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His life was the most important no matter how big the world was.

Lin Bai frowned. He could only think of one solution after pondering.

Go home and write a martial arts novel!

He would participate in the assessment after he had cash upped his physique.

The admission test should last for a long time judging by the sea of people. There should be enough time to start a new book.


Just do it!

He would seek the academy’s protection when he obtained the ability of an Awakened.

In the future, he would be able to write in peace and develop silently.

Wouldn’t it be easy to punch Origin Beasts and kick the as* of foreign races after becoming an S-Tier author?

“Wuxia theme, what should I write about…”

The plot of a story is always the core of a novel.

Only by establishing this theme could the other parts grow slowly, like branches that unfolded bit by bit.

Lin Bai had been thinking about this problem on the way home.

During this time, he encountered an Origin Beast. The battle was huge, but it was far away from him. Lin Bai was not in the mood to watch the show and avoided it.

The detour took a little longer, but they made it to the rental house before dark.

After running around for a day, he was already exhausted.

Lin Bai looked up at the light while lying limply on the sofa, his mind racing.

“Why don’t I write about an invincible swordsman who upholds justice?”

After thinking for a while, he silently rejected this idea.

A swordsman’s strength lay in his sword techniques. It had nothing to do with his physique and was not of much help to him.

In the future, he could consider improving his combat ability with techniques, but not now.

Then… Should he write about an invulnerable martial monk who tore apart bandits and kicked corrupt officials to suppress all injustice in the world?

Lin Bai’s slender fingers gently knocked on the sofa.

He could write about it, but there were a few things he had to pay attention to.

The character’s personality and way of doing things should not stand out too much. Even though it was Wuxia, the word “chivalrous” could only be used as a tool to promote the plot.

If the protagonist was portrayed too voluptuously, especially in a majestic and upright sense, and many readers liked it, it would easily cause the cash up to change from ‘character abilities’ to ‘character characteristics’.

This was something Lin Bai could not accept.

He did not have much time left. There was no room for trial and error. He had to settle it with one book.

“Gotta add something that’ll stick in people’s hearts.”

It was not difficult for the author to add, reduce, and organize the content.

Moreover, Lin Bai did not intend to write a full-length novel. The new book would be completed around 100,000 words. It was very simple to establish such a ‘small world’.

Lin Bai got up and sat in front of the computer, starting to write the outline.

The background of the martial arts world naturally included famous but long-lost martial arts.

The protagonist’s family would definitely be destroyed and he would bear a blood feud. However, he would be saved by the mysterious monk and raised by him as a disciple. He would be brainwashed every day to not take revenge and be a good person.

He could not write too much about the daily content of a stable life.

He had to continue the tragic life of the protagonist. It would be best if he had just become an adult and his master had died in an accident, leaving behind only a titleless book.

As expected, unforeseen events happened one after another.

First, there was a scene of a villain chasing after a beautiful heroine on the mountain where no one had ever appeared.

The protagonist met them by chance. Out of kindness, he saved the damsel in distress. However, he accidentally learned that there was a change in the martial world, and it happened to be related to the titleless book in his hand.

In the end, he was involved in the dispute. With the martial arts he learned from his master and the support from cultivating that titleless book, he swept through everything, punishing evil and promoting good. His reputation spread far and wide…

Yes, it would be best if there was a mastermind behind the chaos in the underworld, and it was the murderer who killed the protagonist’s biological parents and master.

This way, the protagonist would have a good reason and the story would have a thick plot. It was perfect!

“How cliché.”

Lin Bai smiled as he wrote.

It was a trick that had been abandoned many years ago. Now, it was used to fool the ignorant readers of the Myriad World Novel Network. It really made him blush.

Such a plot process was still a classic template even though it was a cliché.

Many later works had only been modified based on this foundation.

Lin Bai did not need to be so particular now. He could just apply it.

After determining the main content, the core content of this novel had already been revealed.

Whether it was the main storyline or the protagonist’s cheat, they were all written around the ultimate lost martial arts technique. One was light and the other was darkness, complementing each other.

At the end, when the readers realized that the titleless book was the lost ultimate technique, the sudden realization would definitely deepen their impression.

It was only right for it to cash up!

“What should I set the effect of the lost technique to be?”

Lin Bai thought for a few seconds. “The core foundation of ‘martial arts’ in the Wuxia world can’t be separated from the concept of ‘internal power’. Then… I’ll set it to automatically increase internal power after cultivation!”

This effect was a little abnormal, but as the protagonist, so what if he was stronger?

It felt good to write it, and it felt good to read it.

It was not to the extent that they would have to leave it to fate and place their hopes on others when they encountered any danger.

If the cheat was too weak, what if there was a stalemate when writing the contradictory points, causing the plot to be unable to come back? Could it be that he had to write the protagonist to death and then revive?

Lin Bai pursed his lips. That was no different from feeding sh*t to the readers.

He needed to cash up quickly, so he definitely had to avoid these minefields that might cause readers to leave.

Time trickled away like drops of water. It was already dawn in the blink of an eye.

Lin Bai read and polished it repeatedly after writing the outline. After confirming that there were no problems, he immediately started writing.

Most authors liked to stay up late to write books. The later they stayed up, the more energetic they became, as if they would not feel tired.

Perhaps it was because it was relatively quiet, it was easy to focus.

Only when it was close to dawn would that state fade.

Lin Bai was no exception.

After writing for three consecutive days and saving the manuscript of more than 50,000 words, he logged into the author’s backend platform and sent them all out at once.

[Ding! Respected F-Tier author Lin Bai, your work “Heavenly Dao Record” has been successfully released!]

The name of the novel was named after the cultivation technique so that it could further deepen the readers’ impression.

As for whether he could cash up this cultivation technique, he could only wait for news from the platform.

It was 6:43 pm, the prime time when people get off work and have free time to read!