zChapter 94 - You are truly shameless

About half an hour after, Liangcheng Lu felt the fire of desire in his body chilling down a bit. When he saw his red face in the mirror, he was in a daze for a second, and then he couldn’t understand himself. Since when did he have such a bad control of himself?!

Ever since this woman Sangyu Qin had shown up, he seemed to have gradually broken all of his principles.

He, resigning to his fate, sighed. Having pushed the bathroom door open, he walked outside nakedly. Then, he saw Sangyu Qin falling into sleep, when he raised his head. He, angry as he was, felt his heart being blocked. This woman was having a sound sleep, while he was showering in cold water for so long.

He walked to the bed in a fury. As he saw Sangyu Qin’s sleeping face, his heart filled up with more anger. Then, he raised his hands and shook her, ‘Sangyu Qin, wake up!’

Sangyu Qin was having a dream of a chicken leg flying into her mouth. After Liangcheng Lu had shaken her, she opened her mouth directly, with a row of her teeth showing out. Then, she bit his fingers. Liangcheng Lu managed to control himself not to shout out.

Sangyu Qin’s teeth were kind of sharp, and she left a row of blood prints on Liangcheng Lu’s fingers. After licking his fingers, she turned over and continued to sleep.

Liangcheng Lu’s heart was full of rage right now, and what Sangyu Qin had just done added fuel to the fire. He almost crunched his teeth. This was the first time he ever got bullied like this since he was born. The people who had provoked him were already dead. Only this woman could sleep soundly, just like a pig.

He left her alone and turned back to walk out of the room. After finding the medical kit, he began to sterilize himself. He had been bitten by her for several times and got used to it. After the disinfection work, he came back to the room and behaved himself this time. Then, he held her in his arms and went to sleep, with anger remaining in his body.

Sangyu Qin had no idea what had happened last night. She had sweet dreams all night. When she woke up, she saw Liangcheng Lu by her side. So, she moved gently and tried to get out of the bed to put on her clothes. But her wrist was grabbed by him all of a sudden.

‘You didn’t want to do it last night. What about this morning?’

Liangcheng Lu’s voice was mellow and hoarse. It might because he had just waked up. He seemed more attractive, just like a prince just waking up in the castle.

Sangyu Qin turned her head to look at him. She found that this man’s eyes were twinkling, as if the star was broken and floated into his eyes. Although she always knew Liangcheng Lu’s a good-looking man, she was fascinated by him, when looking at him for a long time.

‘I’m asking you right now. Do you want to do it?’

Liangcheng Lu was asking seriously. With her face gradually growing red, Sangyu Qin tried to get rid of him. However, this man’s hands were just like iron, and all her strengths vanished. So, she could only sign.

‘Don’t you have to work?’

With his eyebrows raised, Liangcheng Lu moved close to her slowly and kissed her ear bit by bit. ‘It can wait.’

Sangyu Qin curled the corner of her lips.Even if he didn’t have to work, she still needed to do the trainings. Then, she said perfunctorily, ‘Let’s wait for the night.’

Liangcheng Lu got annoyed immediately. He turned an icy expression in his eyes. Then, he realized he would have a whole night to play with her, so he agreed pensively, ‘Remember what you have said.’

After that, Sangyu Qin pulled out her hand quickly. She rubbed her wrists and looked at Liangcheng Lu up and down with her searchlight-like eyes. This man was just like a rutting wolf these days.

‘What? Are you regretting right now?’

Feeling her sizing up himself, Liangcheng Lu showed his eight abs deliberately. His eyebrows which were raised now expressed that he’s in a good mood now. He knew this woman would be captive by him after getting along with him for such a long time.

Sangyu Qin didn’t get where his great confidence had come. Then, she curled her lips and said, ‘I still ask for a day off today.’

Liangcheng Lu showed an angry expression in his eyes, when hearing her change the subject. However, she was talking about her injury, so he held all his rages back instantly.

‘You can have holidays as many as you want.’

Sangyu Qin was touched by his words. As far as she knew, Tiancheng Corporation had the system of leave with pay. Her salary wouldn’t be affected even if she didn’t go to work. Tiancheng Corporation deserved to be the company which everybody wanted to get in. She’s the only black sheep of the company.

She sighed. When she came back to sense, she found Liangcheng Lu finishing washing himself and being neatly dressed. Then, she curved the corner of her mouth.

‘If you get bored at home, you can go shopping. I heard all the women loved shopping for clothes. What I have prepared for you might not be enough.’

He said slightly and opened the door straightly to go downstairs.

Meanwhile, Sangyu Qin knitted her eyebrows. She had a feeling that Liangcheng Lu was being nicer and nicer to her. That’s not a good sign. After all, no one would ignore such a handsome guy like him. What’s more, this handsome guy was caring. Any woman would be fascinated by that.

What if she fell in love with him if things continued to be like that?

Sangyu Qin, flustered as she was, thought about that. Then, she started to have fidgets in her heart at once. She had a hunch that all the women who stayed with Liangcheng Lu would not come to a good end. His family background was so complicated, not to mention that he had a crazy mom.

She always felt that there was something mysterious about Liangcheng Lu’s mother.

Thinking of this, Sangyu Qin felt that her head was about to blow up. She had no intention to get involve with the affairs among those rich and powerful families. She could be ripped off in the fights, if she’s careless.

She went downstairs to have breakfast, with heavy thoughts in her heart. When she happened to look into Liangcheng Lu’s eyes, her heart beat so fast and her face turned red. Then, she moved away her eyesight and felt annoyed in her heart. She couldn’t let things continue like this.

‘This is my credit card.’

Liangcheng Lu glanced at her and put a black card in front of her. Sangyu Qin’s body went rigid. She knew only billionaires were able to apply for this kind of card, and there must be over one hundred million yuan in the saving account of this card. If she accepted this card, she would become a billionaire right away.

Her heart beat even faster, thinking that she still owned Liangcheng Lu lots of money. If the money in this card was enough to pay him, why didn’t she just…

However, before she could say anything, Liangcheng Lu looked at her, with his eyes narrowed, as if he already detected what she was thinking.

‘Use this card for shopping. The rest of the money didn’t belong to you. Sangyu Qin, you are being so unabashed to even think about paying me back with my own money.’

Sangyu Qin couldn’t help blushing, as her thoughts were being spotted by Liangcheng Lu. Then, she coughed awkwardly and covered her small lips.

‘I never thought of it. Don’t get me wrong!’

‘Get you wrong?’Liangcheng Lu raised his eyebrows. This woman’s little thoughts weren’t able to hide from him. Then, he snorted, ‘You know for yourself, if you have been wronged!’

On these words, he put down the thing in his hands and stood up right away. After that, he took over the coat that was handed over by the nanny and planned to go out.

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