She felt a cold sensation on her face. Canna opened her eyes wide.

“Young Lady, what are you doing not waking up?”

Still feeling sleepy, Canna woke up from her dream and blinked her eyes.

The first thing she saw was a tall, colorful ceiling, and a white stretch of silk canopy.

‘I really am back.’

This is not Korea. This is the master’s bedroom in the Valentino mansion. Tough luck!

‘But what’s on my face right now?’

“Young Lady, wake up! Can’t you hear me?”

This is like millitary.

By the bedside, when she found a maid holding a vase, she realized what has just happened.

The maid would pour water on her face from the vase, remove her blanket, or sometimes she would slap Canna – or rather ‘Joo Hwa’ to wake her up.

Up to now, Joo Hwa meekly obeyed everything and has been maltreated.

Just to be seen well by the Duke.

The maid has been working for a long time for the Valentino family, she thought that if she fights against the maid, she would spread bad rumors.

So Joo Hwa endured.

‘Lee Joo Hwa, you really are stupid.’

Canna wiped her wet face with her hand.

“You, what’s your name?”

What’s with the unexpected reaction? The maid was startled.

‘Of course I know her name.’

In Joo Hwa’s memory who lived in Canna’s body, the maid’s name is Mary.

She’s about 40 years old, has been working for the Valentino family for a very long time, and she is trusted by many.

“My name is Mary Goldian, Young Lady. Did you forget all of a sudden? What’s wrong with your head?”

Mary answered right away and rushed.

“Stop talking nonsense and get up now! It’s time to greet the Mistress!”


Her head hurt for a moment.


‘That’s right. Now that I think about it, the Duke of Valentino’s stepmother lives in this mansion too.’

Josephine, the stepmother of the current Duke, Sylvien.

She told her daughter-in-law, Canna, that she should send her greetings three times a day. Every breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

‘That’s crazy. If this was Korea, that wouldn’t have made sense.’

However, Joo Hwa had been obedient.

Because it might get Sylvien’s attention someday.

But now, she has no intention of doing the same thing.

“I’m not going.”


“I’m not going to fucking greet her.”

“Young Lady, what are you talking about?!”

“Who’s the Young Lady? I am the Duchess of Valentino and the lady of the house. You should call me Mistress.”

The maid, Mary, froze. She seemed to doubt her ears.

It was different from the ‘Canna’ who always tried to win the love of others with a smile on her face.

‘What’s with her? Did she eat something weird?’

Shortly after that thought, Mary suppressed a smirk.

She’s acting like an aristocrat.

But no treats Canna as an aristocrat.

Who is Canna? She is a vain duchess who isn’t treated as a lady even by her own husband, the Duke of Valentino.

It wasn’t just him.

Canna has black eyes and black hair, a symbol of the ‘Black Fog’.

A long time ago, a black mist that suddenly appeared one day swallowed and destroyed the entire South of the kingdom.

Because of the ominous color, Canna has been criticized by people since childhood.

Even her family treated her like dirt!

“The lady of this house is Mistress Josephine. She is the only Mistress for me.”

If the maid offends her like this, she will just laugh and scratch her head. Like what she’s been doing throughout these years.

Sure enough, Canna didn’t say anything.

While looking at her, she suddenly held her hand out.

“Give it to me.”


“The vase. Is there water left in it?”

Canna took the vase from Mary and checked how much water is left inside. Then,


“You impudent bitch.”


Water droplets fell from Mary’s face.

Even though her face was soaking wet, Mary didn’t know what just happened.

No, more like she couldn’t believe it.

“You have to be disciplined. You there, go get me a whip.”

Canna said to the maid who was watching outside the door.

The startled maid didn’t know what to do, so Canna raised her voice.

“Why aren’t you moving? Do you want to get lashed too? If you don’t bring it right now, you will be lashed first!”

“Ho—hold on!”

A few moments later, after taking the whip that the maid brought, Canna ordered Mary, who was still frozen in her spot.

“Show me your calves.”

Mary’s face turned sour.

How dare she do this! She can’t believe Canna would do this to her who served the Valentinos for a long time!

“What do you think you’re doing, Young Lady? Have you forgotten who I am?”


“I’ve been working for a long time in this mansion, in addition, the Mistress trusts me……!”

“A maid.”

Canna cut her off coldly.

“An insolent maid who poured water on her master’s face. That’s what you are, Mary.”


“And the one who has to discipline such a maid is me, the Duchess of Valentino. I have that authority. Now show me your calves.”


“If you don’t do it, I’ll whip the other maid. Furthermore, the butler should be held responsible for not educating a maid properly.”


“Are you going to be lashed alone? Or do you want all the employees in this mansion to be lashed too?”

Mary’s face turned pale. Even the other maid who brought the whip watched them with fear.

After a moment, Mary rolled her skirt up with trembling hands.

‘She’s scared.’

Well, Canna is suddenly acting like a different person and now she’s going to flog her. That’s enough to scare her.

Canna tilted her head and stared at Mary.

That’s enough, I’ll let it slide…… is what one would think Canna will say. But,

–When you punish someone, make sure to assert yourself, Joo Hwa.

She never lost anything by listening to her mom, so this time too, she will follow her.

Canna lifted the whip and hit the maid’s calves.



It was still the first lash, but it already felt painful.

A red line was drawn on Mary’s calves.

Her body wavered at the sharp and sudden blow.



The second lash was more painful.

Then the third lash.

“I—I was wrong!”

She admitted her mistake.

Mary rubbed her hands together while Canna puts the whip down.

“Why? What did you do wrong?”

“I—I dared to pour water on your face……!”

Canna chuckled.

“That’s not all. You’ve been treating me badly all this time, haven’t you?”

Lee Joo Hwa, people think she’s a hilarious dimwit and make fun of her.

No matter how much she gets bullied, she would just laugh.

If a worm is stepped on, it’s supposed to wriggle, or else they will be beaten without a fight.

This reminds me of old days…… Just like before my body was possessed by Joo Hwa.

“I—I was wrong, Young Lady.”

“Young Lady?”

Mary’s quivered as Canna tilted her head.

“N—No! Mistress! I was wrong, Mistress! I will never do it again.”

“You better not. The next time you act cocky, it won’t end with just three.”

Canna threw the whip and motioned her hand.

“Get out.”

Mary let out a whimper.

Her shoulders drooped as if crestfallen, despite that, a strong hostility was felt from her back.

‘Just three lashes won’t do.’

After Mary left, Canna sighed and sat on the sofa.

Joo Hwa. Joo Hwa.

Lee Joo Hwa……

‘Lee Joo Hwa. I created a good life for you.’

She studied in a prestigious university, became a doctor, and had a perfect boyfriend.

‘While you made my life worse.’