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In the game “Dimensional Space,” pets were an especially significant component of combat power in addition to levels and equipment.

In Bai Zun’s previous life, the pets of some classes were so powerful that they could even fight head-on with the mutated beast “boss” and remain invincible.

It could be said that, in the later stages of the online game invasion, when humans defended their homes, pets also played an irreplaceable role.

The next step was to obtain a supreme pet!

As a ruler, Bai Zun believed he couldn’t be inferior in any aspect!

Bai Zun opened the “Wish” category.

Apart from the “Class Wish” and “Equipment Wish,” there was also a smaller “Wish” button below them.

It was the “Pet Wish” button.

Compared to the “Class Wish” and “Equipment Wish,” the “Pet Wish” button wasn’t as eye-catching.

The pet that was currently ranked first on the Pet Rankings was only a gold-grade pet. It was reported that although it was a gold-grade pet, its owner had spent 800,000 to 900,000 yuan to get it.

The grade of the pets was the same as the equipment.

It was also divided into bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, purple-gold, legendary, and mythical grades… There were a total of eight grades.

When a gold-grade pet costs 800,000 to 900,000 yuan, the price of a higher-grade, purple-gold-grade pet would be more than millions of yuan.

In the game forum, some of the players had calculated that, unlike the “Class Wish” and “Equipment Wish,” if players didn’t spend money on the “Pet Wish” segment, they couldn’t get any good pets.

However, it wasn’t a problem for Bai Zun.

Bai Zun lacked everything except pets!

Thus, Bai Zun waved his hand and activated the “Thousand Draws!”

[Congratulations to player “Lord of the Sword” for obtaining a bronze-grade pet, the Gerbil!]

[Congratulations to player “Lord of the Sword” for obtaining a bronze-grade pet, the Warhorse!]

[Congratulations to player “Lord of the Sword” for obtaining a bronze-grade pet, the Gopher!]


Great! After the “Thousand Draws,” the highest-graded pet Bai Zun could get was only a silver-grade pet!

However, Bai Zun’s expression remained calm as he started another “Thousand Draws!”

After “Two Thousand Draws”…

After “Ten Thousand Draws”…

After “One Hundred Thousand Draws”…

After “Two Hundred Thousand Draws!”

Bai Zun had spent 200 million yuan!

The highest-graded pet Bai Zun could draw was only a purple-gold-grade pet!

Bai Zun didn’t continue to press the “Thousand Draws” button. He took a deep breath, his eyes darkened, and then he continued to “Wish.”

After “One Million Draws”…

After “Two Million Draws!”


[Congratulations to player “Lord of the Sword” for obtaining a mythical-grade pet, the Moon-devouring Wolf!]

The Moon-devouring Wolf!

Bai Zun stared at the game interface.

A peerlessly domineering arctic wolf with a body as white as snow came to Bai Zun’s character’s side and rubbed against his pants.

Looking at the pet introduction, it was even more explosive!

[The Moon-devouring Wolf: A mythical wolf that can swallow stars and moons. It is said that it fought with the white tiger and swallowed it in three moves. Since then, the white tiger has disappeared.]

It could swallow a white tiger!

Bai Zun remembered that in his previous life, someone had obtained a white tiger!

It was a legendary-grade pet, and the mutated beast “boss” was as weak as an ant in front of it!

“The Moon-devouring Wolf!”

Bai Zun’s expression seemed a little excited.

Having a supreme class.

Having a piece of mythical-grade equipment.

Having a mythical-grade pet.

In this way…

It was enough!

“Next! It’s the guild!”

Bai Zun changed his expression, and his gaze went past the workshop’s “Wish” button and went straight to the “Guild” button.

It had to be known that in the early stages of the online game invasion, although the Dragon Country’s officials reacted quickly and established the Player’s Management Office in time, they could no longer stop the powerful players from creating their forces.

In the later stages of the invasion, the humans were divided into factions by a few large guilds. Each of them guarded an area.

It was unavoidable. The mutated beast “boss” was too powerful and had high intelligence. When the online game invaded, Earth would expand by a thousand times. It would be difficult to communicate because the distances between the cities are too great. It would also be hard for the officials to unify the players.


Bai Zun wouldn’t passively join any established guilds in this life.

Bai Zun wanted to build it himself!

Bai Zun wanted to create a super guild that could shock the mutated beasts!

Bai Zun wasn’t in a hurry to click open the guild system.

By the time Bai Zun finished the draws in the “Pet Wish,” it was already evening.

Last night, Bai Zun told Ye Shuishui to come to his house tonight.

Bai Zun estimated the time and thought that it should be time.

Bai Zun put down his phone, ate some bread to fill his stomach, and headed to the living room.

There were still nine days until the invasion of the online game. Compared to the satisfaction of his taste buds, he was more anxious to prepare for the invasion of the online game.

After waiting in the living room for a while, the doorbell of the villa rang.

Bai Zun could see Ye Shuishui, who was wearing casual clothes but couldn’t hide her beauty through the screen of the smart door lock.

Bai Zun opened the smart lock door with the remote control and Ye Shuishui soon arrived in the living room.

Bai Zun was sitting on the sofa. He glanced at Ye Shuishui and gestured for her to sit opposite him.

Ye Shuishui was 1.7 meters tall, with long legs and fair skin. Her chest was also curvaceous. Coupled with her beautiful face that seemed to be aggrieved at any time, it was difficult not to be tempted.

However, when Bai Zun looked at Ye Shuishui, his eyes didn’t have any emotions.

Ye Shuishui sat down on the opposite side of the sofa.

“You don’t have to resign. I still need you to work for me.”

Bai Zun went straight to the point and said, “Download a game called ‘Dimensional Space’ now. Don’t do anything for the next few days. Just focus on playing this game.”

After Bai Zun finished his words, he stared at Ye Shuishui coldly.

Ye Shuishui replied weakly, “I… Understood.”

Afterward, Ye Shuishui picked up her phone and downloaded “Dimensional Space” as Bai Zun instructed.

Although Ye Shuishui felt that it was strange for Bai Zun to ask her to play a game, she was more curious about the magic of the game that could make her boss personally recommend it.

The installation package for “Dimensional Space” wasn’t big. It took half a minute to install.

Ye Shuishui opened the game with curiosity, but the legendary game interface made her frown.

Ye Shuishui thought, “This…”

“My boss is quite nostalgic.”

Although Ye Shuishui wasn’t interested, since her boss had instructed her to play, she had to.


Before Ye Shuishui could take a second look at the game, a message from her bank suddenly popped up.

[Dear user, your account has earned 100,000,000 yuan. Your balance is 100,000,000 yuan.]

One… 100 million?!

Ye Shuishui was dumbfounded.

Ye Shuishui thought, “Is my boss…”

“Does my boss want to be my sugar daddy?!”

Ye Shuishui’s eyes widened as she looked at Bai Zun in disbelief.

“Reload all the money into your game account and improve all aspects of your account.” Bai Zun spoke indifferently as if 100 million was nothing to him.

Oh, Ye Shuishui had forgotten something. To Bai Zun, 100 million was nothing.

“Boss. This… This isn’t good…”

Ye Shuishui looked hesitant and confused.

Reload 100 million yuan into the game or something…

Ye Shuishui didn’t dare to do it, even in her dreams!

Ye Shuishui thought, “My boss is wasting too much money!”

“Although my boss is very rich…”

Bai Zun said indifferently, “Follow my instructions. Just reload all the money into the game.”

Bai Zun’s account had reached its peak in all aspects. After nine days, no matter how much money he had, it would become waste paper. It was better to use it to develop his fraction.

Ye Shuishui’s management ability was not bad, and Bai Zun believed that she would be a great help to him in the guild in the future.


Ye Shuishui didn’t dare disobey her boss’ words. Although she was extremely confused, she nodded and agreed.

“You can go now. I’ll inform you if there’s anything else.”

Bai Zun got up from the sofa and chased his guest out.

Ye Shuishui didn’t stay any longer and hurriedly left.

Bai Zun returned to his bedroom.

Bai Zun drank a glass of water, opened the “Dimensional Space,” and opened the guild system.