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The East Sea’s officials.

The East Sea’s President, Dashan Jie, looked at the news with a cold expression and a hint of arrogance.

“Huh, is there internal strife in the Dragon Country?”

“The alliance leader? Lord of the Sword?”

“When Mr. Kim finishes his seclusion, they won’t be the strongest players anymore.”

Immediately, Dashan Jie called his subordinates and asked, “How is Mr. Kim’s progress?”

His subordinate reported, “Mr. Kim is still in seclusion. He should be able to end his seclusion in two days.”


Dashan Jie showed an arrogant expression. There was also a hint of disdain.

Dashan Jie had never taken the “mere” Dragon Country seriously.

The incident of the challenge letter had become famous worldwide. Li Banxian hadn’t been idle for the past three days.

Li Banxian had been frantically exploring the diamond and purple-gold-grade secret realms over the past few days as he was still a few levels away from meeting the sixth transition requirement.

Due to Li Banxian’s hard work, he reached level 180 in just a day, reaching the peak of the fifth transition and the threshold of the sixth transition.

Fortunately, Li Banxian had all the materials needed for his class transition.

Li Banxian immediately started his seclusion and tried to break through the sixth transition!

Li Banxian wanted to end his seclusion two days later as a sixth transition player and trample the Nightmare Guild!

Before Li Banxian started his seclusion, he was in high spirits.

Li Banxian imagined how Bai Zun would prostrate at his feet and beg for mercy two days later.

Time flies.

A day later.

Li Banxian ended his seclusion as promised.

The higher-ups of the alliance who came to pick up Li Banxian sighed at his success in breaking through to the sixth transition and his sudden increase in strength.

“Alliance leader, congratulations on breaking through to the sixth transition! It’ll be easy for you to trample the Nightmare Guild!”

“Since the alliance leader is a sixth transition player, a mere Lord of the Sword is not worth mentioning!”

“Haha! With the presence of our alliance leader, who dares to act rashly?”

Many lackeys were praising Li Banxian.

Li Banxian also enjoyed being praised.

Li Banxian smiled, and he was full of pride.

After breaking through to the sixth transition, Li Banxian was bursting with confidence.

Li Banxian dared to say he was the strongest player in the Dragon Country!

Li Banxian thought, “Lord of the Sword?”

“Huh, he is just a piece of trash who relies on bragging.”

Among the alliance’s higher-ups, Wang Yi stood at the back and looked at Li Banxian’s arrogant expression. He couldn’t help but sigh.

After the Dragon Country’s President learned that Li Banxian had issued a challenge letter to Bai Zun, he immediately summoned Li Banxian and advised him to recall it. However, Li Banxian didn’t take the Dragon Country’s President’s words seriously.

It made the Dragon Country’s President furious.

Bai Zun had conquered a mythical-grade secret realm before! Even the weakest monster was level 210, equivalent to a seventh transition player in the human world!

One could imagine how strong Bai Zun was when he could kill his way through the mythical-grade secret realm.

Bai Zun was at least a seventh transition player!

Li Banxian, a fifth transition player, wanted to challenge Bai Zun, a seventh transition player. What?

Wasn’t Li Banxian courting death?!

Li Banxian’s ignorance made the Dragon Country’s President furious.

Although the Dragon Country was angry, Li Banxian’s strength could be considered among the top in the Dragon Country, aside from Bai Zun.

Li Banxian was one of the strongest players in the world.

The Dragon Country’s President didn’t want Li Banxian to die, nor did he want the Dragon Country to lose any strength.

Therefore, the Dragon Country’s President asked Wang Yi, the deputy alliance leader, to persuade Li Banxian.

However, how would Wang Yi dare to persuade Li Banxian?

The last person who tried to persuade Li Banxian was still lying in the ICU.

Wang Yi shook his head and sighed, “Forget it, forget it. It’s good for Li Banxian to die. It’ll be a good thing if he dies!”

“Vice Alliance Leader Wang, what are you mumbling about?” Next to Wang Yi, a higher-up in the alliance had just finished praising Li Banxian. When he heard Wang Yi’s muttering, he turned around to ask.

“Nothing.” Wang Yi smiled and brushed the matter aside.

The higher-ups of the alliance didn’t mind and continued to praise Li Banxian.

However, they didn’t praise Li Banxian for long.

After a while, a subordinate came to report that someone from the Lighthouse Country had come to meet Li Banxian.

“Bring them to the reception hall!”

Li Banxian ordered and left.

Wang Yi thought, “What are the people from Lighthouse Country doing here?”

As the vice alliance leader, Wang Yi was puzzled.

However, Wang Yi could vaguely sense that it wasn’t a good thing.

Wang Yi immediately followed Li Banxian to the reception hall.

However, when they reached the door of the reception hall, Li Banxian stopped Wang Yi.

“What are you doing here? Get lost!” Li Banxian glared at Wang Yi and walked into the reception hall.

Wang Yi’s expression stiffened, and he immediately stopped.

Afterward, Wang Yi saw a few blonde-haired men and women walk past him and into the reception hall.

Wang Yi’s expression turned even paler.

However, no one cared if Wang Yi’s expression was good or bad.

At the same time, in the reception hall.

Li Banxian and the people from Lighthouse Country sat on the sofa. Meanwhile, he showed a disdainful smile.

The leader of the team from Lighthouse Country was a man. He said, “Alliance leader of the Dragon Country, tomorrow is the battle. Are you confident in defeating the Lord of the Sword?”


Li Banxian sneered and said, “What confidence do I need to defeat him? Don’t go around in circles. Tell me, why are you guys here, and what do you want to tell me?”

“I think we have a common enemy.”

The man from Lighthouse Country smiled and said, “The leader of our country’s Superpower Alliance, Robert, has also recently broken through to the sixth transition. If you don’t mind, you can join forces with Robert tomorrow to ensure you can kill Lord of the Sword!”

Li Banxian said expressionlessly, “I disdain it.”

The man from Lighthouse Country’s face stiffened.



The man from Lighthouse Country even suspected that he had misheard Li Banxian’s words.

However, in the next second, Li Banxian’s words were like a ruthless slap, slapping the man from Lighthouse Country in the face.

“He’s just the Lord of the Sword. I can kill him single-handedly. I am not in a position where I must work with the Lighthouse Country.”

Perhaps Li Banxian thought that the Lighthouse Country was looking down on him. He said in a colder tone, “Tomorrow, all of you must open up your damn eyes and look at how I trample the Nightmare Guild!”

Without waiting for the people from the Lighthouse Country to reply, Li Banxian snorted and stood up. Afterward, he raised his hand and said.

“Send the guests out!”

The people from Lighthouse Country were dumbfounded.

It was almost the time set in the challenge letter.

The night before, countless powerful players gathered outside the Nightmare Guild to watch.

Due to the influx of players, the Autumn-Water City became extremely lively.

It worried Zuo Yan, the chief of Autumn-Water City’s Player’s Management Office.

“There are so many players. What if a few more third or fourth transition players fight in the city?”

Zuo Yan couldn’t help but frown when he thought about it.

Yesterday, four battles broke out in Autumn-Water City. Most of them were third or fourth-transition players.

One had to know that the Autumn-Water City’s Player’s Management Office only had Zuo Yan as a fourth transition player, and there were only three to four third transition players.

With such a severe lack of combat power, how could they maintain the security of Autumn-Water City?


Just as Zuo Yan was worrying about the security issue, his subordinate brought him good news.

“Chief! Chief!”

“Good news, Chief! The vice president of the Nightmare Guild had just sent 10 players in the fifth transition over! She said they would help us maintain order and security in the Autumn-Water City!”

The subordinate stammered and was out of breath.

Zuo Yan was happy at first. However, he immediately felt shocked.

“You say… The Nightmare Guild sent players… Players in the fifth transition?! There are 10 of them?!”

Zuo Yan’s eyes and mouth couldn’t help but widen.

Fifth transition players!

In the Dragon Country… No, worldwide!

The current strongest player is probably in the fifth transition, right?

Zuo Yan had never heard of any sixth transition players appearing in any country.

Currently, the strongest player is only in the fifth transition!

It was a rare existence on a global scale!


But now, the Nightmare Guild sent 10 players in the fifth transition to help Autumn-Water City’s Player’s Management Office maintain the city’s security!


It was hard for Zuo Yan not to be shocked!

Zuo Yan immediately said, “Hurry up! Hurry up and invite them over!”

The subordinate didn’t have time to adjust his breathing and quickly left the office.

Zuo Yan paced back and forth in the office, his face filled with joy and shock.

The security issue in Autumn-Water City had been resolved, which made Zuo Yan happy.

He was shocked that the Nightmare Guild was so powerful!