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Three days after Li Banxian sent the challenge letter.

Li Banxian looked arrogant when he led a group of alliance higher-ups to the Autumn-Water City.

Along the way, they also met many players. People captured a video of them and uploaded it on TikTok. It immediately attracted many people’s attention.

[Who is surfing the Internet: Is today the duel between the leader of the Player’s Alliance and the Lord of the Sword? Oh my goodness! I have to hurry and go to the scene to see it!]

[I lost my key: Haha! I’ve been at the venue since yesterday. I’ve already prepared a small stool and am ready to watch a good show!]

[When can I break through the third transition: Who is stronger? The Lord of the Sword or the alliance leader? We will see in a while. Why am I a little excited?]

[I want to buy a new computer: The previous commenter, don’t say it. I might be more nervous than Lord of the Sword and the alliance leader.]

[A lawless person: Whatever. I’ll join the Player’s Alliance if the alliance leader wins. Otherwise, I’ll join the Nightmare Guild if the Lord of the Sword wins.]

[Your pants fell off: Me too! Me too!]


The netizens left comments one after another.

The Autumn-Water City, the villa in the Storm City.

Bai Zun had just returned from clearing the secret realms and was leisurely sitting on the sofa, sipping tea.

“Boss, the leader of the Player’s Alliance is about to arrive.”

After a few minutes, Ye Shuishui came over and reported.


Bai Zun gave a short reply. He stretched his body, left the sofa, patted the crumpled corner of his clothes, and was about to leave with Ye Shuishui.


Ye Shuishui glanced at Bai Zun. Her pretty face looked worried, and she asked, “Aren’t you worried?”


Bai Zun smiled and said, “Why should I be worried?”

Ye Shuishui said solemnly, “Since Li Banxian dared to challenge you, he must have some trump card.”

“When facing absolute strength, no matter how many trump cards you have, it’s useless.” Bai Zun smiled.

Bai Zun knew Ye Shuishui was worried about him, so he didn’t say anything. After leaving the villa, he summoned the Immortal-slaying Sword and left.

Ye Shuishui also followed behind him.

After the second feedback, Ye Shuishui reached the sixth transition.

After so many days had passed, while Ye Shuishui managed the guild, she had also conquered secret realms. Although her level was lagging, she managed to improve and almost reach the threshold of the seventh transition.

Ye Shuishui and Bai Zun came to Storm City’s gate together.

The guild members had finished conquering the secret realms early and returned to the city to watch the show.

In their eyes, Bai Zun’s strength was unfathomable and invincible. Not to mention Bai Zun, many members of the Nightmare Guild didn’t even take the leader of the Player’s Alliance seriously.

“President, All the best!”

“President beat his ass up!”

“What is his identity? How dare he compete with the president? Do you need me to test my skills with him first?”

The guild members were all excited.

Bai Zun smiled faintly. Stepping on his sword, he soared into the air and was about to arrive at the city gate.

On the other side.

Li Banxian could see a huge city surrounded by extreme storms from afar.

Li Banxian admitted that he was shocked when he saw the huge city.

After being shocked, Li Banxian was jealous.

Li Banxian was jealous that the Lord of the Sword had such a good city!

“Huh, this city will be the base of our Player’s Alliance after today!”

Li Banxian sneered and was confident.

A group of alliance higher-ups followed behind Li Banxian. When they saw the Storm City, they were shocked.

Wang Yi stood in the last row. He only glanced at the Storm City and lowered his head.

Wang Yi had other thoughts. He thought, “If Li Banxian dies, the alliance leader’s position will be vacant. Who can be the leader of the Player’s Alliance?”

“Could it be me taking over the position because I’m the vice president? However, I’m not a player!”

Wang Yi didn’t want to be the alliance leader.

While Wang Yi was scratching his head, the team suddenly stopped.

While Wang Yi was thinking, they had already arrived at the Storm City’s gate.

Li Banxian stood in the air, holding a purple-gold-grade sword. He fully unleashed his aura as a sixth transition player. It caused the spectators around the city to gasp.

“He… Li Banxian is at least a sixth transition player!”

“Be more confident. He is already a sixth transition player!”

“Fuck! He is a sixth transition player! I have never heard that Dragon Country has a sixth transition player!”

“Not to mention the Dragon Country. The other countries don’t have sixth transition players either!”

“The alliance leader is something! I apologize for looking down on him before!”

“Hmph! He’s only a sixth transition player. Do you dare say Lord of the Sword is weaker than a sixth transition player?”

“I reckon that Lord of the Sword is only a fifth transition player, or maybe a sixth transition player, but the possibility is too small.”

“Oh my goodness! The Lord of the Sword is going to lose.”

As Li Banxian revealed his strength, the spectators around the Storm City immediately expressed that the Lord of the Sword would lose to Li Banxian.

When listening to them, Li Banxian smiled. He enjoyed their praise.

In Storm City, the members of the Nightmare Guild showed a disdainful expression when Li Banxian appeared.

“How dare a sixth transition player be so arrogant? I was looking forward to nothing!”

“What a waste of time. I thought he was powerful!”

“Let alone the president. I feel like I can fight him!”

“I can do it too!”

The members of the Nightmare Guild lost their expectations of Li Banxian.

However, the scene was noisy. Moreover, they were separated from the spectators by the thick city wall. The sound wave from outside soon drowned out their voices.

At this time, Li Banxian was about to call out to Bai Zun when he came over on his sword and stood in the air with him.

Bai Zun’s expression was indifferent, a stark contrast to Li Banxian’s arrogant demeanor.

“Huh, I thought you didn’t dare to accept the challenge!”

Li Banxian raised his head and looked at Bai Zun mockingly.

“After this battle, there will be no…”

“Three attacks.”

Bai Zun interrupted Li Banxian’s words.

“After three attacks, you will die.”

Bai Zun stared at him coldly.

Bai Zun didn’t immediately kill Li Banxian, but let Li Banxian attack him three times. It was to make the public’s opinion even more sensational.

It caused the Nightmare Guild to become even more sensational!


Li Banxian was stunned, then his face turned red, and he roared in anger.

He couldn’t say another word.

He only wanted to kill with violence!

“The Heavenly Tyrant Sword!”

Li Banxian waved his hand, and the purple-gold-grade sword appeared in his hand. A dense sword intent appeared, and it was aimed at Bai Zun!

The hundreds of thousands of players who had come to observe the situation around Storm City fell silent and focused their attention.

The higher-ups of the Alliance held their breaths behind Li Banxian.

The members of the Nightmare Realm were smiling in the Storm City.

Ye Shuishui, who had initially been the most concerned, was now the least concerned.

To be more precise, Ye Shuishui heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Li Banxian was only a sixth transition player.

As Bai Zun’s woman, although Ye Shuishui didn’t know exactly how strong he was, she knew his general strength.

The level of Li Banxian, who was only a sixth transition player, was the same as Ye Shuishui’s. Therefore, he was no threat to Bai Zun.

For a moment, everyone saw Li Banxian use a Dark Radiance Level skill, the Heavenly Tyrant Sword Technique!

The shadow of a gray greatsword was formed by a sword’s intent that appeared to be able to cut through the air. It slashed toward Bai Zun with a domineering and dense aura!

The spectators were on pins and needles!

Bai Zun remained indifferent.

The huge sword phantom was about to land on Bai Zun’s head. At this moment, the world seemed to be silent, and the flow of time slowed down.


Bai Zun moved.

Bai Zun pushed his hand lightly, and the Immortal-slaying Sword under his feet instantly emitted a terrifying aura!