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This arrogant fellow in front of him was the guild leader of the Holy Dragon Guild, Tyrone!

The moment Tyrone said these words, the lackeys behind him also laughed out loud.

“I can’t believe I can still meet such a fool in this day and age!”

“If you’re envious that someone can change their class at level 20, why don’t you go and level up yourself? Why did you come to the Class Change Hall to watch the show?”

“This guy wants to level up? Dream on! Did he think he’s as powerful as our guild leader?”

These guys were talking one after another.

They took the opportunity to mock Brown.

The flattery also made Tyrone particularly happy.

He walked up to Brown provocatively.

He reached out and patted his face.

“Didn’t you have a good time beating up my two underlings in the valley?”

“If you go against my Holy Dragon Guild, you will always die!”

Even though countless passersby had already noticed the abnormality at the entrance of the Class Change Hall, Tyrone still pulled Brown’s hair without any scruples.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that we can’t fight in the town, I would have found a group of underlings to send you back to the resurrection point and ravage you again and again! I’ll let you understand how miserable it is to offend my Holy Dragon Guild!”

Facing this guy’s humiliation, memories of the past seemed to resurface in front of his eyes!

That day, he was surrounded by more than half of the members of the Holy Dragon Guild as if they were watching a joke.

He had died in front of them again and again.

However, he had no choice but to appear at the resurrection point next to him in humiliation!

The feeling of being tortured seemed to reappear!

Brown’s eyes became even more terrifying at this moment!

His eyes were red and filled with anger!

“I have something to do. Get out of my way!”

Right now, his wings were not fully grown.

It was naturally not a rational decision to make a direct enemy of the large and powerful Holy Dragon Guild.

The opportunity for revenge would be at the last!

Brown forcefully suppressed the anger in his heart.

He said while staring fiercely into Tyrone’s eyes.

However, when Tyrone heard Brown’s words, he was stunned at first.

Then he exchanged glances with his underling, instantly bursting out with a thunderous laugh of ridicule!

“Are you kidding me? You want to go in?”

Tyrone didn’t conceal his ridicule towards Brown.

“Do you know what this place is? You can only enter the Class Change Hall after reaching level 20. Why did a piece of trash like you have to come and join in the fun!”

Brown looked coldly at Tyrone.

“Why can’t I change classes?”

Class change?

The moment this word came out of Brown’s mouth.

Tyrone and the people beside him laughed wildly in unison!

“This kid must have been beaten silly by that bat king. He actually has the nerve to say such words!”

Tyrone looked at Brown disdainfully.

“Open the Level Rankings and take a look. There are only 13 people in the entire server who have reached level 20. You piece of trash!”

Brown pushed Tyrone aside.

He walked towards the Class Change Hall without any hesitation!

“This kid is faking his abilities. I’d like to see the scene of him being chased out by the NPC!”

Tyrone stood at the entrance of the Class Change Hall.

They could only watch as Brown walked into the Class Change Hall and talked to the NPCs in charge of class change!

“Wait! This brat…”

Originally, he wanted to see the security guards in the Class Change Hall chase Brown out.

However, he had never expected that the verification officer at the door verified Brown’s identity and level, and welcomed him with a smile!

At this moment, almost everyone was dumbfounded!

“The first person in Greenwood Town to qualify for a class change!”

The passers-by who wanted to see a joke instantly fired up!

Everyone looked at Brown, who appeared alone in the Class Change Hall.

Almost no one could believe their eyes!

“There are only thirteen people in the entire server! Our Greenwood Town is so small, but there’s actually one person who’s qualified!”

The middle-aged man at the side could not help but tear up.

“This is the glory that the heavens have bestowed upon our Greenwood Town!”

After all, in the early stages of the game, leveling up was so difficult.

Existences that were level 20 and above and could change classes were all geniuses.

They could only be seen in some of the larger main cities!

However, no one would have expected that such a genius actually appeared in such a remote town!

Almost at the same time, the entire forum was infected by this news.

“Shocking! A class change genius actually appeared in Greenwood Town!”

“The pride of a small town!”

This was indeed a miraculous existence!

One must know that there are a total of three big countries in the entire Lost Continent.

The entire Lost Continent was in the shape of an incomplete diamond.

The most powerful empire in the northwest was the Herman Empire.

The Blood Moon Kingdom, which was located in the southeast corner, was an extremely powerful existence despite its small size!

The remaining country was the Ogath Dukedom where Brown was located.

Red Leaf City was located at the border between the Blood Moon Kingdom and the Ocean of the Gazing Mountains.

Greenwood Town was a small town that belonged to Red Leaf City, which wasn’t that big.

If it wasn’t for the appearance of the new players, it was very likely that this place would become an unknown existence from then on!

The result was unexpected.

Brown had actually become the thirteenth person who had the qualifications to change classes!

At this moment, Tyrone was already dumbstruck.

“No, no, I didn’t see this guy’s ID on the Level Rankings. What is he…”

Muttering to himself, Tyrone suddenly seemed to remember something!

“Could he be the thirteenth person with the hidden ID?”

At this moment, the way he looked at Brown had completely changed!

A few minutes ago, he mocked him for being trash.

He actually had such powerful strength!

He recalled what he had done before.

Tyrone’s gaze seemed to become even more vicious!

Brown was currently in the Class Change Hall.

Naturally, he did not have the time to care about the news about him on the forum.

Brown was still a little excited as he looked at the magnificent Class Change Hall beside him!

“I wonder if the system will give me some benefits if I change my class so early…”

Excited, he once again came before the Thief class change NPC.

After all, he was quite familiar with this class.

The Thief NPC, Arebe, was a guy wearing a veil.

Seeing Brown walking over, Arebe nodded at him with satisfaction.

“Player Shadow, you are the first player to apply for the class change of Thief. Are you sure?”

He looked at the two buttons that suddenly appeared in front of him.

Brown pressed the confirm button without hesitation.

He thought that the class change mission would be sent to his system immediately.

However, the virtual interface in front of him suddenly flashed with a red light.

Even Arebe’s eyes were filled with confusion.

“Sorry, Player Shadow’s class change application failed!”

The moment he heard this, Brown suddenly panicked!

“No, this is impossible! How could a class change application be rejected?”

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