zChapter 95 - Pack it for you

‘Honey, so you are leaving now?’

Sangyu Qin raised her head and asked perfunctorily. Then, she held a glass of milk and drank it slowly, with her bright eyes. Her facial expression showed she wished he could leave soon.

Liangcheng Lu curled the corner of his lips and felt that he was about to be driven mad, if he continued staying around with this woman. So, he sighed as a compromise.

‘Stay at home. Remember to take the bodyguards with you, if you want to go shopping.’

Sangyu Qin bent her eyes at once. Since Boss had ordered, she could have her day off aboveboard. Although the rest of her wounds were healed except for the slap, she could enjoy her paid vacation.

After making sure that Liangcheng Lu’s left, she slipped into the gym and went jogging for two hours. Then, she practiced shooting. She became more skillful than yesterday, while her gesture of holding the gun was pretty presentable. If Liangcheng Lu was there, he would surely be surprised, because that would be the first time he ever saw a beginner could shoot so well.

Sangyu Qin came out until afternoon. Thinking of the credit card Liangcheng Lu had given to her, she felt that it would be so silly for her not to accept it. So, she quickly dressed up and went out without any bodyguards. She was not used to have someone accompany her.

After arriving at the mall, she drove the car straightly to the luxury area. She wore the dress which was bought by Liangcheng Lu, because she was afraid that the salesperson here would be snobbish. So, she could only build a rich character for herself.

As expected, the moment she parked her car, the salesperson flashed a light in her eyes. Seeing the famous brand Sangyu Qin was wearing, she knew this must be a moneybag. So, she walked toward Sangyu Qin immediately.

‘Miss, may I help you please? We have many new arrivals of this season today.’

Seeing the salesperson’s fawning look, Sangyu Qin sighed. It’s true that only money could talk in this world. Then, she hanged out herself in low spirits. When she turned round a corner, she bumped into someone accidentally. That’s Ya Li who had grudge with Sangyu Qin.

As Ya Li saw the clothes on Sangyu Qin, she flashed a trace of jealousy in her eyes. That’s the design which had just been exhibited on the fashion show and couldn’t be bought domestically. Now, Sangyu Qin just had it on her, which meant that Mr. Lu treated her so nice.

It never occurred to Sangyu Qin that she would come across this woman. She knew Ya Li was not an easy person from the event which had happened last time. Sangyu Qin merely wanted to shop today, instead of getting into any trouble. So, she turned her head and walked toward another direction.


Ya Li hummed coldly. The more Sangyu Qin didn’t want to see her, the more she wanted Sangyu Qin to feel uncomfortable. Then, she said, ‘Sangyu Qin, are you blind? How daring you are to refuse to greet me?’

Sangyu Qin found this woman ridiculous. It’s not like they were close. Then, she curled the corner of her lips, ‘Miss Li, you are the friend of my sister, not mine.’

There’s an ironic tone in her voice. She still remembered how Ya Li had humiliated herself that night. Little did Sangyu Qin know Ya Li had such a short memory.

Hearing her mentioning Momo Qin, Ya Li put on a sarcastic look on her face, ‘You don’t deserve to talk about you sister. Momo is still in jail because of you. Sangyu Qin, you are an evil person!’

Sangyu Qin wasn’t in the mood to argue with her. She found it’s useless to talk to a block-headed person. So, she lifted her feet and intended to walk ahead. But Ya Li stopped her.

‘Sangyu Qin, do not think you can do anything you want, because you have married in Lu Family. I’m telling you this, Mr. Lu will never fall in love with a woman like you. His grandpa will never accept you either. Words have been spread in the upper-class circle that Mr. Lu is just teasing you.’

Sangyu Qin’s face went more and more gloomy, as Ya Li continued talking. She looked at Ya Li, with coldness in her eyes.

‘The people in Li Family should have told you not to provoke me, Ya Li. You are truly brainless.’

She sneered. Seeing Ya Li’s face turning purple and pale, Sangyu Qin hanged up the corner of her mouth complacently, ‘Aren’t you afraid that I’ll tell my husband that you made troubles to me. If he decides to deal with Li Family in order to bring justice for me, you will be so guilty by then.’

Ya Li’s face turned pale. The people in Li Family did have told her not to offend Sangyu Qin. Even if Mr. Lu was teasing her, at least he was being serious for the moment. If she displeased Sangyu Qin, her families might have to bear all the consequences.

She clenched her fists and couldn’t say anything. Now, she could only expect Sangyu Qin wouldn’t give Mr. Lu some pillow talks. After all, Ya Li was just set free and didn’t want to be grounded again.

She hated Sangyu Qin’s arrogant attitude, which somehow irritated her so much. Sangyu Qin was a woman who’s not adored in her poor family. How could she be so lucky to marry Mr. Lu?!

A dim light flashed in her eyes. It’s said that all the women who had married Liangcheng Lu would not live to the second day. So, after the old lady of Lu Family had given out the words, many women eager to marry Mr. Lu were stopped from their families.

The same thing happened to her. The people in Li Family was scared that Ya Li’s dead body would be seen the second day. So, they decided to wait and see. However, as all the people were waiting, Sangyu Qin married Liangcheng Lu without any hesitation and managed to get the marriage certificate.

This annoyed everyone for a while. It’s just like watching a fresh meat dropping into the mouth of a mouse.

Ya Li snorted. She thought if she’s the one who had married in Lu Family, Sangyu Qin now would have no place to be boastful. Then, she gritted her teeth. Since Ya Li had known Sangyu Qin was also in this shopping mall, she, feeling ill in her heart, couldn’t be in this place.

Meanwhile, Sangyu Qin was in a good mood. She fancied a coat and took a try on it. Then, she found it fit for her. She was planning to purchase it, when she found the several zeros on the price tag. Then, her face went frozen. This coat was worth a million yuan. She felt her heart bleeding right now.

‘Miss, do you want it or not?’

The salesperson frowned. She saw Sangyu Qin drive the luxury car and wear the famous brands. It’s impossible that this woman couldn’t afford a coat that was worth a million yuan. This coat was on sale because it’s the anti-season product.

Sangyu Qin touched the fur on the coat and felt comfortable. Thinking of the credit card Liangcheng Lu had given to her, she felt that it would be such a waste not to accept it. After all, she needed to return it to Liangcheng Lu.

Then Sangyu Qin took out the card in her purse. The salesperson flashed a light in her eyes as seeing the black card and became even more respectful to Sangyu Qin. “It turns out that this woman was pretending to hesitate just now. Rich people like to stay low-key.”The salesperson thought.

‘Pack it up.’

Sangyu Qin said boldly. When she raised her head, she saw the summer clothes not far away from her. Her heart trembled fiercely. She was appealed again. Now, it’s just the time to wear summer clothes. And with her visual inspection, that skirt was very suitable for her.

‘Pack that skirt too.’

With the corner of her mouth bent into an arc, the salesperson led Sangyu Qin over there and said, ‘Miss, you have such a good taste. It is a limited-edition skirt, which just arrived today. The skirt permits of no reservation. Whoever buys it first will be able to have it. I’ll pack it for you right away.’

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