10 Thirsty!!

She wears a red V neck full length fluffy gown. Her daddy was not happy as he couldn't touch her pussy.

They all went to the wedding area. She sits in the third row. Everyone is busy. Just then Uncle's youngest 8 year old comes. "Hello Jake , how are you? "

"Hi I am thirsty. "

"Well then get yourself something sweet to drink. I think the drinks are over there"

He moves his head wildly as no and hides under her gown. Laughing she let's him there for sometime thinking he will come out later... he stays unmoving and silent and she thinks that he went away.

*In the golf area yesterday

"son would u like to drink this" Her Uncle gives him the bottle. DADDY laughs. "What's this?" He asks

"It's sweetness son, drink" He takes a sip then gulps the whole bottle down. "I want more, where can I get it"

Pussina's daddy says"It's between Pussina's legs....when u lick and bite a bit....it starts dripping this sweetness...but u can't get it...if anyone knows about it you'll be dead" Everyone laughs.

*back today

The bride enters and everyone stands for the ceremony. As she stand up and starts clapping she feels a lick between her legs. Her moan get suppressed because of the applause. She gets wet when when she feels a little bite. She gasps as she realizes what Jack was talking about.

She gulps and can't help but open her legs wide letting him stand exactly between her. They were right she starts dripping and Jake sucks her pussy lightly."ahh" When he realizes that it's the same sweetness he sucks again and starts drinking."ummmmmmmm" His mouth makes small slurping sounds and she gets scared of getting caught.

The bride and groom say their vows and everyone claps for them and when the start hooting when they kiss. She puts pressure on his head to make him suck harder and she covers her moans between the hooting.

It ends and everyone goes out but she stays there with an 8 year old between her legs drinking like a thirsty camel. "aahhhhhh ahh ahhhh ahhh " She cumms 7th time. "aahhhhh ahh ahhhh"

Finally after sometime he stops and comes out. of her gown. "That's was tastyyy" He says wiping him mouth. "I wish u could stay longer..I want to drink again.. anyways bye"

He runs away and she just stands there shocked at what just had happened.

She then remembers that she needs to go home to get ready. When she gets back she sees a deep red silk gown with a side slit cut on the bed. Knowing that DADDY put it so she wears it. the cut is so big that it goes just below half her big ass. It hugs her body making her ass look bigger and the V neck shows a lot of cleavage not to mention since it's silk her big nipples are visible like mountains.

She goes down and realizes that everyone is gone. "Honey?" Her uncle says. When she turns back he gulps hard at how fucckable she looks.

"Everyone is gone"

"it's ok come with me I came to get somethings and am going back" He shamelessly looks at her up and down.

"Come" He says and takes her out of the house towards the car. "But the stuff is too much so u have to sit on my lap... don't worry there is partition..so the driver won't know'


He sits inside and then stares at Pussina's ass while she sits on his lap. They close the door. That's when he realizes how big the slit is. He grabs her ass from the slit "aaahhhh" finding it bare and pulls her closer. It makes her wind her arms around his neck "Be comfortable honey" "yes uncle" He moves the cloth to reveal her legs. "Don't worry about the dress and sit comfortably" She then feels his hand between her thighs rubbing her skin slowly and the one holding her back touch her boobs "umm" He already told the driver to make it a long and bumpy ride. A bumpy road comes and it makes her boobs wiggle so much that they almost came out of the dress making him hard below her. Her uncle's hardness makes her wet and she gets closer to him.

He then can't help it and pulls out one of her boob and starts kissing it."aaahhhh"He bites and sucks around her nipples uncontrollably making some marks. "aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh" She then takes his hand that was between her thighs and makes him touch her wet pussy."aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

But then,"oh I so want to fucck u hot Mami...but we need to get to after party without ruining your dress or making it wet just wait for tonight....not just tonight I'll tell your father to stay longer."

Then she realized that she going to be fucked by this family for a looooong time.