"yes just like that...let it flow"

He stops licking and biting her neck and pulls out his tongue. "Suck my tongue" She takes his tongue inside her mouth and starts sucking it. Soon he is French kissing her wildly. She is so wet that the juice starts falling from the bread.

"It's time to change the bread....good puussyyyy"

He puts another bread. "Arch your back" She does it making her boobs ready to be devoured. He sucks hard on her nipple massaging the other. "aaahhhhhhh dadddddyyyyyy ummmmmmmm" He bites it"aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" and sucks hard making a pop "ohhhhhhnooooooooo oh daaaaddddyyyyyy" sound when he pulls away. "aahhhhh" He does the same to other. " ughhhhhhh ummmm yeess uummmm ohhhhh yaaaaaahhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhh" And plays with them until two more breads are ready.

Then he puts the fourth one. He puts his finger into her pussy slowwwllyyyyy. "aahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she screams out of pain and pleasure."Cumm my sweet pussy cumm cummmm for your dadddddyyyyyy ummmmmmmm so tight"

"ohhhhhhhhhhhhh" he puts the second in too teasing her walls , twisting his fingers at last she cumms hard on the last bread. "aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

The he brings a small bottle and grazes her pussy with the tip of it. And puts it head in her pussy slowwwllyyyyy. " aaahhhhhhh ddaaaddyyy" He twists it inside her making her wetter and watches it fill the bottle. "uummmmmmmmmmhuhuuuhuuhu"

He pulls it out harshly. "aaahhhhhhh"

I would fuck u puuuusssssyyyy but I am late so fuck u later. He releases her and she falls on the bed.

The house is now empty at least she thinks it is. She wraps a blanket around her and goes out of the room trying to not feel horny. She wants someone to fuck her right now. She is feeling very hot and her legs are wet.

As she roams around. " Pussina come here baby " She hears her aunt. She is wearing a silk robe accentuating her F size boobs and big nipples, The silk robe end just below her juicy ass. She is bigger than her in every prespective making more juice leak down her legs.

She enters her room. "Come baby sit with me" "yes aunt"

She is sitting between the bed "Lay your head on my lap baby" She does it . "Baby you know how much you loved me when you were a baby. I wish u could be the same. And looking at you wrapped in a blanket makes me think that you became a baby again."

"I still love you aunt. I am still your baby. Tell me and I treat you just like I did as a baby" She days looking at her face from below. Her auntlaughs. "Promise?" "yes aunt you don't even have to tell me I already know what I must be like.

She then sits on her lap completely, removes her blanket and puts her ass on her naked legs making the Rob ride up. "I used to be naked around you. And used to bite you a lot." She then start sucking and biting aunt's neck. "ohhh yeeessss uu ddiiiiiiiiid Be wild baby... I'll be your momma today too..." She then kisses her HARD. "..mmmmmm...but u as a baby never made me wet like this" Aunt pat her naked ass "But I used to be wet u hot maammma" Aunt wanders her hands on her ass and indeed her pussy was heavenly wet.

Pussina puts legs around her waist. Pulls the robe open. "Your baby wants milk mommma...I am hungry..." "Here baby drink it"

She puts her big nipple in her mouth and sucks it like a baby. "ooooohhhhhnooooooooo yeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhh baby drink my milk drink it all..bite me like u used to baby....bite my nipples" Aunt grabs her ass harder making pussina's pussy like a flood. She bites her nipples and suck harder.

"But I am not a baby anymore..I want to drink yourCUMM momma..... your hot juicy cumm..."

"Yes...take off my thong baby...do it"

She gets up and let's pussina see how wet her thong is. She takesscissors and cuts both sides but the sticks to aunt's skin. She the makes her turn around and peels it from her but crack slowly. "ummmmm" Then from the pussy.

It's wet .....very wet..."I wanna play horsie momma "

Aunt comes on fours and picks her ass up in the air towards Pussina's face. She touches her big thighs and puts her arms them under them and grabs the ass"

She starts sucking drinking all her aunt could give making loud slurping sounds. "aaaaahhhhhhhh babbyyyy drriiiinnkkkkk my swweeeettt baabbbyy aaaaaaaaa oomnnnnnnnnngggggg yeesssss ohhh aahhh"

She takes her pussy away and pushes pussina back and sucks her pussy hard "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Not giving time to register she bites her pussy."nnoooooo sttttoooooooppppppp aaahhhhhhh" .... pushes her tongue in twistingand licking the walls"mooooooooooorreee aaaaahhhhhhhh"

They do it for an hour and both cumm 26 times.

She then lays on her aunt sucking one nipple and pinching the other..."baby u doooo looovvee mee.....u have to fuuuuckkk me every time I ask, ok?"

"I will"

Then she goes back to her room get ready for the wedding.