“Wait, Your Grace. There is something that I have to tell you.”

Sylvien’s steps came to a halt en route to his office.

The butler, who carried a lantern in the dark corridor, approached him.

“What is it?”

A courteous tongue that is no different when he dealed with Josephine.

It was nothing new, so the butler wasn’t surprised.

Duke Sylvien Valentino has always been like this.

He is polite to anyone, regardless of their identity.

But somehow, Sylvien isn’t as nice as he appears to be.

Even the atmosphere would feel superior as if he’s standing on a summit and is looking down on everyone.

“The truth is……”

The butler explained the whole story about what happened today.

The conflict between Canna and Josephine.

And that as a matter of fact, Canna’s calves bursted and she has a high fever.

When he heard it, Sylvien, without even twitching an eyebrow, asked.


“What should I do? It isn’t a light injury so it will be dangerous to leave it as it is.”

It was an answer that he didn’t have to worry about.

“The affairs in this mansion are managed by Countess Ellester.”

It was an announcement to let her die.

That was the end of conversation. Sylvien walked past the butler.

Josephine’s prediction was accurate. Whatever happens to Canna, no one cares.

Sylvien Valentino is not interested whether his wife dies or not.

“Wow, seriosly. They are really trying to kill me.”

At dawn, Canna barely came to her senses.

And there was a sense of uneasiness that perhaps she would really die.

That’s how bad her condition is.

Her whole body is drenched with cold sweat and she’s burning with fever.

Most of all,



The burning pain in her calves caused the groans to leave her mouth without a thought. Canna looked at her calves with dread.

The moment she saw them, she felt suffocated.

She expected it.

‘It looks terrible.’

If left untreated, the inflammation will spread and she will get an infection.

Are these all of it? If she doesn’t disinfect it, there is a high probability that she will get infected. The worst case is, the nerves will be completely damaged and maimed……

‘I might die.’

It is different from Earth, which is filled with antibiotics and vaccines.

If she leaves an inflammation or infection alone, she could die.

‘But are they just leaving me alone? Without medicine, without anyone taking care of me?’

These people really intend to kill me. Or maybe they just want me to get crippled.

“That’s really bad. No matter what world it is, people think that human life is no different from ants.”

She laughed dejectedly.

She’s sorry but, she won’t meet their expectations.

This much is enough to cure by herself.

“Ugh…… Uh, it hurts like hell.”

Even if she didn’t want to, she crawled off the bed. She just wanted to lie on the mattress, but……

‘There’s nothing that can be done if I only lay down.’

After a while of wandering around the room, she found something useful.

A clean pillow sheet, a handkerchief, and a whiskey.

‘First of all, I will disinfect the wound.’

Canna leaned her back on the wall and removed the bottle cap. She knows it will hurt a lot. She took a deep breath to prepare her mind.

‘……Wait a minute. What is that?’

Canna’s eyes focused on the window.

A large window.

Outside, the thick branches are so close that it almost touched the exterior of her room.

A tree is right in front of the window. It’s not a suitable room for a duchess.

This was done in purpose to know where Canna’s room is located from outside the mansion……

That’s not what matters right now.

“That tree, it’s obviously that tree.”

The moment she opened the window, she became certain.

The scent from the tree. The leaves and the appearance are……!

“It’s a green tree.”

From roots to the stem to the branches, a bunch of medicinal leaves that no one uses. In fact, it is used as a medicinal herb in Korea.

In particular, the leaves of green trees are effective against bruises and in relieving inflammation, making them the best first-aid remedy.

But the tree in front of her window……

‘Do green trees grow in this land……?’

The green tree is a plant of the East.

But this tree, is planted in a Western garden?

‘It’s said that Josephine is a hard worker in collecting plants from the East.’

Recalling Joo Hwa’s memory, Canna puts her head outside the window.

‘As expected, I was right.’

The green tree’s pillar is studded with Secaman mana stones. Perhaps the roots are also intertwined with mana stones.

The land’s climate is unsuitable for the tree which makes it impossible for the tree to grow in this land. If it weren’t for the mana stones, the tree would’ve died already.

The mana stones prolong the lives of the plants. It has a foul odor, but it is still very popular within the ladies!

‘And it’s also good for me.’

Canna collected some leaves.

Then she sat and leaned on the wall once again, before picking up the whiskey.

Now she’s really going to disinfect the wounds.

She gulped, then she hovered the bottle above her calves.

JJORURU– the whiskey pours on the wounds. And,


Her eyes saw white and she groaned loudly.

It was so painful that it felt like it’s burning on fire.

‘Hang on. Don’t faint.’

She crushed the green tree’s leaves with the whiskey bottle. She crushed them to the point that some juices were extracted. Then she carefully placed them over the wounds.


There was a pungent smell but she teared the pillow sheet and dressed her wounds.

This will work.

She did everything she could.

She then sighed in relief.

‘Good job. The wounds will heal quickly if I keep treating them like this.’

TUK, she leaned her head against the wall and closed her eyes.

Indeed, it was a stormy day.

I was living in Korea until last night, just before I fell asleep. I was going to work the next day and then go on a date on the weekend.

‘Mom. Dad. Seonhong. Totto.’

And my cool boyfriend.

At that moment, longing struck her heart.

She was about to tear up, but Canna clenched her teeth and held it in.

She will never cry.

Because this is not the right time. It’s a time when she cannot be weak.

–Joo Hwa. At a time of crisis, tears would not solve anything. It will only make you weaker.

She suppressed the urge to cry just like what her mom taught her, as if it was a spell.

She won’t cry. She will get through all of these.

And she will think about what she has to do from now on. So that,

‘I will survive, no matter what.’

Ten days have passed since then.

Josephine Ellester is having tea inside the glass greenhouse.

The whole place is full of plants from the East. The greenhouse, which is being maintained with mana stones, is one of Josephine’s pride.

“Mary, what happened to Canna?”

It’s been a while since Canna acted out, but there was no news about her.

Moreover, the meals that were pushed like a dog’s meal inside the room were returned empty, so it seems that she isn’t dead yet.

“I think she’s still alive…… but I’m sure she will reach her limit today or tomorrow because she was left in such a bad condition.”

“I see. Are you sure no one came to treat her?”

“Yes. I informed all the employees of the mansion that no one should enter her room, Mistress.”

“Yes, I see. Get out.”

Mary bid her goodbye and left the glass greenhouse.

‘That stupid bitch. Why isn’t my anger fading?’

The memory of Canna beating her calves is still vivid.

Perhaps that’s the reason why she’s still angry.

‘I can’t wait to see her die.’

How dare she defy her, the maid that the mistress values!

“He—Head maid!”

A panting maid approached her.

Mary frowned at her lack of manners.

“Who told you to run like that? If the mistress saw……”

“Young Lady Canna!”

Hah, hah. She’s still out of breath.

Mary’s eyes widened at the mention of Canna’s name.

“She’s finally dead! That’s great!”

Suddenly, the heaving maid’s face turned blue.

“What is it? What’s wrong with you?”

Then she realized that the maid’s eyes are fixed behind her.

Right after that, she felt as if someone pulled her neck from behind.

That’s when she heard a voice.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you.”

KUNG! Mary’s heart dropped.

That voice is……

“I’m alive.”

Footsteps. The sound of footsteps coming from behind her is gradually getting closer.

“But you must’ve wanted me to die that way, didn’t you? Mary.”

Mary’s fingers trembled.

Canna’s slow-paced walk was perfectly fine. Moreover, under her bangs, the color of her face looks better than before!

“So you were here.”

Canna’s gaze fell on the other maid.

“Get a whip.”