The color drained from Josephine’s face.

She was clearly embarrassed and kept her mouth shut.

“Why do I have to spend a set time everyday with you, Mother? To my mother-in-law who lives in my mansion, why me?”

“Your…… Your mansion? Are you saying I’m a guest?”

“Yes. I am the wife of Duke Sylvien Valentino. This mansion is for the duke and his wife. Mother, it’s you who should’ve been better off!”

Every word she said rubbed on Josephine’s sore spot.

Josephine did not want to lose the power of the Valentino family.

She has always wanted to be the Mistress of Valentino!

But time passes and everything changes.

Now, Josephine has to hand over the mansion to the new mistress, even if she doesn’t want to.

So she stayed in this house and made it known to the public that she is still here.

Fortunately, her son, who is indifferent to the house, did not care whether she stayed or not.

‘I’m still the Mistress of Valentino!’

In order to ensure this in both name and reality, Canna was ordered to give her greetings three times a day.

To remove all doubts about who has more authority between the two mistresses of the mansion.

Canna has been compliant so far and she never thought of opposing the injustice. But……

She suddenly changed.

That dumb daughter-in-law touched a sensitive area!

“Canna Adice……”

“It’s Canna Valentino, Mother.”

For now, she’s still a Valentino.

Canna retorted with a hoarse voice.

It was like a hard slap to Josephine. She finally reached her limit.

“Hey, what are you doing?! Whip her again, now!”

But it wasn’t necessary anymore.

Canna already lost her strength and her body fell heavily on the floor.

KUNG, the back of her head hits the carpet.

‘No matter what you do, if you make a mistake, you could get killed. That’s why, I won’t take anyone’s hand.’

Her field of vision darkened gradually.

Canna slowly closed her eyes, unable to resist the heat that warmed her entire body.

“Don’t treat her until she admits she’s wrong. Don’t even give her medicine!”

After Josephine’s strict orders, Canna lost her consciousness.


Even though it’s already nighttime, Josephine’s anger did not disappear.

‘A person can’t change that much unless they’re crazy.’

Canna Valentino, no, Canna Adice.

An illegitimate child of the Adice family.

Black hair and black eyes.

To cover those ominous eyes, that filthy bitch always covers her face with hair!

It was a mistake to have such a trash as a daughter-in-law right from the beginning.

She never really liked Canna but since Sylvien said he was marrying her, she couldn’t do anything about it.

No one can interfere with Sylvien’s affairs.

‘But it was to avoid marriage with the second princess. Everyone knows it was all an act!’

How dare she act like the mistress!

How dare she treat her like a guest in this mansion!

‘I’ll kill her.’

If only she lived like a dead rat, she would’ve spared her.

‘I shouldn’t have let her into this house from the start.’

If it weren’t for Canna, the second princess would have been Sylvien’s wife. Josephine made herself known in every way possible.

The queen is also aware of her efforts. So if they got married, she would’ve been treated like a God.

……If only the two of them got married.

If only one day, Sylvien hadn’t suddenly pulled out a card called ‘Canna Adice’!

‘It should’ve been like that.’

If it worked that way, what would become of her?

She would’ve not only been a woman married into a ducal family, but also a woman honored by her daughter-in-law who happens to be a princess, and she could live in high society for the rest of her life.

But now, Josephine’s position is at risk.

She once dominated the society as the Duchess of Valentino, but not anymore.

Although she has the title of a countess, it is nothing but a sham. There is a big difference in wealth, let alone land.

A son without an ounce of her blood. Sylvien gave her nothing but a title.

It was enough proof that Josephine is not important to him.

That was the very beginning of her misfortune.

Sylvien did not give any power to Josephine.

Because of that, the influence she had was quickly getting smaller.

The defeated flower of the society, with only one thing left to go down.

‘But if the princess had become my daughter-in-law and made ties with the royal family, something like this wouldn’t have happened.’

But that rotting bitch is now threatening to take over the role of the lady of the house.

Josephine snorted.

‘I hope she dies. A daughter-in-law who only interferes with my future.’

Canna’s calves are ragged right now. She is also feverish.

She can die during her sleep. Or maybe with broken body parts.

Of course, Josephine contemplated with the idea.

She doesn’t care whether Canna dies or not anyway.

Canna’s biological father, brothers and sister, and even her own husband, Sylvien, did not care.

It was then.

With a knock, she heard a maid’s voice.

“Mistress, the Duke of Valentino has come to see you.”


Josephine took a sharp breath.

Sylvien wants to see her? At this hour?

‘Why is he doing something he never did before?’

Sylvien, his stepson, doesn’t usually interact with her.

He is polite whenever they meet, but that’s all. It was very rare for him to find Josephine first!

Before she could answer, KIIIK. The door opened.

Josephine held her breath and unconsciously clenched her fists.


A tall man strode through the open door.

The moment she met his clear blue eyes, she had an illusion of feeling cold.

“Wh……Why did you come?”

She unknowingly spoke with a quivering voice.

But it wasn’t her choice. How many people are there who won’t freeze in front of Sylvien Valentino?

Josephine looked at Sylvien’s face and swallowed.

Silver strands of hair are scattered over his snow-like white skin on his forehead. Is it because he’s all white? He looks like an ice sculpture.

He is beautiful but, even from his breath, he is chillingly cold. Even his gentle smile doesn’t look like a smile.

But why did he come?

‘He’s not here because of Canna, is he?’

Sylvien did not answer.

Instead, he walked and sat on the sofa. He sat cross-legged and comfortably leaned on the backrest.

A natural gesture as if he’s in his own room. Opposite from him is where Josephine silently sat.


“I’ve heard some strange news.”

A frosty, low-pitched voice said. Josephine felt something similar to putting ice on her back.

Strange news.

She didn’t believe it at first, but now she’s sure that it’s about Canna. Just what the hell did she……!

“At the birthday banquet of the second princess.”

However, the following words were different from what she imagined.

“I heard you assured them that I would attend.”

She heaved a sigh of relief in an instant.

Of course, that’s right!

There’s no way he would come here for Canna, that little bitch!

“That’s right. You’re always working these days, so I promised Her Highness, Princess Lillien, that you would attend.”

Sylvien puts his hands on his knees. Then he slowly raised his lowered eyes to look at the person in front of him.


As if he heard a strange word, he repeated it in a calm, inquisitive tone.

Josephine’s breathing seems to be blocked once again.

Blue. Deep blue eyes.

She couldn’t dare herself to look into those eyes, so she bowed her head. Like a sinner.

The corners of Sylvien’s lips went up a little.

“Do you have the right to do that?”

“Sylvien, I just, it’s been a long time since Her Highness have seen you and she’s feeling a bit lonely……”

“Then, Countess Ellester, please become her companion. That’s how much rights you have, Countess.”

It was like an unarguable command.

Right after he said that, Sylvien rose from his seat. He quickly left through the door considering he no longer have any business with her.

Josephine could only clench her teeth. She couldn’t even protest against him.