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This was a small surprise.

Lin Bai didn’t expect that his second book to have passed the grading standard before it was completed, and even far exceeding F-tier.

It’s a pity that the author’s level limited this rating record. Otherwise, if this “Heavenly Dao Record” was given a D-Tier rating, he will be able to write one less book when he becomes a D-Tier author in the future.

“Nevermind, the most important thing now is to pass the admissions assessment of Saint Lijoann Martial Arts Academy.”

Lin Bai checked the information on the Internet. The assessment period lasts for a week, and the doors open at eight o’clock every day. It’s still early.

Therefore he went back to sleep.

That was the good thing about writing novels.

He had control over the working time, leisure and ease… It was just a bit brain-intensive!

A few hours passed in the blink of an eye. The sun rose, and Lin Bai woke up basking in the warm sunshine.

He subconsciously picked up his phone and glanced at it while rubbing his eyes. At 8:45am, there was an unread text message.

“A delivery?”

Lin Bai was stunned for a moment after reading it, and then realized that it was the gift he received in the early morning.

Astonishing efficiency!

It seems that Myriad World Novel Network was not only the top in the industry in terms of readership, they were probably also involved in express delivery.

Let’s see what it is!

This was the first time Lin Bai received an actual gift as an author, no matter whether it was before or after he transmigrated.

He would be lying if he said he wasn’t excited.

There was no need to mention how proud he was being recognized by the readers this way!

Lin Bai simply put on a shirt, took his keys and hurried out to the receiving station without even washing up.

As soon as he arrived downstairs, he saw a few police cars parked at the entrance of a unit building not far away, and the isolation tape was up, and a group of people gathered beside them, arguing a lot.

Out of curiosity, Lin Bai slowed down as he passed by and listened carefully for a while.

He frowned after a few seconds.

Someone died.

Just last night, in the early hours of the morning, the Origin Beast invaded and a family of five people was slaughtered. From the eighty-year-old man down to the toddler children, none of them survived. The state of their corpses were scary, scattered into pieces.

The neighbors reported to the police when they smelled blood as they left the house.

Lin Bai silently looked up, and saw that there was a unit with windows open in a building with more than ten floors, and there were very serious signs of damage on the outer contour.

He didn’t know if the family didn’t lock the window properly and allowed the Origin Beasts the opportunity to enter, or if the window was in disrepair for a long time and the quality was not good enough, it was violently broken open by the Origin Beasts.

Lin Bai thought of the noise he heard in the early morning, and couldn’t help feeling a chill in his heart.

The rental house was not safe, he mustn’t continue staying in it!

Today, he must pass the assessment by the school today! He had to move there!

Lin Bai quickened his steps and brought the delivery back home with a heavy heart.

He tore it open and saw two items inside.

One piece of paper and a simple wooden box.

Lin Bai read the words on the paper.

“Body Forging Pills, an E-tier high-quality elixir. It can improve the physical foundation of the user, temper the muscles and bones, cleanse the essence and the marrow, and have special benefits for those who practice basic martial arts such as inner breath, inner strength, internal power, and qigong.”

After reading this, Lin Bai couldn’t help opening the wooden box, squeezed the small black pill wrapped in transparent wrapping paper, and murmured suspiciously: “Is this thing so good?”

It wasn’t that he didn’t believe that there were such good things in this world, he just doesn’t believe that readers will give him such a good treasure!

It was probably to trick him!


That must be it!

When Lin Bai thought of the faces of those people in the comment area who wanted to put a knife on his neck to type and post a new manuscript, he felt that this little pill in his hand was definitely not a good thing.

He would know if he compared it online!

After a few minutes…

“It can’t be… Is this real?”

Lin Bai was dumbfounded. Body Forging Pills were expensive, but they were not very rare. There are many tutorials and instructions on the Internet to help distinguish the authenticity from the fake.

After a simple test, he was surprised to find that the Body Forging Pill in front of him was worth 30,000 martial arts coins and was actually a genuine product.

Which wealthy reader is this, so generous! ! !

Tears swelled up Lin Bai’s eyes, 30,000 martial arts coins… Even if you save for more than half a year without eating or drinking, you may not be able to save up this amount for a long time according to the average salary of ordinary people in this world.

He didn’t expect to obtain it with the new book in just one night!

“Why do I feel that gifts are the main income of the work? Thirty thousand yuan at a time, so exciting, writing a new book is like fighting a BOSS, maybe it will explode when…”

Lin Bai thought wildly, and swallowed the Body Forging Pills in one gulp.

The pills melt in the mouth. It tasted bitter and astringent and it wasn’t tasty

Lin Bai pouted his mouth, feeling the movement inside his body.

A few seconds later…

A warm current exploded from the lower abdomen and merged into his limbs.

The tingling sensation hitting his whole body, bringing a strange feeling.

It was neither comfortable nor uncomfortable, but kind of weird and indescribable.

However, Lin Bai could really feel that his physique was getting stronger little by little.

He used to feel his back stiff and sore when he swung his arms, but now he felt extremely light.

There is no dull pain in the spine when bending over, which is the result of the improvement from his occupational diseases.

It felt even more real than the internal power pouring into the body!

“As expected of a pill worth 30,000 yuan, isn’t it easy to pass the entrance examination now?”

Ordinary people could only use this medicine to strengthen their bodies, but it is different for awakened people with special abilities.

Lin Bai sat down with peace of mind, closed his eyes, and mobilized the internal power in his body to match the diffusion of the medicine.

Lin Bai appeared at the gate of St. Lijoann Martial Arts Academy an hour later.

There were still a lot of people here with an endless stream of tryouts, even though it is nearing the end of the admissions assessment.

Lin Bai changed into clean clothes, strode into the courtyard gate, his whole body overflowed with an unspeakable confidence as he held his gaze steady.

Passers-by came and went, and they all more or less stole a glance at him. They felt that this young man was tall and straight, with an extraordinary appearance, um… his girlfriend must be very beautiful!

Several girls had such worries in their hearts, their eyes stayed on Lin Bai, their eyes hesitated, and after comparing the difference in appearance between them, they did not take any action to strike up a conversation in the end.

“It looks like I’m very charming now.”

After Lin Bai’s physique has been strengthened, his perception has also improved a lot. Even though he was in a crowd, he could still accurately detect the prying eyes of others within a range of tens of meters.

This was a good ability, a bit similar to the spider sense, even though not that strong, but better than nothing.

“Huo Bocheng, Vitality Value is average, not up to the standard, the next one!”

He heard someone being eliminated just as he reached the assessment area. The reality was really cruel.

Lin Bai could only express his sympathy, and silently stood at the end of the queue.