Jane had increased the AC intentionally. Pussina gets a bit closer to her. Then Pussina gets an urge of seeing Jane's tits. Since they left the lamp light on she could see her face clearly that is facing towards her and all she had to do was remove the blanket a bit from them and she can see it.

After making sure that Jane is asleep she removes the blanket till their waists. There they were C cups looking oh so soft.

"touch them" Jane says opening her eyes. Pussina gasps. Jane moves her waist towards her with the arm that was beneath pussina.

"ohhk.." She puts her hand on her boob. "it's so soft....so pretty" She grazes her hands on her other boob too. "It's would feel softer if touch them with your lips , pussina"

Jane grabs Pussina's ass with other hand and brings her closer. Jane puts pussina's thigh between her legs letting her know that she is wet and then puts pussina's other leg on her putting feeling Pussina's wetness oh her thigh.

"aaaaahhhhhhhh" Jane grinds her pussy on her thigh moving her ass harshly. Pussina holds Jane's boob and kisses it "yes like that" "it's so soft" And keeps kissing her as they grind. "aaahhhhhhh" "ohhhhhh" "mmmm your lips feel gooooood mmmmmm" Jane grabs her boob and starts giving pussina a massage too. "aahahhhhhhhhhhhh" Pussina then kisses her erected nipple then starts licking her nipples too. "yeeeeeeesssss....it's cold you have toooo stay close.....if u keeeep aaaaahhhhhhhh pleasuring me then we will stay warm"

"But ( sluuurrrrp) what if someone heard us"

"Our whole house has sound proooooooff uuummm yeeaaaah. licckk it"

"Pussina... there is AC remote near my feet go get it"

They separate. Jane lies on her back eyes closed from the orgasm. Pussina puts her knees on each side of janes face and tries to crawl towards her feet spreading Jane's legs in process and removing the blanket completely. She sees the remote near the feet but also sees Jane's wet pussy just below her face.

She then lowers her face and licks Jane's pussy. As Jane gasps she puts her pussy in her mouth. Jane french kisses the pussy grabbing ass and lowering her more in her mouth. "aahhhhhhhhjhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh" Pussina does the same with wildness"aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Jane is sweet but a bit salty. They keep bitting and licking in same position... sweating even with AC.They finnaly cumm in each other's mouths. Still not stopping they cumm 5 times.Pussina's aunt opens the door..shocked....but then smiled and closed the door leaving them alone. "aaahhhhhhh ohhhhhh mmmm" "aahhhjhhhhnnnnnnggghhhh"

After 3 hours they go to sleep in the same position.

When she wakes up Jane is nowhere to find. Pussina goes to shower . While she is taking a shower her DADDY barged into the bathroom and throws her on his shoulder. "oh DADDY" He slaps her ass hard"ahhhhhh" making her wet. She just can't stop having sex after she lost her virginity.

DADDY throws her on the bed. "Dry yourself I don't want to see anything dripping between your legs BUT CUMM"

She quickly dries herself."I aaa-mm done DADDY"

"What did u say again?" He glares at her.

"My PUSSY is ready for you DADDY" He smiles with satisfaction.

He gets on the bed makes her lean against the headboard, gets her on her knees and ties her hands on either side of the bed.

"You see my PUSSY..I need your help with something...the wedding is in the afternoon.. everyone is out right now...and I am also going to play golf with some males of the house..."

He grabs her thighs and spreads her knees away making her bite her lip. He then puts a bread just under her pussy.

"So I was thinking of making sandwiches.....cumm sandwiches"

Her eyes go wide at this. "whhaaa-aat"

He brings his face near her ears and whispers, "And I am going to feed your cumm sandwiches to them....ohhhhhh they are going to soooooo love your sweeeetnesss.....now don't hold back my PUSSY...cumm cuuuum as hard as you can....be wetter "

This already makes her a bit wet. He licks her neck"ahhhhhhh" he bites her neck..gives her a lot of hickeys not going down to her chest. And she starts to drip from her pussy..her juice dropping on the bread.