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Wang Yi thought, “I’m the one who appointed you as the alliance leader. Why are you looking down on me?”

“Even the Lord of the Sword can communicate with me normally. Are you stronger than him?”

Although Wang Yi was unhappy and complained in his heart, he still had to be polite when facing Li Banxian.

After officially establishing the Player’s Alliance, the previous Player’s Alliance Creation Office would be disbanded. Wang Yi, who was the chief of the Player’s Alliance Creation Office, would automatically merge into the Player’s Alliance. He got the position of deputy leader to assist Li Banxian in managing the alliance.

Li Banxian sat down arrogantly. No matter who came to greet him, he would ignore them. At most, he would glance at them and give the other party a short reply.

It caused the higher-ups of the government who attended the meeting to be dissatisfied.

However, just like Wang Yi, they could only smile awkwardly due to the other party’s strength and status.

Soon, everyone arrived, and the meeting began.

“The Player’s Alliance will announce the recruitment of members tomorrow. Pre-registration will begin first. After a week, the official registration will begin.”

Sitting at the head of the table, the higher-ups in charge of recruiting alliance members picked up a piece of paper and said.


Before he could finish speaking, Li Banxian, who was sitting beside him, suddenly raised his hand and slammed the table. He glanced at him indifferently and disdainfully.

“Why do we need the pre-registration process?”

Li Banxian questioned.

The conference room fell silent. Everyone could hear the sound of a pin dropping to the ground.

The person in charge of recruitment was stunned. He looked at Li Banxian and explained with a smile, “It’s like this. For the sake of publicity, we’ll start the pre-registration process before we make it official.”

Li Banxian waved his hand impatiently and said firmly, “Don’t go around in circles. Recruit members for me tomorrow.”

The person in charge maintained a forced smile and wanted to explain further. “It’s like this, alliance leader. You might not know…”

“Shut up.”

Li Banxian interrupted him coldly. As his aura surged, his strength as a fifth transition player also burst out, causing the entire conference room to be under pressure.

“How dare you question me?” Li Banxian’s gaze was cold as he stared at the person in charge, who was already sweating.

“I don’t. I don’t dare.” The person in charge was just an ordinary person. Therefore, he naturally couldn’t withstand the pressure of Li Banxian’s aura. He was sweating profusely and couldn’t breathe normally.

It was as if Li Banxian didn’t hear the person in charge’s words. He growled in a low voice and directly sentenced him, “Are you trying to rebel?”


Seeing how domineering Li Banxian was, the person in charge panicked and wanted to explain.



A long sword suddenly pierced through his chest!

The person in charge’s eyes froze, and he fell to the ground in a daze.

The person in charge…

He was dead!

Initially, the conference room’s atmosphere was depressing. However, everyone was also in fear!

Wang Yi slammed the table and shouted at Li Banxian, “What are you doing?!”

Li Banxian glared at Wang Yi and roared, “Do you want to die too?!” A monstrous aura instantly suppressed Wang Yi.

Instantly, Wang Yi’s legs went weak, and he couldn’t help but kneel on the ground.

“Since you have some friendship with me, I’ll forget about it this time. If there’s a next time…”

Li Banxian smiled wickedly. He glanced at Wang Yi and everyone in the conference room.

He continued.

“I’ll grant you the death penalty!”

Wang Yi kneeled on the ground, clenching his fists and gritting his teeth. His anger surged. However, since he was weak, his anger also mixed with his fear of death.

There were many players in the conference room. However, their strength was inferior to Li Banxian’s as a fifth transition player.

Therefore, under Li Banxian’s deterrence, everyone swallowed their saliva and lowered their heads in fear. They didn’t dare to speak because they were afraid of attracting his attention.

“All of you, listen to my orders! Tomorrow…”

“Recruit alliance members from all over the country!”

Li Banxian slammed the table and decided on the matter.

Promotion? Pre-registration?


Li Banxian wanted to achieve everything in one step!

Li Banxian wanted to fill the alliance members to the brim in one step!

Li Banxian wanted to stand above millions of people with one step!

Li Banxian looked at the high-ups in the conference room, who were completely intimidated by him, with a smile. His chest was filled with a strong sense of satisfaction.

The next day.

The officials announced the establishment of the Official Player’s Alliance. It would recruit players from all over the Dragon Country. Regardless of level or class, everyone could join as long as they were players.

They could immediately join the alliance.

For a moment, all the players on the internet reacted.

Regardless of whether the first transition players or the third transition players responded, they all wanted to head to the capital, Dragon Capital, to attend the alliance joining ceremony.


Far away in the Autumn-Water City’s Storm City.

Bai Zun sat in the villa’s study, frowning.

“The Official Player’s Alliance is recruiting members so quickly?”

Bai Zun looked puzzled.

Bai Zun thought, “If I remember correctly, in my previous life, the officials established the Official Player’s Alliance a long time later. It recruited and gathered the power of the players in the Dragon Country when the Sea Clan appeared and was ready to make a move.”

“Why does the Official Player’s Alliance start to recruit members now?”

“Is it because my appearance has messed up some kind of karma?”

Bai Zun pondered.

However, no matter what, it was an indisputable fact that the Official Player’s Alliance had begun to recruit players.

“Plans can’t keep up with the changes.”

Bai Zun stroked his chin and pondered.

Bai Zun originally wanted to wait for all the guild members to achieve their fifth transition before releasing the news to recruit new members for the Nightmare Guild.

However, since the Official Player’s Alliance was recruiting members first, Bai Zun felt that his Nightmare Guild had to catch up as soon as possible.


The Official Player’s Alliance might recruit some of the future experts. At that time, the Nightmare Guild would suffer a great loss.

Furthermore, Bai Zun recalled that even though the Official Player’s Alliance had been mighty in his previous life, the Sea Clan had ultimately defeated it.

The Official Player’s Alliance was almost at the point of disbanding.

It would be a waste to hand over the potential players to them.

Bai Zun immediately called Ye Shuishui over.

Bai Zun told Ye Shuishui, who had rushed over.

“From now on, our Nightmare Guild will officially recruit new members!”

“We will… We will recruit 10,000 people!”

Ye Shuishui was startled. Perhaps she trusted Bai Zun very much. She immediately nodded with a solemn expression.

Immediately after, word spread on the Internet that the Nightmare Guild was also looking for new members, igniting enthusiastic discussions.

[The cookie that loves to smile: What? The Nightmare Guild is recruiting new members? Is it the guild that was founded by the Lord of the Sword, who ranked first on the five rankings before the game invaded?]

[Exploding the sky with a “Pi”: Really? I heard that the current members of the Nightmare Guild are very powerful. They have conquered all the hundreds of secret realms around Autumn-Water City in just a few days!]

[Moshi Moshi: I was preparing to go to Dragon Capital to join the Official Player’s Alliance. Since the Nightmare Guild has also started recruiting members, I’m going back on my word!]

[The input method: I’m asking because I don’t know. Who is stronger? The leader of the Official Player’s Alliance or the president of the Nightmare Guild?]

[Hand-made lemon tea: Is the previous commenter nuts? How strong can the leader of the Official Player’s Alliance be? Is he worthy of being compared to the Lord of the Sword?]

[Would you love me if I were a DJ: Haha! I’m dying of laughter. What are the identity, strength, and status of the alliance leader? How dare he compare himself to the Lord of the Sword? The Lord of the Sword probably only needed to move his finger slightly to make the alliance leader kneel on the ground and beg for mercy.]

[If you still love me: Although I don’t know how powerful the new leader of the Official Player’s Alliance is, I’m sure that Lord of the Sword is the strongest person in the Dragon Country. Even though I don’t know how strong he is.]

[I’ll hug you: Lord of the Sword should be in his fifth transition now, right? Tsk-tsk! It’s too scary. Other than eating and sleeping, I’ve tried hard to clear secret realms, but I’m only in my third transition.]

[The fence-sitter: Why should we join the Official Player’s Alliance? Brothers, follow me to the Nightmare Guild!]

[“Will” be named: Thank you for your invitation. I just arrived in Dragon Capital, but I’ve already turned around and ran to Autumn-Water City.]

[The Great Sage: What can the Official Player’s Alliance use to compete with the Nightmare Guild? Those who join the Official Player’s Alliance but not the Nightmare Guild are idiots!]

[Archfire: There are only 10,000 slots! Brothers, let’s go!]

[Level 8 Great Gale: What the heck? There are only 10,000 slots! Brothers, we have to hurry up. If we are too late, we will regret it for the rest of our lives! I’ll run first!]


For a moment, the netizens were praising the Nightmare Guild and belittling the Official Player’s Alliance.

Li Banxian was so angry that he was about to explode while sitting in the Player’s Alliance’s office.