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He had nothing to do after uploading the book and decided to sleep and rest.

However, Lin Bai did not sleep well.


He was woken up by a sharp whistle.

Perhaps it was some kind of bird-type Origin Beasts that warned humans to live in groups.

It was hard to imagine how powerful these Origin Beasts were.


There was a faint noise outside the window, as if something was trying to pry it open… No, it was knocking open the window.

Fortunately, the residences of contemporary humans were all made of special materials. The windows were fused with the walls. Once locked, they could not be pushed open violently unless they had the power to destroy the walls.

After listening for a while, it was obvious that the other party did not possess such power.

However, such a commotion was still terrifying.

Lin Bai resisted the urge to go out and check and did not take the risk.

Who knew if the Origin Beasts would have special abilities like the Awakened?

He would suffer a huge loss if it could affect his mind and cause irreversible damage.


The alarm in a certain area of the city was raised. It was a small-scale invasion by the Origin Beasts or subterranean aliens.


Faint explosions could be heard. Perhaps the Awakened ones guarding the city were fighting them.

Lin Bai was very sleepy and drifted off to sleep again in the midst of the commotion.


A warm current surged in his lower abdomen.

Lin Bai thought that it was because he wanted to pee. He went to the toilet in a daze and took off his pants to pee.



The crisp sound made Lin Bai’s nerves, which had been tense all night, instantly scrunch up.

A corner of the toilet bowl had shattered upon a closer look.

Correspondingly, what disappeared was the warm current that had just appeared in his body.

“F*ck? What was going on?”

Lin Bai looked confused.

He directly shattered the toilet bowl by peeing?

How could the impact be so great?


It can’t be…

Could it be the manifestation of ‘internal power’ because of the successful cash up of the Heavenly Dao Record?

This thought suddenly appeared.

Lin Bai was no longer sleepy and hurriedly ran to turn on the computer.

The few seconds of waiting time seemed to last for an eternity at this moment.

Lin Bai opened the webpage as quickly as possible and entered the author’s backstage of the Myriad World Novel Network—

Heavenly Dao Record

Status: Ongoing

Added to library: 47K

Reading Count: 1,285,000

Evaluation: 6,251

Number of votes on the characteristics of the most popular protagonist: 16,244

Cash up progress: 100%

Hint: The most popular characteristic of the protagonist is— The connate cultivation technique, Heavenly Dao Record, has been successfully cash upgraded!


Lin Bai was dumbfounded.

He had not even finished writing his new book and had only been released for a few hours, but he had already succeeded in its cash up?

This data was too exaggerated!

Lin Bai did a simple conversion. The new book had a total of 24 chapters and 1,285,000 views. On average, more than 50,000 people were reading his books at the same time!

However, this data was not accurate enough. There were definitely many people who abandoned the book once they felt that they did not suit their taste.

However, in short, there were at least 20,000 to 30,000 people.

On Earth, only God-Tier authors with an especially large fan base would meet such a situation.

“Even the authors who obtained the New Book Recommendations on the website might not be able to reach this number, right?”

The corners of Lin Bai’s mouth curled up. He could not help but smile.

From the looks of it, the previous erotica had accumulated a lot of fans for him.

He casually opened the comments section and saw that it was indeed so.

[A Thousand People With A Thousand Faces: The new book is finally here!! Let me ask you first before reading. Is this book serious? I won’t read it if it’s not serious!]

[Blood Massacre Palace Wen Chengrui: Wow, I read up till the latest chapter all night. What happens after the protagonist saves the heroine? Will it still be as dirty as in the previous book? F*ck, why stop at the most exciting part?]

[Battle King Breeze: I’ve already taken off my pants. Where are the next chapters?? Post them!!!]

[Merciless Path Ice Valley Saint: Why are there still authors who don’t publish complete stories at once? I’m so annoyed.]

[A vagrant cultivator: … Is this still the noble and cold Ice Valley Saint? I can even see her emotions from reading books. Is she still going to cultivate the Heartless Path…]

Lin Bai could not help but smile when he saw a group of familiar IDs wailing in the comments area.

He deliberately cut off the plot node where the protagonist saved the female protagonist in the book to arouse the anticipation of these readers.

Only then would they comment crazily and help the cash up.

As expected, he had obtained the connate cultivation technique Heavenly Dao Record!

Lin Bai sensed himself and realized that a certain part of his lower abdomen seemed to be brewing something warm like airflow again.

If nothing went wrong, this was his internal power.

Lin Bai tried to guide it with his understanding.

It was easy to control, just as expected.

This internal power went wherever he wanted it to go. It was as if it had fused with his consciousness.

“Why are you so obedient?”

Lin Bai was a little surprised, but he quickly understood.

The Heavenly Dao Record was a cultivation technique created according to his thoughts.

After materialization, it was naturally related to his logic.

Even the parts that were not written in the book could basically be reflected as long as they conformed to the world logic in that novel.

He did a few tests.

His internal power turned into an invisible protective energy. Success!

This could be used to resist attacks, and the area covered was very considerable. It was very suitable for a group attack.

However, he quickly realized the drawback. It consumed a lot of energy and was not too resilient. It was not recommended to use it if he had too little internal power reserves and was attacked by sharp weapons.

Then, he attached his internal power to his arm to increase his strength.


It was originally difficult for him to carry 20 to 30 catties of things, but he easily lifted the sofa that weighed more than 100 catties, as though he had transformed into a Hercules.

He attached the internal power attached to his feet and tried to fly.


It seemed that this did not conform to the logic of the martial arts world. It could not be done.

He released it to the surroundings and tried to attract small items into his hand.


The reason was unknown and he could not figure it out.

Lin Bai gained a lot after experimenting. In the end, he discovered two general scopes of his internal powers.

Strengthening one’s physique and increasing the power of martial techniques!

They were all good functions that could increase his strength.

“I can be considered to have a little life-saving ability… Eh? What is this?”

Lin Bai suddenly saw a special notification icon backstage. A new interface appeared when he opened it.

[You have received a gift. Do you want to cash up?]

There was definitely something he wanted!

Lin Bai chose yes.

Then, he received a delivery order, however, there was no label for the content of the delivery. The sender was unknown, the location was unknown, and even the item was unknown.

It was filled with mystery.

“What did he gift me… Wait, gifts can be cash upped indefinitely, right?”

Lin Bai was stunned for a moment before he turned jubilant. He immediately went to the end of the chapter from the previous book that ranked first on the New Book Recommendation and pasted a link to the new book.

This way, those readers who were still not satisfied after reading the previous book would come to read the new books.

It was equivalent to leading them, allowing his new book to also receive the dividends of an old book’s recommendation slot.

Lin Bai felt that he had a higher possibility of obtaining gifts if more people read it.

This was a benefit other than cash up. It had a function that could continuously produce benefits. He would of course not let it go.

At this moment, a short notification popped up.

[Ding! Your new book, Heavenly Dao Record, has obtained an E-Tier rating. This record has been uploaded to your author career! (As your author level is F-tier, your average work rating will be F-tier.)]

[Congratulations on successfully accumulating two F-Tier works. Your author title has been upgraded to E-tier. Please continue to work hard!]