After a while, the mansion was turned upside down.

“Mary! What happened to Mary?!”

Mary Goldian. One of Josephine Ellester’s most valued maids in the mansion.

“Mary! Are you alright? Open your eyes!”

Mary has completely lost her consciousness.

It wasn’t surprising, because her calves were whipped so much that they looked like they were bombed.

It looked the same as when Canna was punished a few days ago!

“Who did this to her?!”

“It was……”

The maids hesitated and barely answered.

“Young Lady Canna punished her.”


Josephine froze. She couldn’t believe her ears.

“No way. Canna shouldn’t have enough energy!”

“N—Not at all. She could stand with both legs and even walked down the stairs quickly! I saw it with my own eyes, Mistress!”

The words made Josephine feel like she lost.

Did someone help with Canna’s treatment?

“You, bring me the pharmacist who manages the pharmacy. And you, get the the person in charge of the clinic!”

The pharmacist and the person in charge of the clinic were questioned, but they both claimed innocence.

That means, she had no way of getting medicine!

‘It doesn’t make sense. I have to see her with my own eyes!’

Josephine hurried up the stairs and flung Canna’s door open. Then……


The moment she saw the scene in front of her, her mind went blank.

“What brings you here?”

The window.

Canna sat on the window frame, playing with a branch that popped inside.

Josephine quickly walked towards her and raised her skirt.

Unbelievable, the swelling of her calves are getting smaller!

This can’t be true!

“You stole a medicine from the pharmacy, didn’t you?”

“No way.”

Canna smiled coldly at her wrinkled skirt.

“If you don’t believe me, go to the pharmacy and check it yourself.”

Instead, she sneaked into Josephine’s room at dawn and stole some herbs.

Canna swallowed a laugh and just smiled.

“You don’t disapprove that I’m all better now, do you? Mother.”

Josephine became speechless in an instant.

Of course she disapproves.

Because she wanted Canna to die or at least lame.

But it was completely different to admit it with her own mouth.

“That’s nonsense!”

“Is that so? I thought you were angry because I’m fine.”

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

But her reaction a little while ago seemed plausible enough.

So Josephine immediately changed the subject.

“If you’re all better, why didn’t you come to tell me? And Mary is the head maid of this mansion, how dare you flog her without my permission?”

“Mary wanted me to die.”


“Is Canna finally dead? She looked very happy when she asked this, so I hit her a hundred times.”

Josephine cursed inside.

Mary, that stupid woman! Why did she have to let Canna hear her?!

Nobody cares about Canna. If they left her injuries as they were, this would’ve ended without so much fuss.

But it will be a problem if someone were to go around, announcing that ‘Someone intends to kill Canna.’

A very big problem.

“If I prove that Mary really did say that, you wouldn’t mind if I punish her, do you?”

“Enough with her punishments. Mary is a great servant who has devoted herself to this mansion for the past few decades!”

Canna tearfully protested, pretending to be falsely accused.

“I can’t stay in the same house with that maid. If you don’t kick her out, I’ll leave.”

Of course, to Josephine, she sounded like a prideful daughter-in-law who is making a threat.

Where could Canna go?

When everywhere she goes, everyone hates her. They will never accept her!

“Then do as you please. If you’re going to leave, then leave!”

That’s right, this is it!

Canna suppressed her cheers and pursed her lips.

Everything was to hear those words.

She deliberately provoked Josephine to hear that line, and she succeeded.

To be kicked out of the ducal family of Valentino.

“Fine. I’ll leave tomorrow at dawn.”

But Josephine wasn’t listening to her anymore. She snorted and turned around.

Canna wore a meaningful smile as she stared at Josephine’s back.

Thank you, Mother.

Please continue to cooperate so that we can get divorced soon.

Take out the iron while it’s still hot.

Canna is going to ask for a divorce right after making sure that she’s getting kicked out.

To do that, she has to talk to Sylvien Valentino.

‘He will welcome this idea with open arms, because he didn’t like everything Joo Hwa did.’


In front of his door, Canna prepared herself. Then she finally knocked.

“Your Grace, this is Canna. May I come in?”

There was silence.

Canna glared at the door.

Is he going to ignore me? As she thought about this……

“Come in, Miss Canna.”

An icy low voice.

Canna automatically straightened her back. It was a voice that naturally made people tense.

‘But wait. Miss Canna?’

He calls her miss, but he doesn’t treat her like a lady.

Canna opened the door and walked in.

But he stopped her after three steps.

“Why did you come this late at night?”

Silver hair spilled with moonlight. Mysterious deep blue eyes.

Sylvien sat languidly on the bed, staring at her.

He must’ve just came out of shower. There were faint water droplets at the edges of his silver hair.

‘He’s like a snow girl.’

Suddenly, a horror story that she heard in Korea came to mind.

Snow girl.

A monster that attracts people with its ethereal beauty into a blizzard.

Those who are tempted by its intoxicating beauty, wouldn’t be able keep their head intact until they are frozen to death……

“I have something to tell you.”

Canna calmed her breathing before she opened her mouth.

Although the soul in her body is no longer Joo Hwa, she seemed a bit distracted by Sylvien’s overwhelming appearance.

“I don’t know if you’ve heard it. No, I’m sure you heard already.”

It wasn’t until she started talking that she became completely calm.

He’s a cold-blooded man, so she’s not easily fooled by his appearance.

He’s just a trash who doesn’t care whether his wife gets beaten or not.

“Your mother tried to kill me.”

Sylvien’s lips raised at her words.

“Countess Ellester is not strong enough to kill someone with a whip.”

Canna glared at him.

As expected, Sylvien knew everything.

And yet he’s acting so shameless!

“You knew I was badly hurt and you didn’t get me treated?”

“Is there a reason why I should’ve done that?”

“I am your wife, Duke. Your wife could’ve been beaten to death by her mother-in-law, and yet Your Grace pretended not to know. Do you think that’s morally right?”


Instense boredom passed in Slyvien’s eyes.

“You’re alive, standing in front of my eyes.”


“Is there any problem with that?”

Gently curved eyes.

The corners of his mouth that are slightly raised.

A mellow voice.

This combination could melt anyone’s heart, but the temperature around Sylvien was getting lower.

He’s awfully cold.

Canna was certain that he wouldn’t blink an eye even if she vomits blood right now.

Why the hell did Joo Hwa fall for this man? He’s such a cold person.

For sure, mom – Joo Hwa’s mom would be very upset if she found out.

When she thought of this, her head throbbed for a moment.

“Why did you marry me if you were going to be like this?”

She has to argue. Or she won’t be able to get over this.

Lee Joo Hwa, that fool wouldn’t be able to say anything about this for the rest of her life, so I have to be angry for her!

“Even though our marriage is contractual, marriage is still a marriage. Duke, you agreed to take me as your wife, so you could have at least shown some respect……”

This scumbag!