He had thought that Brown would be at his mercy.

But who would have thought that it would be such a scene?

“I’ve already said that you’ll die under my dagger sooner or later!”

The sneer on Brown’s face became even more terrifying!

Seeing that his Whirlwind Slash had failed to achieve any effect, Tyrone immediately continued to brandish the golden longsword in his hand!


The Swordsman’s active skill once again erupted!

A Taunt range that was half a person wide immediately appeared under Brown’s feet!

As long as he waited for the Taunt range to be formed, Brown would be locked in place for a full three seconds!

Only a short three seconds was needed for Tyrone to completely cut down Brown with his blade!

“It’s just Taunt. Guild Master, you think too highly of yourself!”

Another flash!

Brown disappeared into the air again!

His voice began to echo in all directions!

It was just like the effect of surround sound.

It even made Tyrone completely unable to find his location!

“This competition can end now!”

Under everyone’s gaze, Brown once again appeared behind Tyrone after turning into an afterimage!

He used the Bronze dagger in his hand.

He immediately slit Tyrone’s throat!

Blood immediately spurted out!

And the HP bar above Tyrone’s head instantly dropped to 1 point!

A white light flashed.

The two of them returned to their original positions before the competition began.

The whirlwind in the arena slowly disappeared.

The old NPC from before had also returned to everyone’s sight!

“The result of the contest is obvious. Player Shadow wins!”

When the old man’s voice appeared, the audience fell into a deathly silence!

Before the results appeared, no one could have imagined that such a situation would really happen!

The dignified Guild Master of the Holy Dragon Guild, Tyrone.

He had successfully changed his class to Swordsman first and had a Gold weapon, but he was actually defeated by a nameless Shadow!

After a moment of silence, except for those from the Holy Dragon Guild, almost all the players cheered like a tsunami!

“Shadow is awesome!”

“Shadow, you’re my idol!”

“How many people in the entire server can achieve such a fast speed?”

The cheers of the players below the stage made Tyrone’s expression even more uncertain!

He pointed at Brown fiercely, his eyes filled with anger!

“Shadow, remember this. From now on, in the game of Reincarnation, if you see anyone from Holy Dragon, run away. Otherwise, I’ll hunt you down to the ends of the earth!”

He said these harsh words.

Tyrone didn’t even look back as he left with his underlings.

They didn’t even dare to stay in the arena for half a minute!

And Brown, who won this competition, successfully climbed to the top of the leaderboard in the entire server forum!

“Shocking! The Holy Dragon Guild’s Guild Master Tyrone was actually defeated by the hands of a nameless Shadow!”

The game world instantly exploded!

After all, there were less than twenty level 20 players.

Shadow had displayed a crafty attack angle and terrifying speed.

It also made all the players realize how terrifying he was!

However, Brown himself did not feel much about it.

He silently walked down the arena.

He shook hands with the few people around him and then disappeared from the suburbs.

After Brown left, a man in white armor walked out from the side.

He looked at Brown’s back with an extremely playful gaze.

“This guy is really something!”

Brown was not in a hurry to leave Greenwood Town.

Instead, he returned to the town.

He went straight to the radio station.

He spent a gold coin and posted a notice in the entire region channel.

“Holy Dragon Guild, you’re trash!”

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