The waiter said that she was about to reach out for the skirt, but it was blocked by a slender hand. Lu Xiaowei raised her eyebrows and looked at the two people, with a light smile on her lips.

"What a coincidence. I like this dress, too."

The waiter's face was a little embarrassed. She knew this woman. She was a distinguished guest here. She often patronized the business. But she just told the lady next to her that whoever arrived first would be the one.

Qin Sangyu's face does not have any expression, this person is Lu Liangcheng's younger sister, she let each other is also should, some read not give up a look at the skirt.

"Take it if you like."

A little surprise flashed in Lu Xiao's eyes. She thought that this woman would fight against her. After all, after all, she did not leave a good impression on both of them in the past few times. Suddenly, she felt that she was making trouble out of reason.

Just now she saw that the person who bought the dress was Qin Sangyu, so she came here on purpose. Now when she saw that she was generous, she felt a little embarrassed.

"I don't want your kindness. It's yours, it's yours."

With that, she snorted coldly, and with several bags in her hand, she planned to leave, but after a few steps, she suddenly stopped and took a look at Qin Sangyu.

"Do you have time? Have an afternoon tea

Qin Sangyu was stunned. She didn't expect that she would invite herself. She just nodded and told the waiter to wrap up the skirt. Then she followed Lu Xiao.

The waiters are also confused. The other one is a miss of the Lu family. Who is this unidentified person who can make Miss Lu invite her on her own initiative? I think it's also a big figure. Such people even come to buy discount products. As expected, the rich are eccentric.

She shook her head, thinking that she could get the Commission again, she couldn't help but be happy,

and Qin Sangyu, who had gone far away, followed Lu Xiao's side. She thought that this person was very strange. It was clear that the relationship between the two people had not reached that level. Why did the other party take the initiative to ask her.

They soon arrived at a luxury restaurant. Qin ordered something casually, and then quietly looked at Lu Xiao with some guard in his eyes. The Lu family did not seem to like her very much except Lu Liangcheng.

Lu Xiao naturally saw the alert in her eyes. Her good-looking eyebrows raised slightly, and she couldn't help laughing.

"I don't like to play Yin like other women. Qin Sangyu, the purpose of my date today is very simple. Just now I saw the black card in your bag. Tell me honestly, is it for his money to be with my brother?"

Because of this, Qin Sangyu was a little relieved. She was really afraid that Lu Xiao and other women would deliberately find fault.

It turned out that he came to ask her for Lu Liangcheng, but she felt strange that Lu Xiao hated Lu Liangcheng very much. Why did he come to ask her again.

"You don't hate Lu Liangcheng. Isn't it better for me to approach him and hurt him for his money?"

"Dare you

Before she finished her words, Lu Xiao's face was already dyed with anger, and her eyes were wide and round, staring at Qin Sangyu fiercely.

A smile flashed in Qin Sangyu's eyes. It seems that this person doesn't hate Lu Liangcheng very much. Does she pretend to be mean and mean? In order to test her real ideas, a trace of irony appeared on her face.

"I don't dare. You can see that he is very kind to me now. He can even give me black cards. I had a lot of hard times before. Now I can take this boat to Liangcheng, which can help me to avoid many detours. I have to fight for glory and wealth."

Lu Xiao's face flashed inconceivably. Unexpectedly, this woman was really for Lu Liangcheng's money. Her face did not turn red with anger. She said, "fortunately, Lu Liangcheng said that he has good vision. If you like you, you are obviously blind. Wait! I'll tell him what you said today

After that, she got up angrily and glared at Qin Sangyu with hatred. She stepped on her high-heeled shoes and left. Her back was shaken by anger. Qin Sangyu even saw some lovely things.

It seems that Lu Xiao doesn't really hate Lu Liangcheng. It would be nice if they could get rid of the old feud.

She thought like this, slowly finished the rest of the food, also do not know whether Lu Liangcheng listened to Lu Xiao's words, will come to her for questioning, that man is the most unpredictable.

Lu Xiao did come to Tiancheng Group at this time. When she drove to the company's downstairs, she still felt a breath in her heart. She thought that Lu Liangcheng was sincere to Qin Sangyu, and Qin Sangyu would be moved. Unexpectedly, the woman was a vampire.

She "bang" push open the door, raised her feet to the front desk, "I want to see Lu Liangcheng." Her tone was irritable, but her good tutor didn't make her angry with the front desk lady.

The receptionist was surprised that this person called the president by his first name. However, seeing that the other party looked like the president, she didn't correct it. She wondered if it was the relative of the president?

"You need to make an appointment to see the president."

"I'm his sister!"Lu Xiao blushed to say so a few words, saw the front desk miss's face some panic, sighed, "you take me directly to see him."

The front desk lady took a close look at Lu Xiao's appearance. She was a bit like the president, and without doubt, she led the man up.

After arriving at the top floor, Lu Xiao raised her eyes and saw Mo Yu. A glimmer of light flashed in her eyes. Mo Yu also saw her. She was stunned for a moment. The relationship between this person and the president was incompatible. Why did he come?

"Miss Lu, you are...

before he finished his words, he saw Lu Xiaozhi push open the door of the next office and said," Luliang City, I have something to tell you. "

Her arrival caused a stir on the top floor. Everyone looked at each other and began to whisper. At the beginning, they had heard of the battle between the Lu family. The president defeated the young master born in Zhengfu's life by virtue of his illegitimate son's identity and took down the inheritor of the Lu family at one stroke. The woman who just entered was the wife. I think there should be a good play in it Yeah.

Everyone was listening, but Moyu had already closed the door of the office, eliminating all possibilities that outsiders wanted to pry into.

We all sighed with regret and began to do what we were going to do.

Lu Xiao, who enters the office, looks at Lu Liangcheng, who is dealing with documents. Thinking of Qin Sangyu's face, she thinks that woman is extremely hateful.

"Brother, I tell you, Qin Sangyu is only with you for your money?"

Because she was too anxious, the voice brother blurted out directly, even she did not find out.

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