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The system notification rang three times.

It also caused all the players in the town to fall into madness!

“No way, there’s actually such a terrifying person! I came in as soon as the server launched, and I’m only level 17 now. How did this guy suddenly reach level 20!”

“That’s intense! What method did this guy use?”

Everyone was lamenting the player who had reached level 20 first.

Only Brown stared at the Class Advancement System for a long time.

Back then, he only entered the game a year after the server was launched.

Not to mention the important opening moment of the Class Advancement System, when he walked out of the novice village at that time, he could even see terrifying players who had changed their classes three times!

And this Class Advancement System was also one of the main features of Reincarnation!

When players reached level 20, that would be the official launch of the Class Advancement System.

Those players who had reached level 20 could go to the main cities and towns to receive the class change quest.

As long as one could successfully complete the class change quest, one would be able to proceed with the first class change!

For players at the same level, equipment, and skills, when they successfully changed classes, they would have more attribute bonuses!

This was also the reason why the major classes could give players a different sense of freshness!

The completion of the class change quest was not difficult.

Most of the time, it was about delivering letters or going to certain places to look for treasures.

As long as one could build a favorable impression with the NPCs in the Class Change Hall, some quests could even be completed the moment one stepped out of the door!

Brown vaguely remembered a player from back then.

The affinity between that player and the various NPCs in the Class Change Hall had reached 100!

It was to the extent that when he changed his class for the second time, as long as he went out to pick up trash by the roadside, the quest would be considered complete!

In Brown’s previous life, he had chosen to be a Thief.

This time, he still wanted to make the same choice.

However, his expectations for the hidden class seemed to have increased by quite a bit!

It was just the dazzling ID at the top of the Level Rankings.

Brown was still a little jealous!

Star was also a big shot in the game back then!

Even half of the top ten guilds wanted to invite him to join them!

It was just that this guy had a very arrogant personality.

He had always liked to be alone.

Although the players from the other guilds were a little angry, there was nothing they could do to him.

Now, seeing this guy take the lead in blowing the horn of starting the class change, Brown also went to other remote places to increase his level!

The process of gaining experience was extremely boring.

Fortunately, Brown knew about the high-level monsters around Greenwood Town that were extremely powerful.

This was especially true for those high-level minibosses that were extremely slow and easy to deal with.

It was naturally a piece of cake for Brown, who had all the experience!

Level 18 Giant Frost Bear!

Level 19 Centaur!

Level 20 Glacier Wolf!

Brown didn’t want to waste too much time on the monsters.

After killing these extremely high-level monsters in a row, his level was soaring like a rocket!

“I’ve finally reached level 20!”

A whole month had passed!

After Brown chopped off a wolf’s head, the warm current once again covered his entire body!

While feeling the greatness of leveling up, the data on the player’s attribute panel was also updated in real-time!

At this moment, behind Brown’s ID, there was already an empty spot.

It was obvious that this was an indication of Brown’s next class change title!

The excited Brown opened the Level Rankings again!

The speed at which he killed monsters of a higher level had made him the thirteenth person in the entire server to reach level 20!

Brown finally got his wish.

In this ranking that could be seen by the entire server, he had his own place!

Shadow’s ID flashed on the screen.

Brown suddenly felt a little satisfied.

However, two of the top five players from the Hank family had deeply hurt Brown’s heart!

He, who was originally immersed in joy, instantly regained his senses!

This was the person he had to take revenge on in this life!

These two people were the main force of the Hank family back then!

One of them was specifically torturing him in the game!

As for the other person, after he became an Awakened, he even humiliated him and the woman he loved!

It was just that the Hank family’s reputation was too great.

In addition, this group of people was too strong.

In the end, Brown did not have any strength to resist!

Sensing the existence of these people, he immediately calmed down.

The joy of leveling up instantly disappeared.

Brown also kept a low profile and hid his ID.

Other than himself, no one knew who the player ranked thirteenth on the Level Rankings was!

He was finally qualified to change his class.

Brown arrived at Greenwood Town.

Another month passed.

The number of players in Reincarnation had increased significantly.

Just the small Greenwood Town alone was currently bustling with activity.

Queues had formed in the equipment, medicine, and gold coin exchange shops.

Even the resurrection point in the town center square flickered from time to time.

Only the entrance of the Class Change Hall was empty!

After all, there were only a handful of people who could change classes now.

Not to mention in such a small town!

He originally wanted to directly enter the Class Change Hall to accept the quest.

But suddenly, from the corner of his eye, he saw a few fellows standing at the entrance of the hall with ill intentions!

“Aren’t these people from the Holy Dragon Guild?”

Brown was surprised.

As the saying goes, enemies meet on a narrow road.

He had thought that he would not meet them in this slightly remote place.

However, he had never expected this.

The guild members weren’t the only ones standing at the entrance to the Class Change Hall.

Even the guild leader, Tyrone, was already standing there!

What was this guy doing here?

Brown was puzzled.

Tyrone’s ID was coincidentally ranked 12th on the Level Rankings!

However, he knew very well in his heart.

The reason why this guy’s level rose so quickly was because his guild’s underlings were helping him.

Gathering the strength of the entire guild to help him level up alone was naturally easier to climb to the twelfth place!

He didn’t know why this guy came to Greenwood Town, but Brown was still cautious.

The moment he was ready, he entered the class change hall.

He originally thought that Holy Dragon’s people would not discover him.

But at this moment, Tyrone’s extremely contemptuous voice suddenly sounded!

“Player, please wait a moment.”

Tyrone walked over unsteadily.

His face was filled with surprise and mockery.

He looked at the ID above Brown’s head.

The lackeys behind him also chuckled.

“Brat, I didn’t expect you to have the guts to appear here?”

Brown did not speak.

Seeing that Brown remained silent, Tyrone’s emotions seemed to become more and more intense!

“What about the Bat King’s cave? Was the process of death very painful?”

He laughed out loud and then sized up Brown.

“With your appearance, you still have the cheek to come to the Class Change Hall? Do you have the qualifications?”

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