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“I’m weaker than the Lord of the Sword? I’m in the fifth transition and can even achieve the sixth transition soon! How can the Lord of the Sword fight me?!”

The more Li Banxian looked at it, the angrier he became. His anger surged, and he threw the phone on the ground. With a bang, the phone shattered into pieces.

At the same time, there was a trembling knock on the door.

“Get in here!” Li Banxian was still in a fit of anger, and his tone was harsh.

“Alliance leader…”

The subordinate opened the door while trembling. He even walked softly, afraid that he would offend Li Banxian.

“If you have something to say, say it!” Li Banxian glared at him.

“It’s like this…”

Although the subordinate was going to report something bad, he felt that since he was already here, he didn’t dare leave casually. He could only bite the bullet and report.

“1342 registered players are preparing to join the alliance, but just now…”

The subordinate glanced at Li Banxian’s expression and lowered his head to look at the ground. At the same time, he said in a weaker voice, “Just now… A thousand players have applied to withdraw their membership…”

“What did you say?!” Li Banxian glared and rushed to his subordinate. His roar caused the wind to tremble, and his subordinate was so frightened that his face looked worse than crying.

“I… I…” When facing Li Banxian’s question, the subordinate wanted to cry but had no tears.

“The Nightmare Guild! Lord of the Sword!”

Li Banxian slapped his subordinate’s face fiercely, causing him to fall to the side. There was almost a palm print on his face.

On the other hand, Li Banxian seemed to feel that it wasn’t enough to vent his anger. He summoned his long sword and smashed the items in the office crazily.

“Damn it! Damn it!”

“Is the Lord of the Sword that powerful? Why can he let you all run over like dogs after waving his hand?!”

“Die! All of you must die!”

Li Banxian’s face flushed with anger.

Li Banxian had planned to meet the first few thousand underlings as the alliance leader at night. He would say a few words to show off his power as the alliance leader and receive all kinds of worship and respect.


The Nightmare Guild had announced that they were recruiting new members. Not only did the players who had planned to join the alliance turn around and rush to join the Nightmare Guild, but even the players who were going to attend the alliance joining ceremony also ran away.

Li Banxian couldn’t stand such grievances.

Since the game invaded reality and Li Banxian’s strength soared, he has become even more reckless. No one had ever been able to gain an advantage from him.

“Lord of the Sword!”

At this moment, Li Banxian’s hatred for the Lord of the Sword reached its peak.

Li Banxian thought, “I’m a fifth transition player, and I’m going to achieve the sixth transition!”

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that I’m the strongest person in Dragon Country!”

“How dare the Lord of the Sword insult me?!”

“What a ridiculous thing!”

Li Banxian immediately called his secretary over and growled while gritting his teeth.

“Send a letter of challenge to that so-called Lord of the Sword! I want to destroy his Nightmare Guild in three days!”

The secretary didn’t dare say anything more. After nodding in agreement, he looked at the subordinate lying on the ground with unknown vital signs. He trembled and hurriedly left.

In the evening, Li Banxian’s challenge letter was posted online.

Li Banxian stated that he would destroy the Nightmare Guild in three days!

The internet was once again in a frenzy!

[Here comes the little fan: Fuck! Why is the leader of the Player’s Alliance so confident? Does he want to challenge the Lord of the Sword?! Here comes the question. Can he win? He even threatened to destroy the Nightmare Guild? I don’t know if I should pity or laugh at him.]

[Little packet: Haha! The alliance leader must have been sad. I heard that ever since the Nightmare Guild announced that they were recruiting new members, 90% of the players who were planning to join the Player’s Alliance immediately left. The alliance leader must have been sad, so he issued a letter of challenge at this time! Haha!]

[All the best for the final exam: Everyone, be serious. How dare the alliance leader issue a challenge to the Lord of the Sword? Generally speaking, a person won’t be brainless since he is a leader. Is it because he knows the Lord of the Sword’s strength and that he is strong? That’s why he is so confident?]

[Moisten your lips: The previous comment makes sense. He must be smart since he is the leader. He might be powerful. He is smart to challenge the Lord of the Sword at this time. If he defeats Lord of the Sword, it will be beneficial for the Player’s Alliance to recruit new members.]

[I like both summer and winter: There’s going to be a good show! I’m not in a hurry to join the Nightmare Guild. Let’s wait for three days. If the alliance leader defeats the Lord of the Sword, it’s better to go to the Player’s Alliance.]

[Sprite with a sour plum: That’s right! I’m not in a hurry to join the Nightmare Guild. I’ll see how things go.]


Li Banxian’s challenge letter had caused many players who were preparing to join the Nightmare Guild to suddenly stop in their tracks.

The popularity of the Player’s Alliance and the Nightmare Guild also maintained a strange balance.

At the same time, in the villa in Storm City.

Bai Zun also learned about the letter of challenge from Ye Shuishui.

“Huh, should I say he is brainless or that he is confident?”

Bai Zun only smiled at the challenge.

Bai Zun could almost achieve his eighth transition. However, how dare Li Banxian speak so arrogantly when he didn’t even know his strength?

However, it was something good.

Li Banxian gave Bai Zun a chance to show off his strength to the world.

When Bai Zun suppressed Li Banxian with a wave of his hand, the Dragon Country’s powerhouses, who were still waiting to join the Nightmare Guild, would swarm in like a swarm of bees.

It was also good for the Nightmare Guild to recruit members.

Bai Zun didn’t hesitate. He immediately instructed Ye Shuishui, “Tell him that I accept his challenge, and I’ll meet him in Storm City in three days!”


Ye Shuishui responded and left.

Bai Zun didn’t take the matter to heart. After resting for a while, he left the villa and continued to explore the legendary-grade secret realm.

At the same time, Bai Zun’s response to the challenge letter sent the Internet into a frenzy.

[Magic, magic, I want magic: Oh my goodness! The Nightmare Guild has responded? I’m looking forward to the battle between the Lord of the Sword and the alliance leader three days later!]

[Hand-made lemon tea: I’m selling sunflower seeds and cola in the front row! Hurry up and buy what you need!]

[Why aren’t you asleep yet: Brothers, I’ll be leaving first. I’ll rush to Autumn-Water City tonight and find a good seat first!]

[Little author: Great! It’s decided! If the Lord of the Sword wins, I’ll go to the Nightmare Guild. If the alliance leader wins, I’ll go to the Player’s Alliance!]

[I lost my Bluetooth headset: I agree!]

[Tea Tree Oil: I agree too!]


Bai Zun’s response to Li Banxian’s challenge spread quickly on the Internet.

It became increasingly popular overseas.

Far across the ocean, the Lighthouse Country’s officials.

The Lighthouse Country’s President looked coldly at his subordinate, who was reporting the news.

“In other words, the leader of the Dragon Country Official Player’s Alliance sent a challenge letter to the Lord of the Sword of the Nightmare Guild because of the recruitment of the alliance, and the Lord of the Sword responded to him?”

Dent concluded.

“Yes.” The subordinate nodded repeatedly.


Although Dent’s eyes were cold, there were hints of joy and ruthlessness in them.

“Since we can’t rope him in, we can’t keep him as a threat!”

Dent showed a gloomy expression. He still bore a grudge against Bai Zun for failing to win him over a few days ago.

Dent had said before that the Lighthouse Country and Bai Zun were either partners or enemies.

It was obvious that Bai Zun became the Lighthouse Country’s biggest enemy after he rejected its offer.

There were no exceptions!

Dent asked his subordinate, “Which transition is Robert in now?”

Robert was ranked second on the rankings before the game invasion in Lighthouse Country. However, due to luck and his hard work, he surpassed the first place and became the strongest player in the Lighthouse Country after the second strength feedback.

Robert was also the leader of the Lighthouse Country’s Superpower Alliance.

The subordinate said, “He should have achieved his sixth transition.”

Dent immediately said, “Go and call him over. There’s something important to discuss!”

“Yes, sir!” The subordinate then left.

Watching his subordinate leave, Dent showed an evil smile. All kinds of insidious plans unfolded in his mind.