Canna, who dozed off on the sofa, opened her eyes.

She thought she heard something just now……

As soon as she tried to comprehend what it was, KWANG. A loud sound was heard again.

“What are you doing, not opening the door?! Open it right now or I’ll break it!”

The shrill voice of a middle-aged woman was heard from the outside. At the same time, something hit the door once again.

KWANG, KWANG, KWANG! They came one after another.

Canna stared at the door with a blank face, then, realizing that it was locked from the inside, she jumped up.

She doesn’t remember locking the door.

For sure it was Mary!

“I’ll open it now!”

After yelling, she hastily opened the door.

And there she saw,

Servants holding hammers under a woman’s command.

‘She showed up.’

The original lady of the house.

Sylvien Valentino’s stepmother and Canna’s mother-in-law is here.

‘Countess Josephine Ellester.’

She’s not Sylvien’s biological mother.

Sylvien lost his real mother at the age of ten.

Then his father had a new wife which was Josephine.

After the Duke died, Josephine did not leave the mansion. The title Countess of Ellester is just one of the numerous titles the Duchess holds.

She is the Countess of Ellester in words only. She’s still acting like the Duchess of Valentino.

“What do you think you were doing? Do you want to be punished?”

Josephine walked into the room. She opened her folding fan and glared at her with contempt.

“Mary told me strange things and, moreover,”

Beyond the door, Mary smiles smugly. Canna expected this already.

“Did you forget the rule that you have to come and greet me every morning? It’s already 1 p.m. You even forgot your lunch greetings!”

“No, I didn’t forget.”

7 a.m., 12 p.m., and 6 p.m. everyday.

She had to go greet her three times a day.

If she was even a minute late, she will have to listen to all kinds of insult.

Recalling the years of Joo Hwa’s hard work and suffering, Canna wanted to laugh.

“I just didn’t want to do it.”

It’s better this way.

She’s thinking of getting a divorce anyway, so it would be perfect if her side causes a stir.

It’s better if she gets kicked out.

“Give my greetings three times a day. I’m sure all the ladies will be surprised to hear that. You know, even back in my mother’s day, they didn’t have such an old-fashioned etiquette.”

Everyone’s astonishment evoked silence.

Canna shrugged after saying those words.

The servants outside the door, and even Josephine, were all speechless.

“You…… What did you just say?”

Mary, stepped forward and spoke in disbelief.

Josephine couldn’t believe that Canna, a stupid girl, flogged Mary. Isn’t she supposed to be a frantic idiot who’s always careful about how people would react to her?

She thought Mary was bluffing or else Canna has gone crazy……

‘She’s out of her mind!’

How could she talk back to her?

She would gladly eat food that fell on the ground if that would make someone love her!

“That is a rule in this family. Whether you like it or not, you married my precious son, so you must follow the rules of this family!”

“That rule. You made it up, didn’t you?”


“I think you made it on a whim by combining your dislike to me and the idea of family rules. Aren’t you ashamed of the long history of the Valentino family?”

Everyone froze once again. However, the expected response came shortly.

“Someone! Hold this bitch right now!”

The servants, who were watching, approached and grabbed Canna’s arms.

“Today, I will teach you proper discipline! Get me a whip!”

Mary hands the whip she prepared in advance. Its thong was much thicker than the one Canna used earlier.

“Mary! Raise her skirt right now!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Mary moved at once and grasped Canna’s skirt.

Mary may look calm, but she was dying from laughter inside.


“Remove your hands.”


Canna’s foot kicked Mary’s hands away. She raised her skirt and smiled.

“I’ll do it.”


“You can start, Mother.”

The cold smile sent chills down Mary and Josephine’s spines.

They know Canna’s personality and how she should be begging for forgiveness by now…… but instead, she’s blatantly mocking and provoking them!

“Do you think I’m just joking?! No! I’ll discipline you myself until you realize your mistakes!”

Discipline, discipline.

Canna, who pondered the word, burst out laughing.

“You discipline your daughter-in-law with a whip. As expect from an aristocratic family. The Duke of Valentino will surely be proud of his mother’s teachings.”

“Keep your mouth shut! How dare you talk back to me!”


There was a flash of pain. Canna clenched her teeth.

She was determined to do this…… but it hurts so much that a scream almost left her mouth!

Overwhelmed with anger, Josephine once again lifted her hand high. Preparing to strike as hard as she can.


“They don’t teach you etiquette in Adice, do they? How shameless! How can such an uneducated person live in my mansion!”



The more the flogging continued, the more red lines appeared on her calves.

Soon, the flesh began to split apart and blood splattered. The maids who were watching swallowed their screams.

But Canna just clasped her skirt tightly. She bit her lip.

‘I’m not going to scream.’

If she screams, Jospehine will surely be satisfied.

Until now, she has no intentions of satisfying the woman who treated herself – ‘Lee Joo Hwa’ as a dog!

“Hah, hah……”

How long has it been?

Josephine’s arm jerked. Her muscle was strained from using too much strength, which is something she’s not used to.

By that time, Canna’s calves are completely covered with blood.

“Didn’t you realize your mistake yet?!”

“I didn’t.”


Tough bitch!

Josephine and the sevants were tongue-tied.

At first, Mary’s face that looked like she enjoyed watching, has now become white as sheet.

There’s a lot of blood on her calf, and her flesh are swollen like radish!

‘Crazy. She must be crazy. How can a person change like this in one night!’

Canna’s face is also wet with cold sweat, but she never thought of giving in.

But neither did Josephine. She gave the whip to the servant standing beside her and ordered him to do it.

“You hit her with the whip!”


“Can’t you hear me?! You’re going to fucking lash her!”

“Bu—But Mistress……”

Although it doesn’t look like it, Canna is still a woman of noble blood.

But even then, she ordered him, a servant and a man, to hit her? Did she even think about what she’s making him do?


The servant eventually approached Canna with a look of reluctance and raised the whip hesitantly. TUK, it touched her lightly.

“What are you doing?! You’re not doing it right!”

“Mi—Mistress. But it’s already…… The Young Lady’s calves are……”

Her calves are already covered with wounds so how is he supposed to whip her more?!

Josephine was silenced by the servant’s hesitation.

She was so furious that she flogged Canna as hard as she could, but the servant is right.

Canna’s calves have exploded to the point where there’s no more place to hit.

‘I’m sure by now, she’s at her limit.’

Josephine stares at Canna’s face and asks spitefully.

“Do you still think you did nothing wrong?”

Canna smiled weakly.

Is it because she clenched her teeth? Her jaw hurts and her whole body is drenched with cold sweat.

The heat rushing from her calves was painful as if burning her whole body……

‘I don’t want to live like that.’

Three times a day at a set time.

She has to come and greet her mother-in-law?

It’s like violence.

A tacit intimidation.

‘Never, I don’t want to live that way.’

She doesn’t know what happened, but she came back to her world.

She wants to go back, but it might not be possible.

That’s why she wants to live properly.

Not like an animal, but as a dignified human being.

So if she gives up now, nothing will change.


“No, I’m at fault.”

Canna answered in a hoarse voice.

Now she finally admits her mistake!

The moment Josephine smiled triumphantly,

“I shouldn’t have done anything I didn’t want to do right from the start. I’ve been putting up with it, and it’s all my fault.”